The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers

When you think about the past and the present, it establishes a journey. It can take you in unexpected parameters wherefore you discover unique information. Once ago, I’ve witnessed the political correct history of the Founders being permeated all over the world. Using my researching skills, I knew that the obtuse interpretation of them didn’t hold much weight. So, I’ve research their lives and their obvious intensions as it pertains to colonial America. I’ve figured out that numerous Founders were Freemasons or members of other secret, occult orders. Some sincerely desired liberty and other held onto virulent prejudices swirling in their minds. When I was younger, I didn’t understand why a lot of events occurred in American society. As I got older, my discernment picked up to comprehend the fact that secrets exist and we have the right to expose them. The Founding Fathers were giants in intellectual and political thought. Yet, even they weren’t deities to be bowed down to. Errors culminate in their repertoire.

I’ve haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid of historical revisionism. Others have though. I won’t drink the Kool Aid at all. That’s a pure guarantee and I’m sticking to that agenda. The world hates people like me since I expose how this country really and now in my life I’m more than ready to fight back against evil in any legitimate way possible. The global corporate elite hates a person regardless of what they look like to have happiness, to have joy, and to have strength to overcome challenges that run in glaring contrast to evil conformity. They days of capitulation are over. Life isn’t some 90210 fantasy land tripe. This is really that folks live every single day. Almighty

God knows that selling out, exploiting people, and confirming to a wicked beast system doesn’t work. Then, you have a magazine Scientific American calling for the killing of more babies in the world under the guise of population control. That’s sick. I’m certainly not satisfied with the wicked, hypocritical things existing in this country. We should be ourselves unapologetically and fight for the truth in the world. I have right to roar for liberty and believe in what is right as a man. It’s a new era in 2010 and I fear no man except God. It’s funny that some people think that Freemasonry is pro-Christianity. So, drinking wine out of human skull, swearing death oaths, intentionally deceiving low level members, and having obscene secrecy is pro-God. Frankly, it isn’t proGod. God deals with truth, transparency, and triumph against evil not secrecy and swearing nefarious oaths (that is found in Masonry). I’m not having a cardiac arrest of the soul, but I’m having a revitalization of my spirit to do what is right. I believe in life and that pulse of inspiration to move forward in life.
I've just got the “The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers” DVD, so I will show what it's about in this blog. It's made up 10 sections and it ends with the Question of Freemasonry. The film is nearly 3 hours long being long. At the end of the film, it shows a point by point refutation of many of the major doctrines that exists within Masonry. So, Chris Pinto’s new film on the Founding Fathers is excellent and it’s a great way to educate people on true American history. Some of this information has never been taught to children before and even folks in Universities all across the world. We’re been fortunate enough in our generation to decipher much of the truth about the Founding Fathers. There were holy people living back then and many occult-inspired Founders that worshipped the false god of Reason instead of the true Almighty God of the Universe. So, Ecumenicalism isn’t our answer. The Lord is our answer. As many realize, Masonry is just the modern rendition of the pagan Mystery Religion mixed with Deistic/Theistic tradition. It shows a distinct, unique form of a musical score. People that are history buffs would definitely enjoy the components of the documentary. It shows listings of many Founders and it debunks Barton's Dominionist ideas. Dominionism is the old heresy that Christians should herald the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ by basically taking over governments globally and form some type of explicitly theocratic state. In reality, even the Scriptures mention that Jesus will never return on Earth except after the Tribulation (without humans trying to force a theocracy in societies worldwide. Forced theocracies are certainly a violation of human liberties). I've seen much of the beginning. It talked about the Puritan faith and Thomas Paine. Some Puritans and Pilgrims desired to escape Europe because of its religious persecution and lived in America to just live their own lives. Yet, other Pilgrims acted as terrorists to dispose, slaughter, or segregate many of indigenous Native Americans in colonial America. Many black slaves were oppressed unjustly in the American landscape. There were indentured servants being exploited and Baptists being imprisoned plus murdered by Anglicans for their religious views on baptism. Paine denied the Virgin birth and accepted the concept that the human mind was the superior way to determine reason in society. This is a reflection of Enlightenment principles as scholars of history already realize that the Enlightenment held a huge

sway in the thinking of many Founders. This Enlightenment Movement existed with direct ties to Deism, Unitarianism, and Freemasonry. The reason is that each of these movement embraced similar concepts of questioning the ecclesiastical authority in Europe, the questioning of Orthodox Christianity in general, and the belief in opposing the mainstream monarchical system. People in these movements covered up their real thinking in colonial America in order to achieve their goals under the radar of suspicion. The Enlightenment leaders were right that humans have intrinsic value and they were incorrect to assume that God lacks a supernatural quality about his Nature. For it certainly takes supernatural power to develop the Universe in general. A lot of people don’t wish for this information to be shown publicly since it ends their paradigm (and it scatters their

apple pie, historical revisionist interpretation of American history. Not everything was perfect centuries ago or now). Still, a man, a woman, and any human being ought to have that equality. All humans are created equal. I still believe in that precept in my heart. There should be wisdom for the intellect and one love for all peoples.

Thomas Paine Thomas Paine hated the Bible and rejected Christianity. It has information that even I didn't know before. Paine was associating with a Freemason and Illuminati member back in the late 1700's. Paine lived with the man (who accepted Illuminati ideas via Weishaupt's right hand man named Christian Bode). The Freemason Adam Weishaupt was the Jesuit-trained professor turned activist that desired the establishment of an Utopian world in replacing monarchs & mainstream religion. According to Masonic proponents, Weishaupt just wanted the emancipation of women, the separation of church and state, and rights to be protected by the State. Yet, Weishaupt admittedly followed occult principles, to end private property rights among humanity, used the Goddess Minerva as inspiration, and harbored a desire to use even promote a coerced Revolution across the globe (to form some Paradise). Paine worshipped nearly Reason, which has been personified as the Goddess or the human intellect. Thomas Paine rejected the idea that Jesus was Divine and he died as a Deist. Paine desired to make sure that when people tried to convince him to repent to Jesus Christ that he would reject their offers (and have witnesses to prove that he rejected Christianity as a religious faith). Thomas Paine worked with Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and other Founding Fathers. Paine’s famous works include “Common Sense” and the “Age of Reason.” Thomas Paine was a major figure that inspired the American Revolution. He was a friend of Benjamin Franklin, who respected Paine’s writing style. Paine was an Englishman and he was known as a radical figure in the realm of the Enlightenment period of history. Paine would support the violent, radical French Revolution and had a say in the construction of the French Constitution. Thomas Paine was correct though to oppose the tyranny of the British Monarchy. To many Founders, Reason literally is God. They rejected the supernatural in existence, but believe in nature and Nature's God in order develop their own political and social systems. Thomas Paine never wanted his view of God to be associated with the Bible, because he greatly expressed disdain for the concept that are featured in the Scriptures. Thomas Paine was probably the most anti-Christ Founding Father pound for pound in American history. Thomas Paine rejected the inerrancy of the Bible and wanted Reason to reign society over revelation. This philosophy is promoted by the Georgia Guidestones. Some researchers believe that Paine was a leading member of the Rosicrucian Fraternity in America. They or the Founders were right that many ecclesiastical societies instituted religious corruption and tyranny against human liberty (that we should all oppose). They were incorrect to ascribe these nefarious actions collectively against all Christians per se since many Christians spanning centuries opposed theocracies and tyranny of any shape. The film is a combination of a lecture and documentary format. Thomas Paine created his pamphlet “Origin of Freemasonry.” In that literature, Paine said that Freemasonry was an alternative to Christianity. He wrote that Masonry was related to sun worship of ancient Druidism. He noted that: “…Osiris and Isis, theologically represented the Supreme Being and universal Nature..."

Hall writes about Paine in the following terms: “…Of Thomas Paine it has been said that he did more to win the independence of the colonies with his pen than George Washington accomplished with his sword, Only complete reorganization of government, religion, and education would bring us even today to the perfectionist state Tom Paine envisioned.” - Manly P. Hall in his “The Secret Destiny of America”

Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson was one of the most famous of the Founders. Jefferson lived from 1743 to 1826. Jefferson has been almost genuflected by some individuals, because of his intellectual curiosity (that have been expressed in the subjects of philosophy, science, history, literature, politics, etc). He is known for creating the Jeffersonian Bible. Jefferson explicitly praised the agenda of Weishaupt. He viewed Thomas Jefferson as a philanthropist, yet Adam Weishaupt wanted all private property to be banned including the creation of an Utopian society. Weishaupt used an occult emblem in order to define his Bavarian Illuminati organization. As this source maintains: “…Because the true purposes of Illuminism were so shocking, Weishaupt constantly encouraged the secretive nature of the order. No member was ever allowed himself to be identified as an Illuminati. The words Illuminism or Illuminati were never to be used in correspondence, but were to be replaced by the astrological symbol of the sun, a circle with a dot in the middle." [William Still, New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, Lafayette, Louisiana, Huntington House, Inc., 1990, p. 73]. Adam Wieshaupt is famous for saying additionally that: “…Of all the means I

know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery. The hankering of the mind is irresistible…” His Masonic membership is disputed, but it is definitely accurate that Thomas Jefferson refused to believe in the virgin birth or the miracles of Jesus. Henceforth, Thomas Jefferson agreed with the agenda of the Illuminati. The reason is that Thomas Jefferson abhored the existence of anything that pertains to the supernatural. He only believe in natural existence of reality and anything outside of what he deemed logical or apart of Reason ought to meet with skepticism. Jefferson respected Jesus’ moral character, but blamed his apostles for corrupting his teaching in other to advance what was in his mind supreme superstition. He collectively classified Christianity as being of a “particular superstition.” You know skeptics of Christianity regularly abhor Paul. Jefferson described Paul in the following terms: “…Christianity...(has become) the most perverted system that ever shone on man. ...Rogueries, absurdities and untruths were perpetrated upon the teachings of Jesus by a large band of dupes and importers led by Paul, the first great corrupter of the teaching of Jesus…” Jefferson like Masons believe that good works can redeem Mankind. He wrote that: “...(Jesus) preaches the efficacy of repentance towards forgiveness of sin; I require counterpoise of good works to redeem it..." Like in Masonry, Thomas Jefferson compared the teachings of Jesus Christ to the earlier Greek & Roman philosophers including the religion of Jewish people in that time. He denied the virgin birth in his own letter to John Adams: "And the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter. But may we hope that the dawn of reason and freedom of thought in these United States will do away with this artificial scaffolding, and restore to us the primitive and genuine doctrines of this most venerated reformer of human errors." –Thomas Jefferson, Letter to John Adams, April 11, 1823 The New Testament is clear on Jefferson’s overtly anti-Christian views: “Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son.” (1 John 2:22) Jefferson was buried under the Masonic obelisk. Freemason Denslow said that Jefferson was reported by the Lodge of Nine Muses in Paris. Jefferson had marched in a Masonic procession with Widow’s Son Lodge No. 60 and Charlottesville Lodge No. 90 on October 6, 1817 (at the cornerstone laying of Central College, which is now the University of Virginia). The Grand Lodges of South Carolina and Louisiana held funeral orations and processions for Thomas Jefferson following his death on July 4, 1826, and that a Blue Lodge at Surry Court House, Virginia, was named Jefferson Lodge No. 65 in 1801. Thomas Jefferson viewed Nature as God since he viewed that God originally set

