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lem onade... good new s from new port

november 2018 #112

Hello Friends!

Due to time constrains-- (w here

did October go?) today's pitcher
of lemonade w ill be more like a
shot of limoncello -- short, sw eet
and mood-elev ating, I hope... run along
11/ 3
and if you please

Aqui dneck Land Trust

5K Race fo r Open
all ears Space

11/ 22
This month Boston is not only home
to our World Series Champion Red
Sox, but is also hosting 3 of my music
MVPs! I'll be enjoying Ri chard
Tho m pso n with his Electric Trio at
the iconic Paradise Rock Club on
11/14 and Bo b W ei r & W o l f Bro s at
the Boch Wang Center on 11/15 and
11/16. El v i s C o st el l o & t he Im po st ers are also appearing
at the Wang Center on 11/10.

Closer to home, N o rey' s

Wednesday Blues Series P i e Run XXXIII
features The Li t t l e
C o m pt o n Band on 11/21--
additional acts TBD? At the
11/ 6
N arro w s C ent er you'll find
Mark Farner' s Am eri can no excuses!
Band on 11/1, To m Rush on
11/10, To dd Sni der on 11/15, D ri ft w o o d on 11/16, Ro o m ful
o f Bl ues on 11/23, Sara Bo rg es & t he Bro k en Si ng l es on
11/24, C o co Mo nt o ya on 11/29 and So ut hsi de Jo hnny &
t he Asbury Juk es on 1/30! The Greenw i ch Odeum hosts
The Sm i t hereens w i t h Marshal l C renshaw on 11/17 and
Vani l l a Fudg e on 11/24. So many excellent shows, so little
time-- choose wisely peeps!

roll 'em
The Jane P i ck ens Theat er hosts
Tet o n Grav i t y P resent s Far Out
tonight (11/1). Beaut i ful Bo y will
open tomorrow (11/2) and run go local
through 11/8. What'sUpNewp and
the JPT co-host Brew m ast er on 11/ 2-11/ 11
11/8. Other one-off screenings this
month include: Li v es W el l Li v ed on
11/11, Tea W i t h t he D am es (Eileen
Atkins, Judi Dench, Joan Plowright
and Maggie Smith) on 11/13, and
W arren Mi l l er' s Face o f W i nt er on
11/14. Mel i ssa McC art hy' s C an
Fal l Rest aurant W eek
Yo u Ev er Fo rg i v e Me? runs from
11/ 3
The N ew po rt P ubl i c Li brary
features If I St ay on 11/9 and
The Ti m e Trav el er' s W i fe on
11/23. At the Greenw i ch
Odeum you can catch the
classic C hi nat o w n on 11/6. C o rnuco pi a Art Sal e
at P ennefi el d Scho o l

11/ 23


Bo w en' s Bl o ck P art y

11/ 24

Sm al l Busi ness
If interested, please click to em ail m e for m ore Sat urday
inform ation.

Hav e You Seen Our

New W ebsite?
'tis nearly the season
C hri st m as i n N ew po rt kicks off this
month with one of my favorite
events of the entire year-- the
N ew po rt Harbo r Il l um i nat ed
Bo at P arade on 11/23! On-going
events include C hri st m as at t he
N ew po rt Mansi o ns from 11/17-
1/1/19, The N ew po rt N ut crack er
at Ro secl i ff on 11/23-25 and 11/27-
30 and C hri st m as at Bl i t hw o l d from 11/23-1/1/19. The
N ew po rt Hi st o ri cal So ci et y' s Ho l i day Lant ern To urs
commence on 11/23 and continue each Friday and Saturday
afternoon starting at 4pm through 12/29.

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