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Schedule line category

 Schedule lines contain all the delivery related information such as: delivery dates
and quantities as well as information about the requirements transfer and
inventory management.

 If you want to deliver an order item then it must have at least one schedule line
with confirmed delivery quantity.

 In Customizing for item categories, you decide if you will allow schedule lines for
the item.

 You must activate the relevant to delivery indicator if you want the goods to be
physically delivered.

 In the schedule line category you set the movement type

 You can deactivate requirements transfer and availability checks at the schedule
line level.

 In schedule line category you can configure the purchase order type and account
assignment categories in the purchase order

 Basic function such as incompleteness procedure

Schedule lines in different sales documents


 Schedule lines in quotations are not relevant for delivery.

 The requirements transfer is inactive in the schedule line category.

 No Goods movement type


 Schedule line in a order is relevant to delivery

 The requirements transfer is active in the schedule line category.

 Movement type is 601

Return order

 Schedule line in return is relevant for delivery.

 Transferring requirements is inactive

 Movement type 651(Enables you to make sure that goods receipt goes to blocked
stock returns)


 Schedule line in inquiry is used only for information.

 No availability check or requirement transfer

 No movement type

 Not relevant for delivery