the laws in Nature in motion in the Universe and then he wasn’t involved in the affairs of man (being a Deist). Thomas Jefferson was a hypocrite by claiming to support the American Preamble of “all men are created equal,” but falsely subscribed to the intellectual inferiority of African peoples. Paganism teaches that many gods exist in Nature. Henceforth, Jefferson used the phrase Nature’s God in the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson respected Sir Isaac Newton‘s research in the laws of gravity, light, etc. Newton invented modern day calculus mathematics. Ironically, Newton adhered to the unscientific views of Bible codes and alchemy. There are some other controversial rumors about Sir Isaac Newton if you get what I’m getting at. So, Sir Isaac Newton wasn’t Deist neither did he embraced conventional Christian theology. was Jefferson was called an “Illuminatus” by the godly Jedediah Morse or the father of Samuel Morse. Samuel Morse invented Morse Code and wrote against the Jesuits in his book entitled “The Foreign Conspiracy.” One of the most controversial aspects of the legacy of Thomas Jefferson was the separation of church and state. This controversy is expressed in the Delaware race between O’Donnell and Coons. The mainstream media mostly don’t like O’Donnell at all since they feel that she is intellectually unfit to advance her candidacy for the office of Senate of America. One thing is certainly true. The union of church and state is never outlined in the Constitution nor even in the New Testament of the Bible.
Michelle Bachmann has her controversy. I guess people desire my take on it. Here it is. Now, she said that the Founding Fathers work tirelessly to end slavery in America. You have to put things into context without the silliness of Chris Matthews. Even though I don’t agree with Bachmann on some political matters, she does know some American history. She just made an error that dealt with the era of colonial America & the early U.S. nation. Now, John Quincy Adams wasn’t a Founding Father, but he was related to them. John Quincy Adams was adamantly opposed to slavery. Michelle Bachmann was accurate to say that John Quincy Adams was very anti-slavery. Many Founding Fathers disagreed with slavery, but they didn’t do enough in that time to end it. They didn’t work tirelessly to institute pure abolition. On the other hand, some tried to end it. If Matthews would study the history of the first Continental Congress and the creation of the Declaration of Independence, he would find that document originally had a clause to abolish slavery, and that a southern contingent led by South Carolina's Edward Rutledge bound together to block passage of the Declaration until it was removed. They or the Founding Fathers should be respected in many arenas, but even we can’t promote a sugarcoated historical interpretation of reality. The Founding Fathers weren’t perfect. The reality is that the Constitution back then was very discriminatory against minorities and women. That is why the Constitution evolved over years and centuries to enact crystal clear reforms to improve the standard of living in America. Legalized slavery wasn’t ended until after the Civil War. It is true though that in every generation, men and women of goodwill desired for liberty and sincere justice among all peoples. It’s just that you can’t omit the imperfections of the past or the present.

When you merge the church and state, you increase the risk of a tyrannical form of government violating religious liberty freedoms. The Constitution forbids the establishment of religion in society as found in the First Amendment.

John Adams John Adams was an Unitarian and didn’t believe that God was knowable. John Adams signed the Treaty of Tripoli and in Article 11, it stated that: “…The Government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion…” Yet, John Adams spoke of the Christian doctrine of the incarnation and of the deity of Christ, as "this awful blasphemy" which it was necessary to get rid of. John Adams loved the philosophies of Aristotle and Pythagoras. Adams praised human reason. It’s easy to witness that pagan gods and goddesses were commonly expressed in American culture, especially among the secret architecture of Washington, D.C. Many founders knew about metaphysics, astrology, astronomy, and other realms of the occult. Although, astronomy is not related to the occult at all. Astronomy is pure science. Freemason David Ovason wrote that the dedication of the U.S. Capitol Building cornerstone transpired in relation to the Zodiacal constellation Virgo (or Isis), while Jupiter was rising in Scorpio. David Ovason wrote that: “…the cornerstone ceremonial was designed not only to gain the approval of the spiritual beings, but also to ensure that these were content that the building was being brought into the world at the right time.” Ovason later adds more directly, “…whoever arranged for Virgo to be so consistently operative during foundation and cornerstone ceremonies, must have been alert to the fact that they were inviting some archetype, or spiritual being, to direct the destiny of the city…” (from pg 361). This is a

strange viewpoint, but high level occultists actually believe in this stuff. Ovason wrote that the spiritual being called Hamaliel is the spirit governing the Capital of America (and works with Mercury). Hamaliel in mythology presides over the sun sign of Virgo. The Pentagram with one side missing in common in Washington, D.C.

The owl iconography is common in D.C. (in paintings, street patterns, etc.) is found in the Bohemian Grove. The Grove view it as wisdom personified in the incarnation of Athena (statues of her exist all over the ancient Greek Acropolis of Athens back thousands of years ago), Minerva, Lilith, and Hecate (or the Goddess. The owl is seen as penetrating sight and acting intelligently. The Bavarian Illuminati of course love the owl image. There are Minerval Seals of the Illuminati. Two of three of these seals are known to still exist. P.M.C.V. stands for Per Me Caeci Vident (Through me the blind become sighted). PMCV is an acronym found in the Illuminati. An owl holding an opened book (signifying learning), surrounded by a Laurel wreath (a symbol of learning or graduation); Per Me Caeci Vident was a reminder to the Superiors of the class, whose responsibility it was to properly instruct the Minervals. These medallions were worn around the necks of Minerval initiates. A Minveral is a certain level within the Bavarian Illuminati. In degrees of the Bavarian Illuminati, people must understand certain histories and perform various rituals as well. To occultists, the Goddess is just as divine and powerful as the male figure of God. The God and the Goddess forms the son, which is one key archetype found in pagan religious views. The child is formed by the Generation among the God and the Goddess). Freemasonry teaches about the concept of generation as well. Occultists believe that some symbols have a supernatural quality in them. This belief is found in ancient Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Kabbalistic traditions. According to famous Freemason, Foster Bailey, these symbols intentionally hide “a secret… which veils mysterious forces. These energies when released can have a potent effect.” Scottish Philosopher Thomas Carlyle once famously added: “By symbols, accordingly, is man guided and commanded, made happy, made wretched.” Numbers are also embraced by the esoteric crowd in having a specialized meaning beyond mathematics. This leads into numerology and Pythagorean philosophy. The Pythagorean Theorem is what I’ve learned in algebra and geometry. I like the subject of geometry and I was really good at it. It was fun for me. The Pythagorean Theorem means that in a right triangle, the sum of the 2 sides squared is equal to the ancient Egyptians back thousands of years ago. In the occult, the Father and the Mother create the “Divine Child” according to the “Riddles in Stone” documentary. The modern mathematician Jacoi expressed his own belief that "God ever arithmetizes." 666 in the occult is the solar number or the sorath. Kabbalists view this number as found in magical circles. 666 is

found in magic square as the sun of all of the numbers from 1 to 36. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn based much of their rituals and ceremonies on the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is an old tradition that view codes in the Torah and other mystical principles as necessary to access the wisdom of Ein Soph (or what Kabbalists view as God). The Zohar is a major work of the Cabbalistic tradition. It was compiled by Moses de Leon. The doctrines that are found in the Zohar believe that the soul is immortal and its attachment to the body is unfortunate, but temporary. 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike and his predecessor Freemason Eliphas Levi praise the Kabbalah. Freemasonry teaches that the soul is immortal among members of the Lodge including New Agers. Freemasonry in urban and rural locations today are made up of urban leaders, CEOs of businesses, leaders of libraries, political figures, and others behind the scenes of power. They hold various meeting all over the place. Some Masons can memorize Masonic book passages. You have to memorize even some Bible passages and some passages in Masonic books to get into a higher degree in Freemasonry. These old views are found in Gnosticism and the Mystery teachings from the ancients. To Kabbalists, the secrets in the Torah can unlock how the Universe was made. So in the New Atlantis of America, occult symbols, numbers, and various influences exist in the USA. The New Testament classifies 666 as the number off the Beast. Washington, D.C.’s secret architecture represented a secret agenda of implanting the pagan/classical & Masonic ideologies in American soil while not being persecuted for doing so. Also, America was the Great experiment to see what would happen if you have all people of nearly every background or creed merged into one common nation (or what Manly P. Hall calls the one “commonwealth”). Freemasonry was used as a conduit to spread Enlightenment like teachings. One source mentions the following about Masonry:

“…Masonry made its way among the important men, among the intellectuals and the most intelligent of the upper middle class. It spread over the United States with the same success. Philadelphia had its lodge in 1727, Boston in 1733, Georgia in 1734, South Carolina in 1735, etc. In Europe, Paris had its first lodge in 1725, but Florence had to wait until 1733, Hamburg till 1737, Berlin, 1740, and St. Petersburg, 1771. America wasn’t behind the times.” -Bernard Fay, Franklin, the Apostle of Modern Times, 1929, p. 145.
Secret Societies are real. In the occult, they praise Hermes Trismegistus or thrice greatest Hermes. He is a part of mythology being about a great mystical teacher of humanity (as it pertains to urban development, astronomy, farming, etc. Hermes is similar to Thoth of the ancient Egyptians. To Freemasonry, he is a patron entity that represents Masonic inspiration in their dogmas. In Hermeticism, occultists believe in as above, so below (which means that what is in the Universe is reflected on Earth). President John Quincy Adams talked about Freemasonry in these terms: "...Freemasonry is deceptive and fraudulent...Its promise is light — it's performance is darkness." Pike and other Freemasons view Jesus as a great leader and not a true Messiah. The reason is that Freemasonry embrace Universialism or that you can worship one God in any name or characteristic (and this is fine to embrace within the confines of the Lodge). Pike talked about communion in these terms: "...And thus the bread we eat, and the wine we drink

tonight may enter into and form part of us the identical particles of matter that once formed parts of the material bodies called Moses, Confucius, Plato, Socrates, or Jesus of Nazareth. In the truest sense we eat and drink the bodies of the dead...." 33rd Degree Freemason Manly P. Hall believed that only students of archaic or esoteric symbolism can decipher the true meaning hidden within the Great Seal's design. 32nd Degree Freemasons President Franklin Roosevelt & Henry Wallace took influence from Rosicrucian Nicholas Roerich to place the occult imagery of the Great Seal in the One Dollar Bill. The Great Seal's design also have a Phoenix influence as the early seal prototype of William Barton showing a Phoenix in its nest of flames. The Phoenix is a representation of immorality, resurrection, power, and it existed in ancient Egypt (including Greece, the Native Americans, China, etc.). The Phoenix in mythology burns and rises from the ashes. The Phoenix is even shown in Kanye West’s short movie called “Runaway” that came out in late October 2010.

These awards promote the images of pagan gods and goddesses. The Goddess Minerva represents wisdom, invention, the arts, and martial powers (or fighting ability). The center award have Minerva standing with a left hand resisting a fasces and her right Hand holding a shield of American arms. Minerva personifies America. Minerva in the center award is repulsing discord (as seen as snakes). The Pentagrams in all 3 awards are pointed downward.

Even the America flag is similar to the flag of the imperialist British East India Company. The American flag have stars looking like Pentagrams on it. The Pentagram to the ancient Greek scholar Pythagoras represents the human being as a perfect being (or health to Pythagoreans). The Pentagram therefore to occultists represented the Perfected Man. Plato considered it to be a symbol of the heavens and some point to it as it relates to the golden ratio. Tycho Brahe, in his Calendarium Naturale Magicum Perpetuum (1582)

illustrates a pentagram with human body imposed and the Hebrew for YHSVH associated with the elements. An illustration attributed to Brahe’s contemporary, Henry Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, is of similar proportion and shows the five planets and the moon at the center point. Henry Agrippa was a founding father of modern Western occultism. The Baphomet is a common image that has the upside down motif. So, it’s easy to see that occultism and paganism has been a part of the aspects of American government since the late 18th century.

