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0669850.09 Alison Lundergan Grimes Kentucky Secretary of State Received and Filed: 1972/2018 1:41 PM Fee Receipt: $20.00 COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY ALISON LUNDERGAN Grams, SECRETARY OF STATE ® 7 ‘Assumed Fo Den, fete, 4onca ‘(Domestic or Foreign Business Entity) ‘Pursuant to fhe provisions of KRIS S85, the undersigned applive to assume a neme and, for het purpose, eutenks the {elloning statement: 1. The memumed name is: 2, The name of the business entity (and in the case of general partnership, the partners) tet fare adopting the sseurned peme: sss lB ree ‘3. The “road name” fe (you must cet sme: Domestic General Partnership Foruign General Partnership ¢ Domestic Lined Liability Pareretip .» Foreign Limited Liabitty Partnership Domestic Limited Partneratio # Foreign Limited Partnership Comedic Business Trust Foreign Business Trust Domeatic: Foreign 8 Domestic Lined Lishtty Company _8 Foreign Limited Linbiaty Company Domestic Statiory Trust Foreign Statutory Trust ‘Domestic Limited Cooperative Association 8 Foreign Limited Coaperative Assocation Domestic Unincorporated Non-proft Association Foreign Unincorporated Non-profit Association 4. This application wil be effective upon fling, uniess a delayed affective date andlor tine le provided. Te effective: te dames stain comet por te dae Oe aetna The cos ener be ~ « weenncpntnneyn tema RE Mialese Lachaise arity, ga see | doctare under penalty of perfury under the laws of Kentucky thet the forgoing le true end correct. deomish Asi