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Ethical research scenarios

Have a think about what specific ethical considerations may be involved in the following.
PRINT OFF this page and highlight the scenarios according to this code

YELLOW – definitely unethical

BLUE – maybe unethical
PURPLE – well, it depends
GREEN - fine

1. Interviewing Year 12 students

about their pets 15. Using somebody’s idea about
for a research methodology
2. Using a well known logo on a
poster 16. Using the machines in the
Design and Technology rooms
3. Personally undertaking a for your research
specialist diet to research the
effects upon the human body 17. Testing food on animals in your
4. Teaching younger students a
particular skill e.g. 18. Having research topics related
skateboarding to ‘crime’ or ‘extreme sport’

5. Quoting people you interview 19. Downloading pictures from the

6. Using other Year 12 students
as a trial participant or tester in 20. Using a personal letter as a
a chocolate challenge source for your research

7. Publishing your Research 21. Asking very personal questions

Project online of people

8. Interviewing residents of an 22. Submitting your work from

Elderly Care Home another SACE subject in your
research project
9. Conducting surveys with
people you don’t know
23. Involving someone with a
10. Interviewing people who have mental illness in your research
English as their second
language 24. Interviewing someone from a
particular religious background
11. Asking one group of students
for information about another
group of students

12. Conducting observational

research in a kindergarten

13. Using another student’s work in

your research project

14. Using ‘Facebook’ for your


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