"I have found Christian dogma unintelligible. Early in life, I absenteed myself from Christian assemblies."
-Benjamin Franklin, American Founding Father, author, and inventor

Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was an inventor and revolutionary thinker. Known as a Freemason, Franklin initiated Voltaire into the Lodge before Voltaire died. Voltaire was so-anti Christ that he desired to end Christianity literally. He called the founders of Christianity as a bunch of 12 fishermen, etc. By the end of Benjamin Franklin’s life until his death, he denied the divinity of Jesus Christ (as he admitted in a note he wrote to a pastor). It’s easy to witness that Franklin was apart of the Hell Fire Club Secret Society. This group is a pre-Bohemian Grove group. The Hell Fire Club (the founder of it is named Sir Francis Dashwood) came from the UK to mock religion, have sexual orgies, and it has been accused of performing human sacrifice. There have been bones of skulls with holes in it in and bones burned underneath the home of Benjamin Franklin. The debate continues on the exact origin of how these bones transpired. Some believe that these bones were from a cadaver and others maintain that some human sacrifice ritual caused the bones to exist in the ground via the Hell Fire Club. The motto of the club is Fait ce que voudlras or Do what thou wilt. This phrase was copied by the Satanist, British Intelligence agent, and occultist Aleister Crowley. This means that man can do without restraint whatever he or she wants to do. Of course, I reject that philosophy because limitations exist in human behavior that isn’t meant to cramp one’s style (but to preserve one’s soul). Franklin was known as what the world calls a playboy or a player (I am not a player, because I don’t play silly games harming & manipulating the emotions of people. You can invest in fantasies and claim to be of God, but that isn‘t so. There is nothing wrong with smiling or having fun in life. Yet, not everybody is experiencing the life of some corporate-funded entertainer. We should be human beings not some cut out cardboard fake individual. I don’t need to wear some specialized colors on my body to prove that I am a man at all. We ought to respect ourselves and our dignity) and had an illegitimate son (he even wrote a letter to a friend on “How to Choose a Mistress”). He tried to seduce a married woman who was 40 years younger than himself. He was bold. He lived a long time and he died in the 1790’s. Franklin was one of the leaders of the American Revolution. This American Revolution replaced the visible control of the evil British Empire to be replaced by the covert power structure of Secret societies in American soil. Some accuse Benjamin Franklin of being Agent 72 of British Intelligence. Others disagree with this view. Researcher Michael Howard wrote the following on Franklin’s Masonic ties: "One of the most influential figures in the American Revolution was the writer, philosopher and scientist Benjamin Franklin. He was a Quaker but had become a Freemason in 1731 when he joined the Lodge of St. John in Philadelphia, which was the first recognized Masonic lodge in America. At the time he was inducted Franklin was working as a journalist and he wrote several pro-Masonic articles which were published in The Pennsylvania Gazette. In 1732 he helped draft the by laws of his lodge and in 1734 he printed the Constitutions which was the first Masonic book ever issued in America. He eventually rose to Grand Master of the St. John's lodge and in 1749 was elected Grand Master of the Province. While in France in the 1770s, as a diplomat for the American colonies, Franklin was made Grand Master of the Nine Sisters Lodge in Paris. Members of the Lodge included Danton, who

was to play a crucial role in the French Revolution, the Marquis de Lafayette and Paul Jones, both of whom fought in the American War of Independence. While in Paris Franklin used his Masonic contacts to raise funds to buy arms for the American rebels." -Michael Howard, The Occult Conspiracy - Secret Societies - Their Influence and Power in World History. Michael Howard wrote more about him in the following source:

"One of the most influential figures in the American Revolution was the writer, philosopher and scientist Benjamin Franklin. He was a Quaker but had become a Freemason in 1731 when he joined the Lodge of St. John in Philadelphia, which was the first recognized Masonic lodge in America. At the time he was inducted Franklin was working as a journalist and he wrote several pro-Masonic articles which were published in The Pennsylvania Gazette. In 1732 he helped draft the by laws of his lodge and in 1734 he printed the Constitutions which was the first Masonic book ever issued in America. He eventually rose to Grand Master of the St. John's lodge and in 1749 was elected Grand Master of the Province. While in France in the 1770s, as a diplomat for the American colonies, Franklin was made Grand Master of the Nine Sisters Lodge in Paris. Members of the Lodge included Danton, who was to play a crucial role in the French Revolution, the Marquis de Lafayette and Paul Jones, both of whom fought in the American War of Independence. While in Paris Franklin used his Masonic contacts to raise funds to buy arms for the American rebels.”[Michael Howard, The Occult Conspiracy Secret Societies - Their Influence and Power in World History].

Terry Melanson and Joe Wages have new information on the Bavarian Illuminati. There is Illumianti letters to Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. This was found by Masonic historian Reinhard Markner. Adams and Franklin were contacted by the head of the Munich Lodge Professor Baader. Baader sent to the letter to Franklin. Melanson found the Adams letter and Adams' reply. De Kemtenstrauss it seems was the penname that Baader wrote under. Baader wrote to Adams and Franklin since Baader want to purchase land and protection in the Southern states (as they were envoys to France). Baader was told in the letter and the reply that in America rights are not granted to individuals, but they are unalienable to all men. Ferdinand Maria Baader (1747-97) wasn’t just an average Illuminatus. He was an early initiate, on the ruling Areopagite council, the founder and Master of the important Illuminati Lodge St. Théodore du Bon Conseil, and one of the few who would later be privy to Weishaupt’s last degree Rex or Man King (Docetist). Baader wanted to leave the oppressive, theocratic state of Bavaria to Elysium (or the name of the project for colonizing the United States).

This is a brand new discovery can change the history of research in the Illuminati. This proves that the Illuminati wanted to establish a colony in America (and more than just Thomas Jefferson from America supported its agenda).

There has been an influence of the Illuminati and Freemasonry on German Student Orders and vice versa. Terry Melanson and many other people have researched information pertaining to this issue. The German Studentenorden influenced ideas to the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati. In 1776, Adam Weishaupt told one of his students (or the 18 year old Franz Anton von Massenhausen) that he was thinking about forming a secret order in the University of Ingolstadt. He wanted to battle against both the Jesuits and the Rosicrucians according to Melanson (Eric Jon Phelps would disagree with him). Massenhausen told Adam even before the Illuminati was formed that he was a part of a student secret society in Gottingen. He talked about its statutes, clothing that they wore, and other parts of it. Weishaupt took Massenhausen's statements to form the Order of the Perfectbilists (with Adam, Massenhausen, and 3 other people). The Illuminati infiltrated educational places and students’ societies too as Klaus Epstein proved. Klaus wrote that the famous Karlsschule in Stuttgart had many Illuminati members on it staff. Basedow taught Illuminati principles, but he wasn't a member of the Order. Several professors in the University of Gottingen were Illuminati members. The Konstantisten and the Black

brothers (or the Black Order) were students’ orders as well. The Black Order arose in 1771 in Erlangen. They promoted Pythagoras as the Bavarian Illuminati did. The Black Brothers were in good terms with the Freemasons as admitted by Illuminati historian Rene Le Forestier. The Amicisten (or Amizisten), Constantisten, Unitisten and the Harmonisten were 4 major student orders that have existed during the time of the Illuminati. Their images and logo have occult images relating to Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and even a skulls and cross bones. The student secret orders in Europeans influenced the Student secret societies in America like the Skulls and Bones. This is new territory of research into the Bavarian Illuminati that I have never heard of in my life. Illuminatus Baron von Knigge was a part of the Constantists. The Revolutionary spirit of these secret orders influences world revolutions and other events according to James H. Billington and other researchers. *Many people have shown more research on the magician and Freemason Eliphas Levi. His real name is Alphonse Louis Constant. He lived from 1810 to 1875. He was a French Gentile and had ties to the Vatican and the Jesuits. This truth is neglected by much of the alternative media since some in that crowd want to blame Jewish people for everything under the sun. He entered a seminary in Paris called Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet, which was led by Abbot Frere Colonna (he was in a powerful Roman Colonna Royal Bloodline family). Colonna taught the Alphonse the art of magic and the Kabbalah. There is of course the famous IHS Jesuit monogram in the Seminary of Saint Nicholas-du-Chardonnet in Paris. He was ordained as a deacon on December 19, 1835 and he finally left the seminar in June 1836 (before receiving the sacrament of order). There is the image of the pagan sacred heart in the seminary. Eliphas was a priest and was thrown out for failing to keep his vow of chastity. From that moment on, he wrote and promoted magic. He was one of the most famous occultists in the 19th century. Albert Pike took inspiration from his research and doctrines. That is why a large portion of Morals and Dogma is a repeat of Eliphas Levi's work. Constant/Levi wrote The History of Magic. Whether it's Romanism, Freemasonry, the New Age Movement, or the occult, they all have the similar dogmas. They are a product of the Mystery schools that desire to embrace a works-based alone salvation and use influence form the occult world to promote rituals. Romanism and Mystery Babylon are a part of this occult Empire. Mystery Babylon according to Revelation 17 is sat on 7 hills that reign over the Kings of the Earth. Levi, Theosophist Madame HP Blavatsky, and other wrote that Babylonian Mystery schools govern the secrets of the occult including Secret Societies. Popery is nothing more than slick apostate Christian paganism. The rosary, the statue of the Pope (which was originally Jupiter), the calling of Mary the Queen of Heaven, wafer Mass rituals, etc. have their origins from the Mystery schools of ancient Babylon & Egypt. Today, there is the Franz, Duke of Bavaria. He is the Grand Master of the Royal Order of St. George for the Immaculate Conception. Back in 1960, he was made the Knight of the Austrian branch of the Order of the Golden Fleece (that was headed by the Bavarian Otto von Habsburg. He was the

Crown Prince of Austria, Hungary, Croatia & Bohemia). Habsburg was the Honorary President of the International Paneuropean Union since 1973, which relatively unknown organization. The Paneuropean Union was founded in 1923 & is largely responsible for the deceptive creation of the European Union. The European Union has been a Vatican brainchild for centuries. On his deathbed, he or Eliphas Levi expired a Roman Catholic, receiving “Last Rites” from a priest—most likely a Jesuit priest. Now, occultists then and now desire the existence of the "Perfected Man" which Christians call the Antichrist.

George Washington The documentary has information on George Washington that was controversial, yet interesting. George Washington is probably the most famous and popular Founder in American history. Being the general of American forces, he led U.S. troops to defeat the

British Empire. George Washington refused to take communion in an Episcopal Church. In this instance, I wouldn’t blame him since the Episcopal Church is like Romanism without a Pope. The Episcopals or the Anglicans were notorious for their persecution of Baptists in early America for the reasons that the Baptists refused to baptize infants, they rejected the union of the church & the state, etc. Back in the 1700’s, laws restricted the preaching of Baptists in a county. There is nothing wrong with taking with taking communion though inside of a real church. George Washington constantly described God in terms of the Great Architect of the Universe (or GAOTU). GAOTU is a common word that Mason utilizes in reference to their depiction of God. Yet, Almighty God is the Creator not an Architect for a real architect only plans images without ultimately creating or constructing buildings (or any other entity). God is the Creator of the Universe beyond an architect. George Washington was a Freemason and praised Masonry well into the late 1700’s. Other researchers have found a Metratron Cube pattern in the Washington, D.C. pattern as well. A hexagon inside another hexagon is Metatron's Cube. New patterns of the rhombus and the triangle even exist in the D.C. design beyond Freemason David Ovason’s sacred Triangle found between the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Washington Monument. The 2 major axes of symmetry in the secret geometry of D.C. is found in 16th Street going North and south and East Capitol Street going East and West. The Washington Monument connected the 2 axis parts. One of the interesting and new points of research from religious Brother Troy from the UK is about William Schaw. He was the man that was involved in the development of modern Freemasonry. Masonic orders existed long before 1717 as people know. On December 28, 1598 Schaw, in his capacity of Master of Works and General Warden of the master stonemasons, issuedL "The Statutis and ordinananceis to be obseruit by all the maister maoissounis within this realme". The preamble states that the statutes were issued with the consent of a craft convention, simply specified as all the master masons gathered that day. Schaw's first statutes root themselves in the Old Charges, with additional material to describe a hierarchy of wardens, deacons and masters. Freemasonry developed from the stonemasons in Medieval Europe. The masons wanting philosophical and learning back then developed into the modern Freemasonic order that you see today. The Second Schaw Statues were signed in December 28, 1599 at Holyroodhouse and it was made up of 14 separate statues. Some of these rules existed for Kilwinning Lodge in Scotland. The art of memory that Schaw promoted related to magic (or renaissance esotericism as Bruno had this magical system). There were the Sinclair statues that competed against Schaw's Lodge infrastructure. In 1598, Schaw issued the first of his statutes, setting out the duties of masons to their lodge and to the public, imposing penalties for unsatisfactory work and inadequate safety practices. Schaw drew up a second statute in 1599 wherein the first veiled reference to the existence of esoteric knowledge within the craft of stone masonry can be found.

It’s known that in 1791, Washington pictured Pierre Charles L’Enfant (who was a French engineer) to lay a plan to create the layout of Washington D.C. The Freemason David Ovason then tells us plainly that the Capitol was intended to be established according to occult spirituality. "... not only were efforts being made to ensure that the new federal city was consecrated to the heavens, by way of a satisfactory foundation [horoscope] chart, but that preparations had been made for the future spiritual life of the new city, in the form of a Masonic Lodge…" David Ovason is famous for claiming that D.C. was built in the basis of the movements of the stars. George Washington was elected President in February 4, 1789 and he was administered the oath by Freemason Robert Livingston (he was the Grand Master of New York’s Grand Lodge). The Marshal of the day was another Freemason, General Jacob Morton. Yet another Freemason, General Morgan Lewis, was Washington's escort. Washington himself at the time was Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22, Virginia. The Architect of the Capitol Home Page documented that President George Washington laid the cornerstone of the Capitol back in September 18, 1793 (in the building’s southeast corner). In 1993, there was a Masonic ceremony that honored the cornerstone laying ceremony (33º Freemason Senator Strom Thurmond (R-SC) and fellow Masons did the honors back in 1993). The Dominionist want us to reclaim America for Christ when America’s architectural foundation is influenced heavily by Freemasonry and classical paganism. There are even more Masonic stones in the Washington Monument. At least 22 Masonic stones are in the Monument. Nearby is the ornamented marble stone of the Grand Lodge of Maryland, containing the names of donors and Grand Lodge officials. Alex Gaddess, a member of the committee, was the ''maker." The stone is dated 1850 and contains a carved figure of Father Time in supplication before an altar. His eyes are fixed on a star in the heavens, and he is pointing to the open book on the altar with his left hand. He holds a scythe. An hour glass rests on the ground. Also at this level is the marble stone of Masons of the Washington Lodge Number 21 of the city of New York. Carved on the stone are a smiling sun, a plumb, a trowel, a triangle containing the letter G, and a square and compass on a Bible. Some people believed that he was Baptist by the end of his life and others claim that he wasn’t (or some preachers said that Washington didn‘t explicitly mention a confession of faith of the Lord Jesus Christ). In the U.S. Capitol, Roman Catholic Brumudi created the fresco of George Washington in the image of the apotheosis. Apotheosis is from the pagan tradition that spanned thousands of years. That means that in the eyes of pagans

and occultists, if a well known man does good deeds and he or she is crowned in glory in death (he or she can achieved godhood status). So, the fresco of Washington in the Capitol Building acts like George Washington is a godlike figure. A similar fresco exists of Ignatius Loyola or the founder of the Jesuit Order. Ironically, the pro-Jesuit Carroll family had a huge influence in the places of D.C. One of them was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and another Carroll help to establish the Jesuit Georgetown University in the location of Washington, D.C. George Washington’s life is very controversial. He died mysterious in 1799 and he only freed his slaves after he passed away (as outlined in his will). Washington loved to describe the Deist/Masonic term of Providence to outline his views on God. Geo rge Washington, who was the
Preside nt of the United States in his F irst Inaugural Address, (in the city of New York) Thursday, Ap ril 30, 1789 that: "No people can be bound to ackno wledge and adore the Invisible Hand which conducts the affairs of men mo re than the people of the United States. Every step by which the y advanced to the character of an independent natio n seems to have been distinguished by some token of Providential agency." The se words proved that Washington worshipped “Providence.” People who believe that George Washington was an

authentic Christian believed that he was baptized by the Baptist Chaplain John Gano in the Hudson River during 1783. The famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware River (in December 25, 1776) had the Baptist John Gano in it. The Jesuit Order was suppressed by the Pope in 1773. The Freemason Lafayette did indeed warn Washington about the evils of the Jesuits. George Washington disagreed with the agenda of the Bavarian Illuminati via a letter. George Washington was a very controversial man indeed. Yet, the truth is coming out in our time without reservations.

A statue of the Greek god "Mars" stands Guard at the main entrance to the US Capitol Building. Does Barton expose how Masonic cornerstones are in major D.C. buildings or a Masonic wine, corn, and oil ritual was used to prepare the construction of the Capitol Building back in the late 1700‘s? The answer is No.
David Barton’s Deception It refutes David Barton's ideas thoroughly as well. David Barton sees early America as a representation of a true Christian nation. Barton maintains that the principles of the Bible explicitly were a part of the present government of America. This is infeasible It's an excellent film, especially people that love to research history in the Revolutionary era. One of David Barton’s biggest deceptive statements is the following. Barton conceived that Freemasonry was once a Christian organization. Later, Barton claims that Freemasonry became much more occultic by the 1800’s during the days of Albert Pike, etc. The reality is that modern Freemasonry transpired in the UK at ca. 1717. Back then, they taught religious Universalism adhered to numerous Theistic principles (like you can God whatever you want or perceive God in what fashion you desire as long as it’s just one God). If Freemasonry was so pro-

Christian back then, why do they embrace extreme secrecy since even the New Testament forbids extreme secrecy? Even before Pike, Freemason Eliphas Levi followed the occult and written literature in favor of ceremonial magic. David Ovason conceives of the architecture of Washington, D.C. of being so inspired by Christian dogma. Yet, that is provably false because of the following reason. The Founders took inspiration from paganism and the classics as means to develop their ideas about society too. Frankly, there are plenty of religious heroes to respect throughout history. Martyrs died trying to promote their faith in the lion dens of the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church’s dungeons, the wars and rumors of wars spanning centuries, and the various present day martyrdoms that transpired in Central Asia and the Middle East (Christians died in refusing to submit to the world in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other places even recently).

The deceptions of Glen Beck and David Barton are easy to witness. Beck and Barton believes that the Founding Fathers were collectively Christians. The truth is the opposite. The truth is that some Founding Fathers were antichrists or they abhorred Christianity and disagreed with even core Christian doctrines (like the Virgin birth, the resurrection, and the Deity of Jesus Christ). Thomas Jefferson especially mentioned his hatred of Christianity and the Bible. Some of them were Deists and Theistic rationalists. Some of them agreed with the Enlightened view that God has no intervention in the lives of men, but God exists as Divine Providence watching over his Creation. The reality conversely is that God watches everything, but has concern and intervenes critically in the lifestyles of human beings. God isn't Nature. Nature is just a Creation of God not being God. John Adams didn't believe that Jesus was God. He wrote to Thomas Jefferson in these terms about Jesus Christ: "...The Europeans are all deeply tainted with prejudices, both ecclesiastical and temporal, which they can never get rid of. They are all infected with … creeds, and confessions of faith. They all believe that great Principle (God) which has produced this boundless universe … came down to this little ball (the

earth), to be spit upon by Jews. And until this awful blasphemy is got rid of, there never will be any liberal science in the world.” (John Adams, Letter to Thomas Jefferson, January 22, 1825, emphasis added). Even George Washington use the Masonic term to describe God as the Great Architect of the Universe in his own literatures. He talked about the Great Providence. David Barton claims that Washington was a Christian. Bishop William White, Dr. Ashbel Green, and others said that Washington didn't accept the Jewish-Christian revelation about God. Dr. James Abercrombie was recorded by Dr. Bird Wilson this way: “Long after Washington’s death, in reply to Dr. Wilson, who had interrogated him as to his illustrious auditor’s religious views, Dr. Abercrombie’s brief but emphatic answer was: ‘Sir, Washington was a Deist.’” (Six Historic Americans, by John E. Remsburg). Glen Beck wrote about Common Sense in reference to Thomas Paine's views. He wants to talk about the government, but the irresponsible government is a product of many factors like corporate corruption and wage distortions not just problems with government. Glen Beck is a Mormon, which is a heretical religious organization. So, the lesson here is that our real home is in Heaven. I respect the concept of a nation-state, but no nation is divinely perfect. We have the right to expose corruption and not place the Founders as gods to be worshipped at all. They were right that tyranny is evil and that a human has the right to believe in whatever they want (we can disagree with views, but we can't use coercion to spread the Gospel at all).
In a sense, some Founders wanted to resurrect the Mystery Schools and their religious components to be embraced in mainstream society back then. The elite wanted their Utopian society based on spiritual principles. Manly P. Hall, a 33 Degree Mason wrote in his “The Secret Destiny of America”:

"There exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands of years, a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed, an Order of the Quest. It is composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has a secret Destiny...The outcome of this "secret destiny" is a World Order ruled by a king with supernatural powers…This king was descended of a divine race; that is, he belonged to the Order of the Illumined; for those who come to a state of wisdom then belong to a family of heroes-perfected human beings." Carrol J. Quigley - Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University, Bill Clinton's mentor. The Ango-American Establishment said that: "There is... an inner core of intimate associates who unquestionably knew that they were members of a group devoted to a common purpose and an outer circle of a larger number on whom the inner circle acted by personal persuasion, patronage distribution, and social pressure. It is probable that most members of the outer circle were not conscious that they were being used by a secret society." Quigley wrote about the elite in his book, “Tragedy and Hope” from – 1966 that: "Their

aim is nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole." "Freemasonry is deceptive and fraudulent...Its promise is light — it's performance is darkness." - President John Quincy Adams I mentioned this quotation, because one of the Masonic assassins Henry L. valence admitted to his doctor that William Morgan was assassinated by Masons in New York state. The doctor was named John L. Emery of Racine, County, Wisconsin. So, the assassination of the martyr of William Morgan is apart of the darkness that is found in Freemasonry.

The image above describe the 1794 American half cent. The image has the Goddess Liberty on one side and a wreath on the other. The wreath has the picture of the olive branch (or pagan kotynos) that was worn by pagan Roman Emperors and Olympian champions of the ancient world. The Greek ambassadors of peace offered an olive branch in certain times of history. Ancient Rome made it common place to have gods and goddesses imprinted on their coins. Barton’s views have been promoted by the late D. James Kennedy. He once authored a book entitled The Real Meaning of the Zodiac that promoted astrology. Many people like that are in the Council for National Policy or the CNP. The CNP is a secret group that was founded by many members of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations. Its purpose is trying to infiltrate well meaning Christians and conservatives to advance the agenda of neo-conservativism, political correctness from the Right side of the Left/Right paradigm, and control society in a slick fashion. History proves that Deist influences were heavily influential in the development of the American government. Fundamentally, the goal of Barton and his disinformation’s is to covertly form a theocratic system in American soil (or a Synarchy). A Synarchy is a

theocracy that is run by secret societies behind the scenes. Dominionism has many route about paranoia about Communism. Libertarian scholar and pro-Volker Fund advocate Rousas J. Rushdoony was one key promoter of Dominionism. Dominion theologians embrace a radical form of Calvinism as John Calvin (who embraced many truths) did the wrong thing in creating a church/state theocratic state in Geneva, Switzerland. Calvin’s authorities in his theocratic state killed people that in their minds violated Old Testament law. Nowhere in the New Covenant have calls for killing people that disagreed with you from a religious or theological standpoint at all. Ironically, John Calvin escaped France since the Catholics and the Jesuits wanted to kill him. Calvin’s time wasn’t too far from Martin Luther starting the Protestant Reformation back in 1517 via the Thesis. Rousas is the father of Christian Reconstructionism (some of its followers accept the Jesuitinvented Preterism deception. Preterism is the view that all end time prophecies except the coming of the Messiah Yeshua ben Joseph have been fulfilled by 70 A.D. So, the Christian church have the right to set up a man-made theocratic Kingdom on Earth before the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ in the Dominionist‘s mind. Obviously, I reject that agenda completely). Rousas was extreme in wanting Mosaic law to dominate our society to even kill people if a person has done adultery or witchcraft. Rushdoony was the founder in 1965 of the Chalcedon Foundation and the editor of its monthly magazine, the Chalcedon Report. The man rejected government that allowed for people to have authentic religious freedom. It isn’t surprising that Roushdoony served on the CNP Board of Governors for a time. Allies of Rushdoony include Gary North. Reconstructionism desires to destroy our present society to create a new society that can enslave our cherished liberties. This isn’t about attacking conservatives. It’s about keeping it real to the fact that neo cons and Left gatekeepers ought to be exposed. That is why Howard Ahmason funded the CNP and the CFR and later revealed to be a Democrat. So, the solution is for people to repent and follow the Lord for real without equivocation. Ironically, the economic views of the atheist Ayn Rand heavily are utilized by the establishment’s conservative movement (as opposed to sincere conservatives). Ayn Rand morally was corrupt and advanced the materialistic, self-centered, and Me Generation that is commonplace in Western society, especially in America. This corrupt system only widens the economic and social gap between the rich and the poor (under the cover of the left-right paradigm or that Hegelian dialectic). A lot of Libertarians today were former supporters of Pat Buchannan’s nativist Reform Party. These sick reactionaries blame all poverty sometimes on the poor instead of outside forces. Businesses can be sued by the government if they allow a "hostile workplace" and have the right to fire employees if they fail to follow workplace guidelines which don't themselves contradict government regulations. There is nothing revolutionary or authentic about cartel-capitalism, racism, sexism, and fascism. Ayn Rand was right to have hatred of Stalinism, but her philosophy of pure self-interest was an overreaction and it was wrong. Ayn’s views are a rehash of the heresies of Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian School. That is why some legitimately want banks to be broken up and other reforms to exist in the world. I believe in the freedom of speech, the freedom of association, the freedom of the press, and religious freedom.

Conclusion Chris Pinto’s many documentaries prove that although many real Christians lived in the 1600's and the 1700's as evident by the Great Awakening, etc., many Founding Fathers were just as pro-Illuminist and anti-Christ as the Bavarian Illuminati (and other Secret societies). Some occultists from Dr. John Dee (that supported necromancy with his assistant Edward Kelley. They‘ve attempted to receive secrets from the “spirit world”) to Kabbalist Sir Francis Bacon desired a new age or the New Atlantis to take over the world. Sir Francis Bacon invented the modern Scientific method. This method used research in the natural world along with hypothesis, experiments, theory, and conclusion as elements to fulfill inquiries in scientific questions. Bacon wanted to discover the essence of science (which in his mind would be done via human experience or using your senses to gather data) and metaphysical entities. Elizabeth I (1533-1603) restored the Protestants religious liberty rights since Mary Queen of Scots butchered hundreds of Protestants in the United Kingdom. Lord Verulam and Viscount St. Alban contributed to the culture of England as well. Sir Francis Bacon is definitely known for his controversial beliefs and his strong intellect. Bacon believed that his Utopian plans would cause the pretty much “the New Age Messiah” to rule the Earth. This plan of Bacon’s was called by Manly P. Hall and others as the Six Days Work (named after the 6 days from Genesis). Some of the Founders' bigoted statements about Christianity ring commonplace in our world in the time of 2010. Just look at Bill Maher’s views. Some Founders legitimately opposed slavery. Ironically, even Thomas Jefferson wanted an anti-slavery plank in the Constitution, which failed of course. Jefferson BEFORE the Revolution was arguing strenuously to the BRITISH who ruled Virginia that slavery should be outlawed. They refused. Jefferson still owned slaves. To their credit, some of the other Founders tried to fight against slavery in America. John Jay and Alexander Hamilton were some of the

strongest opponents of slavery. The two natives of South Carolina, Christopher Gadsden and Henry Laurens (who was extremely close to George Washington), were against slavery at the time of the fight to create the American nation. Jay would write again in 1785, on the eve of the effort to create the Constitutional form of government ultimately adopted: “…It is much to be wished that slavery may be abolished. The honor of the States, as well as justice and humanity, in my opinion, loudly call upon them to emancipate these unhappy people. To contend for our own liberty, and to deny that blessing to others, involves an inconsistency not to be excused…”
George Mason ('Father of the Bill of Rights'), Virginia delegate, in August 22, 1787, during the Constitutional Convention said that:

"Every master of slaves is born a petty tyrant. They bring the judgement of heaven upon a country. As nations can not be rewarded or punished in the next world they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes & effects providence punishes national sins, by national calamities."
One Father of American education, and contributor to the ideas in the Constitution, Noah Webster wrote:

“…Justice and humanity require it [the end of slavery] - Christianity commands it. Let every benevolent . . . pray for the glorious period when the last slave who fights for freedom shall be restored to the possession of that inestimable right..” (Noah
Webster, Effect of Slavery on Morals and Industry [Hartford: Hudson and Goodwin, 1793], p. 48).

So, not every Founding Father was some occultist or Deist. Some were dedicated Christians like George Mason, Roger Sherman, John Witherspoon, countless preachers, and other leaders. It’s a bold face lie to assume that no Christians back then desired to fight for real freedom. Yet, even the Constitution wasn’t perfect (back then, it counted slaves as only 3/5 of a person). That is why the Constitution was changed constantly in American history in order to rectify wrongs in society, which is what the so-called “strict constructionists” don’t get in a precise fashion. The Civil War truly ended American slavery. Many early Americans desired freedom from evils and Jesuitism. There was even the Virginian Baptists Louis Craig, Joseph Craig, and Aaron Bledsoe fighting for their right to worship God as they see fit. They were defended by the Presbyterian Patrick Henry. The Baptists, Presbyterians, and others were persecuted by the Anglican Crown (even some of the Reformed individuals falsely believed in sprinkling for baptism when immersion for baptism is clearly found in the NT). I knew of this history back in 2002. The establishment for all of these

centuries hated the Reformation since the Reformation broke much of the powerbase of the hegemonic Papal Empire in the world (especially in Europe). Back in 1600’s, there was the Edict of Nantes promoting the rights of Protestants to worship God and print the Bible in their own language. I have no issue with that at all. Occultism was banned in many circles before the 1700’s. This doesn’t mean that everything that the Founding Fathers subscribed to were wrong. They were right in believing that tyranny was wrong, the concept of a nation-state isn’t a detriment to human progression, the Bill of Rights consisted of very legitimate precepts, and that a person has the right to the freedom of conscience. They were subsequently correct to point out that people ought to have religious freedom, and that basic human liberties ought to be protected (from against autocrats or tyrants). So, I want to make that clear. We need to be careful to not be ignorant of errors in America, but not blame America for all of the problems that exist under the sun (since even America is being used as a puppet by European elite bloodlines in order to stir an anti-American sentiment [in a paranoid fashion. In other words, it isn’t the American people’s entire fault. There are evil people that control America doing these activities] in order to promote the globalized new world order system more effectively). The Founders are known to copy culture from other peoples in trying to form their own government. One example is how some of the Founders tried to create the USA governmental structure with influence from the Iroquois League. It’s a known fact that tons of Native American people had a complex culture with infrastructure, inventions, tools, and a wide of life that was very important in American history. The Iroquois was one major influence in the creation of the Constitution. The Iroquois Confederacy or the Haudenosaunee was made up of Five Nations (and a sixth one joined later which was the Tuscarora). The Fiver major nations are the Mohawk, the Oneida, the Onodaga, and the Cayuga and the Seneca. The Iroquois spoke to the Founders in the Constitutional Congress in June 11, 1776 to give praise to them as “Brothers” and they wish friendship with the Founding Fathers. The Iroquois’ participatory democracy made the Founders inspired to create their own democratic Republic of the United States of America. Ironically, savage terrorists stole the Native Americans’ land and broke even treaties with Native Americans later on. When you trust a so-called treaty above morality then devilish acts will come. Yet, when your mind is correctly applied to freedom, you can always shoot straight against an oppressor. So, I don’t agree with interloping, land stealing terrorists raping black brothers and sisters in Sudan, Mauritania, etc. You can’t be a man and ignore that like many disinformation specialists ignore. Ultimately, I don’t worship a nation, but I worship God alone. In recent years after more than 200 years ago, occultism is more popularized since governments allowed their principles to come out of the closet and be glamorized by the establishment. It’s as simple as that. Imperfections with the occult deem it inadequate to deal with the human soul (for the human soul needs the openness of God without the restrictive, secrecy of the occult). Another interesting segment in the documentary is Pinto’s description of the faiths of Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama. Obviously, Chris Pinto doesn’t believe that both Pelosi and the President are true Christians since he‘s a conservative theologically.

Pinto is correct to condemn the grotesque nature of partial birth abortion. It’s so nefarious a procedure that the vast majority of Americans (even from the late 1990’s) rightly oppose it. If any nation legalizes the act of modern day infanticide or abortion, then there’s a problem here. People who are believers are right to say that it’s wrong to glamorize whoredom, violence, bigotry, unjust hatred, meanness, and a vulgar mentality. Now, the TSA is so fragrant that they are violating people’s right and even constitutional liberties under the guise of “safety.” Now, people are resistance their bodies being groped by TSA workers. The TSA even molested a 3 year old girl and this girl is definitely no threat to us Americans. TSA molestation is sick and it represents tyranny on the part of some members of the government. It isn’t our government really. It’s the super rich’s government infringing on the rights of citizens. That is why HOMELAND SECURITY and the TSA are acting very criminal in using sick groping techniques against people (and merging the police with the military in many instances across North America). Multiple D.A.s, pilots, & Congress people are even calling these acts as illegal and immoral. Real Patriots are right to oppose TSA agents molesting people even children. Even the Bible says that evil rich people will oppress the poor and disadvantaged in society during history & the latter days. The apostle James said it best:

"Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats? Do not they blaspheme that worthy name by the which ye are called?" - James Chapter 2:6-7
"1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. 2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. 3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together

for the last days. 4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries
of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth. 5 Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter. 6 Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you. "

-James Chapter 5:1-6

"The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it." —John Hay, 1872 In our generation, we should rediscover the truth. Much of the truth has been hidden from mankind spanning among thousands of years. Fortunately, people like us exist and show what the reality surrounding the world is all about. History repeats itself constantly. It’s self-evident that the events of 9/11 caused a paradigm shift in our politics and culture. There is more emphasis on terrorism and religious debates. Yet, we should have clear mind to contemplate the truth that regardless of the times, we ought to preserve our fundamental civil liberties. We don’t need privatized cops searching us unnecessarily at all. The mainstream news media is controlled by a select few of corporations, whom many of its leaders have ties to the Council on Foreign Relations. The CIA for decades used different tactics of violating voting rights of people or elections in Italy, Lebanon, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Nepal, Laos, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Portugal, Australia, Jamaica, Panama, Nicaragua, Haiti, among other countries. This was proven by the book "Rogue State" as written by William Blum. Eisenhower allowed the CIA to kill people in Iran in 1953 and Nixon allowed the CIA to support the evil coup d'etat in Chile during 1973. Similar actions of inside jobs or coups have occurred in Cuba, Ghana, Indonesia, Guatemala, East Germany, etc. Then, hundreds of military bases are built worldwide to spread Western empire power. Is it any wonder Americans so often ask the question, “Why do they hate us?” As historian Arnold Toynbee wrote in 1961,
“America is today the leader of a world-wide anti-revolutionary movement in the defense of vested interests. She now stands for what Rome stood for. Rome consistently supported the rich against the poor in all foreign communities that fell under her sway; and, since the poor, so far, have always and everywhere been more numerous than the rich, Rome’s policy made for inequality, for injustice, and for the least happiness of the greatest number.”

America reaped what it has sown. People can take that statement how they want to take it. It was the same “Illuminated” counterrevolutionaries that promoted the debt-filled paper money fractional reserve banking system in the West too (especially in the USA). It would be these exact same banking cartel that would financially exploit the Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf war, and now the war on terror in the 21st century (from 2001-present). I still believe in improving the conditions of America, but I’m not naïve about the real history and current culture of America though. Glen Beck in his new book “Broke” claim that America is broke financially, yet the CAFR has $60 trillion in cash reserves.

The faith of numerous Founders were pretty much Deism. So, the covert agenda of numerous Founding Fathers was the literal elimination of the Gospel in society (as admitted by some of the quotes in Christian Pinto’s documentary. This isn’t something that I’ve made up. These people wrote these words in explicit terms) and spread occult ideology to form a new world society. The churches and religious groups should be totally independent and reject faith based initiatives (that can allow the government to dictate their sermons and policies). This doesn’t mean I’m going to accept the philosophy of European aristocrats from people like Malthus, Sherburne, Adam Smith, etc. (that followed eugenics, population control, oligarchy, suppression of basic human rights, etc.). I’m not submitting to the agenda of a bunch of slave traders where they’re in the Old World or the New World. The reactionaries are wrong also because of this reason. They want little or no protections for workers, environment, etc. You either have unions fighting for decent wages and benefits or you have feudalism. I won’t be assimilated or integrated into corruption. As for me, I prove people wrong and crush lying stereotypes every single day of my life. That’s a part of my legacy. Many people in the American Revolution tried to do the right thing, but ultimately Illuminists exploited America’s resources and power to spread globalization (and promote America as a base for global conquest among elite bloodlines in a novus ordo seclorum). These bloodlines existed among thousands of years using MK Ultra, various forms of mind control, fluoride and other poisons, detractions, etc. to brainwash the people. MK-Ultra has been a program that can have many victims that can break down personalities and ruin people’s lives. The elite definitely hate all people especially people of color like black people, because look at their history treating people of color. The New Ager Elizabeth van Buren, stated this pro-new order of the ages concept best -- although she mixes metaphors -- when she says: "We have arrived at a time when many an American, as a New Atlantean, is receiving the call: 'Go out! the time is short! Build your Ark and take in it as seed for the future age all that is worthy of a New World! Take the dream of a Brotherhood of Man with you, for it was your country which took the first steps towards this ideal. Nothing is lost and no good thing can perish from this earth. There is only change. Do not fear this, for out of the ashes of New Atlantis will rise in many parts of the world a people who are conscious of their Oneness with Atlantis and America. They will help to create a democracy of world states under one government which will rule the world-wide ... The Plan of the White Brotherhood proceeds!" [The Secret of the Illuminati, van Buren, p. 150].

These are these Utopians’ goals in a nutshell.

This information have made my faith in God stronger since not only have there has been no conclusive evidence to disprove God’s existence. There has also been a preservation of real spirituality regardless of the attacks against it. When you see the wickedness of many Founders, you will be reminded that we should transpire in greatness without hero worship. Some of these so-called “conservative” establishment types present the Founders in exalted terms more highly than any apostles and the prophets in human history. The Founders’ words aren’t equivalent to the Words of the living God. People ought to realize that. I don’t worship a political ideology at all whether it‘s conservatism or liberalism. I worship God alone. The Library of Congress and other sources prove the real religious views of numerous Founding Fathers. We are the change with God’s help. We have hope and we have the right to have faith. Also, I will forever believe in treating every human being as an equal with respect & dignity regardless of any characteristic. I’m not bowing down to the establishment. I’m bowing down to God alone like a man supposed to do. All people should move forward in justice, liberty, and mutual concern for each other. America, despite its mistakes, was allowed to exist in order for the truth to be transmitted in a higher level. Many righteous people lived then and now in America. We owe it to our God and our forebears to do the right thing not let people down. I will be brave since I do live in land filled with brave men, women, and children. Yes, I do have much more articles for Fall, Winter, and beyond in 2010 and 2011. The enemies of the truth can never win at all. When you get older in life, you see that people from all over the world and of many backgrounds are trying the best to live in the right way and desire that dream of

social reform that we Americans want. Now, there is nothing wrong with being physically strong if that’s your thing. Yet, in the long run, it’s better to be mentally strong. In order words, if you use your brainpower to build businesses, help people especially the poor, improve society, and other legitimate actions, then people (especially the poor of every color) will be improved upon. Therefore, learning about science, history, engineering, computer science, finance or economics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, aeronautics, rocket science, and other subjects is a must in the 21st century. We have to respect men, respect definitely women, and go out and make solutions. This means that especially people of color (like black people) should build and own computers, microchips, scientific research, aircraft, cars, cell phones, and other forms of technology. For example Isadore Banks is a black man. He bought up land in Arkansas and has land ownership. He employed other Black people to provide services to his own community like electricity. Frank Morris did similar efforts as a Black Man. The elite hate this since once you have independent resources created (or inventors come in to help the common people); there is more chance for the development of black people in a higher level. Righteous Black men and Righteous Black Women are a threat to white supremacist system since these people can really fight against that evil system via community development, business growth, and the promotion of real values of social uplift, respect for human beings, and a desire to follow radical reforms in our communities (that are antithetical to the poison spewed by BET, Vh1, and MTV. All 3 networks are owned by Viacom). There is nothing wrong with music, entertainment, fashion, and athletics, but we have to do more than that. We have to create jobs and opportunities for people to survive literally. You have to have economic, political, scientific, and social thinking in your minds. This leads into political and economic actions to benefit people. You have to learn the economic difference between a liability and an asset (that can worth more long term). You don’t have to be a thug to be a man. Just be a man and never be ashamed of what you look like. Don’t act fake and don’t change to suck up to someone. You don’t glorify thugs, women haters (a real man wouldn’t never hate or scapegoat women at any circumstance period. A person respecting their mother and father is a good sign of a person respecting women), men haters, mutilators, criminals, rapists, and any other degenerate miscreants. We need to key our eyes at the sparrow (at righteousness, joy, independence, self sufficiency, and strength). Life will never be totally like peaches and cream, but we can improve our lives though.
*Bigoted stereotypes are rejected in my mind. You have no choice, but for fight for truth, honor, dignity, and equality. You put proper focus in getting your life together. I am a man, so I don’t back down from no man now. I don’t bow down to some thug or some sellout. The sellout loves to be dependent on the establishment as a token, but fears to be around their own people (and they are lapdogs pretty much lacking the love of independence & a self-sufficient mentality. That is why Black people should have more unity to control resources in their own community and help their own race out, especially among the poor). A sellout loves the crumbs given to them without seeking the bread and the food on the whole table (and owning the table plus the food). Another thing that I’ve learned about the sellouts (of many races not just black people. There

are whites, Asians, Hispanics, etc. that are sellouts too) is that they are disturbingly comfortable when another person says offensive comments about their own race. Love for one’s own culture or ethnicity is kryptonite to a sellout. A sellout won’t oppose evils in the establishment. They won’t call for better wages, more equal rights, or real equal opportunity in society. Self sufficiency is about with human beings having resources like electricity, technology, food, water, etc. that can benefit yourself and others. In others words, we have to produce our food, energy, water, etc. to help ourselves out especially long term in the years and decades ahead. We have to own more power companies, businesses, farms, financial services, etc. as a people. Although, I don’t agree with the reactionary approach of eliminating all social services and allow people to starve and die in the streets. Compassion for your fellow man is important and building up communities too. Money doesn’t make the man though. You make the money. There is nothing wrong with having money in a real way, but if you don’t acquire integrity and character, then you’re just another man with a paycheck. I am accountable for my own actions as a man. No one else is period. Sacrifice and hard work are necessary for development too. If you command respect, you get respect sooner or later. You don’t need some fake religion. You just need real religion or real spirituality and inspiration to move forward.

You have to think years and decades in advance from now in 2011. They (or the thugs, the haters, and the sellouts) have no admiration from me since these deluded people have no respect for themselves. Each of them embraces Western materialism. They are no real freedom fighters. They are freedom suppressors. On the other hand, the sellout and the thug can act in a better fashion to reform their lives. That has been proven throughout history. In that sense, we ought to allow people to improve their lives. Just because a people exist in a bad state doesn’t means that person will remain in that state. I do know how to defend myself, so I want that to be known too. If you want to live for something, live for God and live for the truth. You have to learn to appreciate your total being. I judge a person on their actions not on how they look like too. The Black race and all peoples must advance technologically, politically, and financially beyond the contributions that we’ve made in the past. We will. If you revolutionize your mind & thinking in a positive way (and promote unity plus love among our own people. This is natural. We have to treat each other as equals not as some materialistic commodities. There is nothing wrong with Blacks being unified and fighting for cultural, social, political, & economic development), then you will have more real strength. For you to defeat the enemy (which is poverty, oppression, illiteracy, wars, etc.) with the mind, then the body will definitely go down. Not to mention that you don’t fight filth with filth. In other words, our enemy uses profanity, name calling, putting down people, strife, and bigotry to fight us. Yet, we shouldn’t do those things to fight them. We fight them with wisdom, activism, and spiritual renewal. Education, technology and learning are great tools for survival. There is nothing wrong with charities, but we should invest in our people beyond just charities (like health care, business development, education, and other means of social development. So, we

should have more programs, car companies, computer companies, own manufacturing, etc. that are controlled & operated by all peoples, especially people of color living in the West). People of color need to own more businesses & create more of their own businesses plus technologies. Today, black people are having businesses and great communities worldwide and that is great. As humans, we can’t support a wicked, damnable system that we witness today. Long term, we should build our own financial power base to benefit the interests of our own people in a higher level. If you’re a man, you don’t grovel your feet at another man. You fight for your rights and your dignity as a man. You respect your life and create your destiny as a human being. You also have love for your people and you have the right to be around your own people too. This extension of love ought to be for all peoples as well. A man or a woman has to be cunning & transparent in this world (without being deceptive or underhanded). You have to be raised like you’re in war (in learning mental skills, social skills, and even physical skills if you want to. It took me into my 20’s knowing a lot of this stuff. I believe in due process, the right to bear arms, and respect for human life. I believe in ethics, but a person can’t be naive). You have to have a go getter attitude. You have to get what is rightfully yours, which is the pursuit of happiness by any legitimate means necessary. This is one of the truest pieces of advice I know.

Appendix A: History Channel’s Decoded

Secret Societies are real. Brad Meltzer's Decoded Season 1, Episode 1 talked about the missing White House cornerstone and the Masonic connection to it. The History Channel promotes the show. The History Channel is much better than the Discovery Channel in being less biased when talking about conspiracy issues. Yet, even Brad's episode has omissions in it that should be exposed. The show was similar to Jesse Ventura in that Meltzer and his allies used active research in trying to form conclusions about the White House cornerstone. This is an interesting subject since I like to research information about the Mysteries and so forth. Chris Pinto came on the show. Pinto tried his best to tell Meltzer and crew that Masonry has done nefarious actions and has rituals that are contrary to not only Christianity, but decent morality. Masonry swears death oaths. They drink wine out of a human skull and some of them blatantly advocate human godhood. So, these are extreme views as found in Masonic books not just from the works of Mackey, Hall, or Pike. Freemasonry in the modern age came in the 1700's as some stonemasons merged philosophical views on reality with mechanical terms. Freemasonry embracing people with a belief in one God in an Universalist fashion. One woman said that Pinto accused every Mason as plotting world domination, which Pinto didn't say. Pinto said that one of the secret goals of Masons in the highest levels is to form that new order of the ages (or the new world order). This isn't me typing these words down. High level Mason C.

William Smith said that he wanted a new order of the ages (as found in the Scottish Rite New Age Magazine back in 1950. Freemasonry teaches about the Father, but they deny the real characteristics of the Son in promoting political correctness. We have to know the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to build a real foundation of our spiritual life. The Scriptures are clear that: "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father." (1 John 2:22, 23) The Bible sets forth Jesus as the eternal Son of God. (John 1:1) Jesus came to this world to provide a way for men to be saved: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)
Unfortunately, the show had much disinformation in it since Meltzer denied that Masons murdered the hero William Morgan. They have murdered William Morgan in New York as admitted by one Masonic conspirator named Valence. The Masonic deaths oaths are real and as late as the 1980's, Masons have tried to literally kill Pastor Ed Decker for leaving the Lodge by the grace of God. The History Channel did similar tactics when they tried to demonize 9/11 truth and promoted literature from the Popular Mechanics crew. It's a fact that one major White House architect was Irish Freemason James Hoban. Masons did cornerstone rituals to bless the area. Researchers believe that they did this also to promote esoteric thinking about the stars and the planets. The famous cornerstone ceremony in the Capitol Building took place in September 18, 1793. The person who laid the cornerstone was then-President George Washington. The Columbian Mirror and the Alexandrian Gazette reported on the event. Washington was in Master Mason regalia with his apron on. This was a part of the corn, wine, and oil ceremony (in order to celebrate to the Masons, enjoyment and blessing). The pagans enacted a similar corn wine and oil ceremony for eons for the worship of Baal according to Hosea 2:8 and the "Riddles and Stone" documentary. Masonic author

George H. Steinmetz, in his book Freemasonry: Its Hidden Meaning , states: "The ancients who worshipped the Sun as a god, or as a symbol of God, considered all things yellow, golden color, of the sun, as pertaining to it; hence, gold, brass, and corn or grain, because of their color, were deemed sacred...” This proves that masonry is of the Mysteries
even if Masons deny that they are pagans per se.

Christine and Scott tried to find out where the White House cornerstone is at all. Buddy finds an

anonymous letter from 1792. The letter outlines that the cornerstone is in the southwest corner. Brad and the trio talked with Freemasons in the House of the Temple. The House of the Temple is filled with esoteric statues and images. It has historical relics with the genuflecting of Albert Pike. Freemasons admit that the U.S. Capitol's cornerstone is missing. Arturo de Hoyos said that William Morgan wasn't a real Freemason. Three Masons, Loton Lawon, Nicholas Chesebro and Edward Sawyer, were charged with, convicted and served sentences for the kidnapping of Morgan. He denied that Masons were involved in major conspiracies when he's a liar, because Masons worked to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand (according to court testimony. This caused WWI). Masons are known for lying as Pike wrote that deception for low degree Blue level Lodge members are fine to utilize. Scottish Rite Freemasonry has been known to discriminate against people for centuries until the late 1980's and the early 1990's. Masons use code names to identify each other. These secret words are like so mote it be, traveling east, etc. There is Boaz used in the Entered Enterprise degree. Jachin is a code word that is found in the Fellow Craft degree. The code word in the Master Mason degree is a Scottish derivative called Machaben or Machbinna. 33rd Degree Freemason Harry Truman according to Brent Morris tried to find the White House cornerstone.

Metlzer and crew say that the cornerstone is on the grounds, but it has a mystique since it hasn't been found in modern times. There has been a lot of controversy on what JAH BUL ON means for Freemasons. These words are one conglomerate that Freemasons use to define what God means to them. The truth is that some parts of it relates to paganism. Masons claim that the ancient world defined these terms to outline the definition of the Supreme Being, but these words are from paganism (a philosophy that explicitly denies the existence of one Supreme Being). This JAH bul On false god is named in the Royal Arch Degree of the York Rite. It's mentioned in the page 161 of the ritual published and printed by 'The Grand Chapter Of Tennessee Royal Arch Masons' saying that: "In the same manner we find on the three sides of the T on the top of the A the words J - - B - - O - -. Each is the name of Deity: J - - in the Syriac;

B - - in the Chaldaic and O - - in the Egyptian languages, and, as has already been explained, when given as one word form the G. R. A. W." Henry Wilson Coil has this to say: "Jah,

Bel and On appear in the American ritual of the Royal Arch degree on the supposition that Jah was the Syriac name of God, Bel (Baal) the Chaldean and On, the Egyptian. But the last name seems to have been due to a mistake of the ritualist, for it was actually the name of a city, the error having arisen from the Biblical story that Pharaoh gave Joseph, for a wife, Asenath, who was the daughter of Potepherah, priest of On, meaning priest of the city of On, not the god On." ('Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia', p. 516). Christian
scholars like Pastor Schimmel and researcher Stephen Knight believe On is akin to Osiris too (or the Egyptian false god of the underworld). Now, Jah is short for Jehovah. On has been related to the Hindu figure of Aum. On is a Hebrew word meaning force or power. Bul is short for Bel or Baal (the rain and fertility god of the Canaanites). 2 Judges 2:11-13 condemned the worship of Baal, Ashtaroth, and all false gods that were being worshipped in the Middle East. On is related to the city of On in ancient Egypt where the sun god Ra was worshipped. So, On was related to the sun god. Jah-Bul-On (it's used a password in the rituals of the Royal Arch Masonry) like GAOTU is used by Freemasons in order to allow many different people from religious creeds to join Masonry even if Masonry is not a part of core religious truths. Jah-Bul-On is a mix of 3 deities relating to polytheistic tradition not monotheistic reality. Masons are slick since one of their deceivers named Art de Hoyos claims that Jahbulon is just representation of Jehovah or the tetragrammaton. Yet, Jehovah according to Fritz Springmeier is a pagan name that was of a recent invention (not a real ancient name of God the Father at all). Even other Masons view the words of JAH-BUL-ON as different names for pagan deities among 3 different languages not a descriptive word for God in Hebrew at all. A famous 33rd Degree Freemason was Harry Truman. He was the President of the United States after FDR passed away in April 1945. He was the man that did some good, but his most vicious crime was the dropping of 2 atomic bombs on 2 virtually defenseless population centers in Japan. The U.S. elite lied and said that these actions were necessary to prevent one million+ American soldiers from dying in war. Before the dropping of what quickly came to be described in awe-stricken tones as "the bomb," the Emperor of Japan was already negotiating surrender with the Truman government, through Vatican channels (I don't agree with the Vatican though), on the same terms Japan's surrender was accepted after the bombs were dropped.

"Riddles in Stone" is a great documentary DVD that is a rebuttal to the Decoded episode. Chris Pinto narrated the documentary and he's a genius in his filmmaking attributes. It shows source after source to document the esoteric influence in the design of Washington, D.C. These occult influences exist in Washington, D.C. and all over the world. Washington, D.C. from centuries ago utilized Zodiac signs, god and goddess images in the city. One example is the image of Zeus (called Destiny in one building of D.C. Zeus is the father of Apollo) and the occultinspired paintings plus imagery that is firmly found in the Library of Congress. Other

government buildings in Washington, D.C. have the images of ancient gods plus goddesses like Neptune, Hermes, Apollo, Athena, Europa, etc. In ancient times, pagan societies erect monuments to their gods whenever they claimed victory over an enemy. One example is when the ancient Greek instituted the Temple of Athena in celebration of the victory after the Battle of Marathon. It shows Freemasons admitting
that they agree with agenda of Adam Weishaupt. Even the All Seeing Eye on the Dollar shows "In God we trust," which god. The Freemasons who supported the Dollar Bill promoted the GOATU as their god. The esoteric crowd and the government for eons have united together in trying to promote the Utopian world system. This isn't me writing these words down. The June 1941 issue of the occult journal 'Rosicrucian Digest' predicted that "The multiplicity of social states, countries, or nations will cease to be." Those nations would be superseded by "The One United World State." The Rosicrucians concluded that the 'mystical-pantheism' they advocated would, if generally accepted, lead to a collectivist world state. Alice Bailey wrote in 1957 that: "The

Masonic movement... is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. It is a far more occult organization than can be realised, and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists. In its ceremonials lie hid the wielding of the forces connected with the growth and life of the kingdoms of nature and the unfoldment of the divine aspects in man...When the new universal religion has sway and the nature of esotericism is understood-will be the utilisation of the banded esoteric organisms, the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centres. These three groups converge as their inner sanctuaries are

approached. There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, and the inner-most circles of esoteric societies." (Taken
from 'Be Wise As Serpents by Fritz Springmeier). Alice Bailey's husband is 32nd
degree Freemason Foster Bailey. So, there are those who want this new world system. The Freemason David Ovason, websites, and other researchers have conclusively proven that esoteric influence related to the construction of Washington, D.C. (including the Capitol Building). The truth is that Freemasons even centuries ago didn't just comprehend simple mathematics or simple algebra. Many of them understood the concepts of geometry, the Kabbalah, and other complex forms of mathematics. This is why those occultists used astrological words and this influenced D.C.'s designs. Back centuries ago, Elias Ashmole was an innovator in Masonry. There were building guilds that had mystics and occultists. There is the thesis shown by that the Washington, D.C. design was inspired by the cross section of the Great Pyramid (of ancient Egypt with the King's Chamber, the Queen's Chamber, the Grand gallery, the ascending plus descending passage, and even the subterranean chamber possibly). Washington D.C. looks to be planned by sophisticated mathematics using an isometric map grid and various forms of geometry. Frenchman Pierre L'Enfant was an architect of the design and he worked with Andrew Ellicott as the surveyor of the area. L'Enfant was fired since no finished map cam of the first auction. The maps were not approximations awaiting the President's approval, but were accurate depictions of lot corners, etc. The planning map of D.C. came about from 1791 to 1792.

Brad Meltzer did his research about the Statue of Liberty. He wants to find the meanings to its secret meanings. His research is more fair than other documentaries in mainstream TV that discount any Secret Society or occult link to anything of substance in the world. The researchers tried to find information on the Illuminati, Freemasonry, and the Statue of Liberty's symbolism. Masons created statues like the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, etc. as calling cards for their influence in the world (and to promote their ideologies). The researchers from the Decoded show have omitted key information too. Of course, showing this information is taboo in the mainstream media. The truth is that the Statue of Liberty was created by Masons to promote their Universalist view of God and Nature (and secret messages are in, symbols are in it, and there is a Luciferian tie to the torch of the statue). This statue doesn’t represent freedom and democracy covertly, but overtly. Covertly, the statue represents the merging of the Mysteries implanted in the modern world. French Freemasons allow the statue to be given to Masons in the USA as a gift (or Secret Societies working together). Freemason Frederic Bartholdi was the designer of the Statue of Liberty. Freemason Gustave Eiffel designed the inner support structure and Freemason Richard Hunt designed the pedestal. The statue was based on the Goddess archetype (of ancient Greece and ancient Egypt) and the Colossus of Rhodes. This old Rhodes statue has a man holding a torch to allow people to see the harbors. The original name of the statue was “Liberty Enlightening the World,” not the Statue of Liberty. Again, the word Enlightening fits in with the Illuminati theme. Hall called the torch of Rhodes in these terms: "...This gigantic gilded figure, with its crown of solar rays and its upraised torch, signified occultly the glorious Sun Man of the Mysteries, the Universal Savior.” (Hall, Manly P. – The Secret Teachings of All Ages p. 189). There is a Masonic cornerstone ceremony as well. What is the Lucifer tie? In the ancient mysteries, Lucifer represents the enlightened being to give man knowledge, building skills, and star gazing. To Gnostics, he is the real liberator instead of Yahveh. Masons praise Lucifer and other occultists plus New Agers like Spangler. This is why occultists and Masons like Helena Blavatsky try to not equate Satan to Lucifer when both Lucifer and Satan are one and the same. Even occultist and British Intelligence agent Aleister Crowley admitted that Satan and Lucifer are one and the same. Jesus Christ didn't allow Satan to make him support him as found in Matthew 4:8-9. Blavatsky praised Lucifer as the liberator of man and the representation of the freedom of conscience. Gnostics view the fall of man as Lucifer liberating man from the Demiurge. Hall writes that: "...Both
the sinking of Atlantis and the Biblical story of the “fall of man” signify spiritual involution–a prerequisite to conscious evolution.” (Hall, Manly P. – The Secret Teachings of All Ages p. 83).

The torch represents enlightenment too as from the old story of Prometheus. Prometheus stole the fire from the gods (or knowledge) and taught man. This is similar to Lucifer teaching man to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge (and calling man to fall). Satan rebelled against God, so God punished Satan. Satan is portrayed as the Serpent. The Serpent in esoteric thought was seen as a positive force of wisdom. As one source said on this issue: "... the prime symbol for Wisdom is the serpent." [Magic Symbols, by Frederick Goodman, p. 25]. Mainstream Christianity view the serpent in more negative descriptions. Manly P. Hall and HP Blavatsky admitted the Prometheus and Lucifer story similarity. There are horns on the Statue of Liberty's head in the form of seven rays. There are seven of them because the horns represent the seven liberal arts and sciences, thus comprising an essential knowledge base. Freemasons believes in the seven liberal arts plus sciences in their rituals and books. The rays can mean the spirit goes from the mind as knowledge. The Illuminists worship the human intellect and knowledge (gnosis). Yet, the deal is that the Illuminists then and now want to restrict the common man from knowing the real truth in the Universe. Brad Meltzer's Decoded denied that the Illuminati exists today (Adam Weishaupt wanted the elimination of organized religion, private property, nationalism, etc. in order to dominate the Earth. These are some of the globalists' goals today), but the Illuminati's doctrines are still here. Also, they admitted ironically that the statue represents Lucifer. That's a great development when even Meltzer's people admitted this. The Illuminist occults view Lucifer as a good being as representing knowledge pretty much. Satanists & occultists have always equated the flaming torch as a symbol of Lucifer. Edourd said that: "Lucifer, having regained his star and his diadem, will assemble his legions for new works of creation. Attracted by his flaming torch,

celestial spirits will descend ... and he will send these messengers from unknown spheres to earth. Then, the torch of Lucifer will signal 'From Heaven to Earth!' -and the (New Age) Christ will answer, 'From Earth to Heaven'." [Occultist Edourd Schure, quoted by Texe Marrs, Mystery Mark of the New Age , p. 240]

Albert Pike reiterates this awful truth about Freemasonry on page 840, in the teaching to the 32nd Degree, that Masonry symbols "... ever conceals from the Profane, and ever preserves to the Elect ..." Therefore, the explanation for Masonic symbols given to the lower degrees are a lie, and it is only when one reaches the upper degrees -probably the 30th -- that they are told the truth. Pike reveals, on page 624, Teaching of the 28th Degree, that "Masonry is identical with the Ancient Mysteries. Then, on page 567, Teaching of the 26th Degree, Pike praises Lucifer as other Masons have done. On pages 207-208 of «Morals and Dogma», Pike traces the Ancient Mysteries back to "Egypt, in India, in Persia, and Phoenicia, in Greece, and Samothrace, in the greater mysteries ..." To them or the pro-Mystery crowd, knowledge is power. Yet, Lucifer is about deception since the common man is not shown true wisdom and Lucifer lied and claimed that man will be gods (when man can't be gods or like unto God at all). Luciferians claims to be good, but it's an authoritarian form of existence. There is nothing wrong with true liberty under God. Yet, we have to reject tyranny if it’s found in numerous secret societies or the Roman Catholic Church (that harbored an intense hatred of the freedom of religion & the freedom of conscience for centuries). If people use pagan symbolism in buildings, then there are meanings to it regardless of Metlzer’s crew says. The highest levels of Masons admit that their group uses deception and agreed with secret mystical doctrines. Hall admitted that the inner core of Masons has esoteric goals and death oaths, yet many Masons deny it. Many real elitists or Illuminists wouldn't call themselves the Illuminati today, but their major goals didn't change from back then. Real conspiracies exist in the world. Even William Colby (1920-1996) before he died admitted that the CIA owns or influences a large part of the major mainstream media system. I don’t need to cover up what I think unlike these secret orders (and other people) do. This is one example of a real conspiracy occurring in history.
Terry Melanson has done some great research on the disinformation made by Meltzer on the Georgia Guidestones. For decades, researchers have found that the Georgia Guidestones (regardless of who created it) has been utilized by the establishment as an excuse to promote dehumanization and a radical population control agenda. This is evident on the contents on the statue. Meltzer and his crew don't take the agenda of the Guidestones seriously. They approach Raymond Wiley. Wiley gives an accurate

account on the situation with the statue. Wiley tells the truth that the statue

promotes a Malthusian, new world order agenda. Meltzer doesn't discuss about population control or eugenics throughout the whole time. They focus on
the Rosicrucian situation, but don't get to the core of the message. R. C. Christian has been accused of being a Rosicrucian. R. C. Christian is the nickname of the builder of the Georgia Guidestones. Brad Meltzer omits that Rosicurcianism has a key influence on all modern western esotericism. Freemasonry, the Golden Dawn, Martinist sects, Theosophy, the New Age movement, the New thought movement, the Nazis, etc. have influence from or some relationship with Rosicrucian ideas. Meltzer ignores the real, documented population control tie to the Georgia Guidestones. This crew does interview Jo Benner of the Church of Illumination, the church of the Rosicrucian Fraternity, and Priestess of Melchizadek” – espousing an alchemical and Gnostic view of Christ, the 2012 canard, cataclysmic earth changes, Edgar Cayce, coronal mass ejections and manipulating machines with your mind.

This Meltzer exercise is a distraction from the real issues pertaining to the structure since yes the structure is in an astronomical pattern (but its real agenda is trying to decrease as many people as possible). Raymond Wiley to his credit has a real book on the
Georgia Guidestones that talk about serious matters. The megalithic monument has both astronomical influence and political agendas shown in it. The creators of the structure wish of wanting only a population of 500 million people. This sick agenda is similar to people like Ted Turner in desiring a lower population (in order for us humans to return more to Nature). It isn't a secret that the Club of Rome, the Aspen Institute, and establishment environmental figures (like Maurice Strong) desire a new age, pro-population control system in the world. To harm humanity isn't just an idea from the past. Many elitists, foundations, and think tanks have discussed the possibility of adding sterilants to the water supply (in order to control humanity). Malthus believed that the population of man would continue to grow geometrically in an irrational fashion unless an intervention came (like war, famine, controls on people, plagues, death, etc.). Malthus is wrong since real technological developments instituted by man (that is utilized in the right fashion) can naturally handle populations and improve the basic functions of the environment in general. R. C. Christian wrote a book to the Elberton Granite Association. In it, he admitted that he wanted a world government to handle affairs and deal with an Age of Reason. The Age of Reason was used by the Bavarian Illuminati and Utopians to promote a society where man's intellect is worship beyond God's will (and that Nature is worshipped too. As Adam Weishaupt praised Nature). The hatred of nationalism, the hatred of patriotism, the hatred of the love of one’s ethnic identity without prejudice, and hatred of the nation-state has been the goals of the elite for thousands of years. Even the CFR member Richard Haass wants states to cede their sovereignty to world bodies (as said by his own mouth). Even the Baha’i Faith has members desiring a world government, a world parliament, and word Code of law (even when they are correct in calling for equality. Yet, legitimately promoting equality is never an excuse to advance world government). R.C. Christian wants population control and the State to control human reproduction, which is a violation of personal liberty. People like Kingsley Davis and others wish for the social regulation of child bearing. Meltzer self censors himself from really admitting about the new world order, which is clever on his part. Yet, God is more clever in showing the truth to his children all of the time in our generation.

You have to have amity and peace with your fellow human beings. That’s natural and truly spiritual. Being real is appreciating what God created you to be and fulfilling an inspiring, authentic destiny in life.
By Timothy

Goodbye for now. Time is going fast I tell you. In less than 3 years from now, I will be 30 years old.

I’m still here and I’m glad to be alive to present what’s real in the world today.

In closing, here are John Quincy Adams’s inspirational words in the early 1800’s. His words are relevant then and now. Adams was a genius with his prose. He was one of the most intelligent Presidents in history. These following words are from his Inaugural Oration:

“Under governments purely republican, where every citizen has a deep interest in the affairs of the nation, and in some form of public assembly, has the means and opportunity of delivering his opinions, and of communicating his sentiments by speech; where government itself has no aims but those of persuasion; where prejudice has not acquired an uncontrolled ascendancy, and faction is yet confined within the barriers of peace; the voice of eloquence will not be heard in vain. March then with firm, with steady, with undeviating step, to the prize of your high calling. . . . Consecrate, above all, the faculties of your life to the cause of truth, of freedom, and of humanity. So shall your country ever gladden at the sound of your voice, and every talent, added to your accomplishments, become another blessing to mankind.” Our ancestors fought and died for the same principles that we fight for today. They were of every background and they have desired a just, peaceful world. Their memories will never be in vain since their intensions and strength live on in us.

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