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People invest their money for generating good returns. But in this investment some kind of risk

is involved. All investors have different attitudes towards risk. When it comes to investing, it is

important to consider your risk profile or tolerance carefully, including how comfortable you are

with the possibility of losing money, or that returns on your investments. The risk profile of

investors depends upon their demographic structure or characteristics.

The project report deals with how the company sharekhan works, profile of the company, what is

the source of income, what is present leadership, functional analysis of different departments like

operations, marketing, finance, human resource. This project shows overall picture of the

company in all respects.

Sharekhan company is broking Firm which deals in stock market throw providing the knowledge

of its products and services to their potential investors so that they can get the knowledge about

the share market and raise their money. This Report starts from first chapter and it is all about the

overview, company profile and company nature. It also contains introduction of the industry

where it explains the organization in brief, its vision, achievements. People invested their money

for generating good return. But in this investment some kind of risk is involved. All investors

have different attitude towards risk. The risk profile of investors depends upon their demographic

structures or characters. The project deal with analyzing the investment pattern on the basis of

risk profile of the investors at sharekhan limited and what are the risk factors that influence the

type of investment made by individuals. As we all know that every person who wants to gain

better returns in future they must have to invest their money in stock market or anywhere else.

This study describes the investment pattern use by different persons while doing investment in

stock market keeping different risk in mind. The main reason to choose this research is to find

out the investment pattern behaviour in respect to their risk bearing capacity and this research

helps the company to target the investors according to their risk ability. Financial report is being

taken and from that ratio is calculated and later converted into graphs. Later on, all the

information was compiled in the form of presentable and highly comprehensive report. After

analysing the data, the problem which has been identified that most of the investors are ready to

bear risk in expectation of higher return. There is a strong relationship in investment pattern and

risk bearing capacity of investors while doing investment.

The main aim of the first chapter gives an overview of products and services which is offered by

sharekhan. Second chapter is all about SWOT analysis. The main aim of the second chapter is to

find out strength weakness of sharekhan and also opportunities which is available in the market.

Third chapter is all about the functional information of the company. In Fourth chapter, it

includes the findings, suggestions to the company.

Sharekhan is one of the top retail brokerage houses in India with a strong online trading

platform. The company provides equity based products. It has one of the largest networks in the

country and India’s premier online trading portal With their research

expertise, customer commitment and superior technology, they provide investors with end-to-end

solutions in investments. They provide trade execution services through multiple channels - an

Internet platform, telephone and retail outlets. It is the retail broking arm of the Mumbai- based

SSKI Group. With a legacy of more than 80 years in the stock markets, the SSKI group ventured

into institutional broking and corporate finance over a decade ago. Presently SSKI is one of the

leading players in institutional broking and corporate finance activities.

Share Khan is a Retail broking company and it is registered in Central Depository Services Limited

(CDSL) and National Security Depository Limited (NSDL). Sharekhan as a SEBI registered

intermediary is mandated to follow the rules and regulations circulars of the exchanges. Share Khan

provides online trading services to their clients through their software “Trade Tiger”. Sharekhan

Limited operates as a subsidiary of BNP Paribas SA. Known for its jargon-free investor friendly

language and high quality research, the site has a registered base of over two lakh customers. The

content-rich and research oriented portal has stood out among its contemporaries because of its

steadfast dedication to offering customers best-of-breed technology and superior market

information. The objective has been to let customers make informed decisions and to simplify the

process of investing in stocks.

Share khan has always believed in investing in technology to build its business. The company

has used some of the best-known names in the IT industry, like Sun Microsystems, Oracle,

Microsoft, Cambridge Technologies, Nexgenix, Vignette, VeriSign Financial Technologies India

Ltd, Spider Software Pvt. Ltd. to build its trading engine and content. Previously the Morakhiya

family holded a majority stake in the company but now a world famous brand CITI GROUP has

taken a majority stake in the company.

Sharekhan is one of the leading broking house of the country and it has maintained this position

for a very long period of time. To maintain such efficiency, a company needs strict norms and the

focus to achieve growth despite the various challenges it faces. Sharekhan faced various

challenges in its rise to the top of the market and to position itself as the leader in the market. The

challenges comprised of lack of confidence among the people regarding stock market. The

company now has a strategy and it focuses on the some areas which will going to help in

achieving goals are awareness of stock market among people, new and required features in the

application i.e. Trade Tiger, brokerage structure. Sharekhan emphasis on its positive work culture

that rewards innovation, breeds initiative and encourage intelligent and risk taking. It is evolving

into a dynamic knowledge driven organization that inspires employees to collaborates and draw

from a common knowledge pool, while helping the organization leverage diversity intellectual


Share khan has special accounts department for separate calculation of pay-in and pay-out of

funds according to the client’s Profit/Loss. Finance management is done at Share khan by

managing the stocks in the demat accounts and funds in the margin & trading. DP (Depository

Participation) is treated as a separate department at Sharekhan and is covered in the back office

management in the organization structure. In simple words, DP means providing the facility to

the clients for managing the stock bought/sold by them. Nowadays, as banks are becoming fast

for E-Fund Transfer (EFT) and Phone-banking is getting more popularity, SEBI is thinking to

make the financial market of India to have a maximum speed of transactions just like the other

nations in the world.

The main aim for accounts management is that the clients must have a credit or no debit on the

next day. The DP services provided by Sharekhan are falling under the regulation of NSDL

(National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited),

organizations governed by SEBI to regulate the depository services in the interest of the

investors. In this way, the finance function is carried out at Sharekhan by following the

guidelines given by SEBI. The corporate culture at Sharekhan is maintained in such a way that

the people are helpful to each other and eager to get the work done as soon as possible with a co-

operative thinking. An additional Rs.10000 is provided for each outlet of Sharekhan to motivate

its employees by performance appraisal and also the heads of each departments and branches has

to go through a 3606 performance appraisal for maintaining the consistency in growth of the

company. In the end we can say that the human resource of Sharekhan is a best managed and

used for the continuous growth and development of the company for its future plans to be

achieved time-to-time.

Finance is needed for all the activities like production or services as well as their distribution.

The finance department directly influences all the functions of the other departments. Also it has

to give equal importance to all departments. Share khan has special accounts department for

separate calculation of pay-in and pay-out of funds according to the client’s Profit/Loss. There

are two types of auctions called as Internal auctions & Market auctions, the internal auctions

defines the auctions carried out between the other shops of Share khan and market auctions are

those as which are carried out in the market. Mostly sales executive jobs are available which are

target based and employee need to accomplish their targets on monthly basis. 10 to 15 accounts

are required to be opened by an sales executive on a monthly basis, if any employee open more

accounts then their targets than he is awarded with commission. Promotion is given to those

employees who are best performers. After promotion target of that person also get increased with

the income.

During the summer training the researcher acquired all the relevant information about the

company. At present the researchers possess the knowledge about the online trading which the

company provides through its own developed software. The researcher has understood the reason

behind the customer preference towards the online trading. The researcher knows about:

(a) The features of de-mat account

(b) How to buy and sell the shares online

(c) The working of the company’s software operating technique and various facilities

provided by it.

(d) The various functions performed by the various departments of the company.

(e) The marketing technique to sell de-mat account.

Sharekhan limited is known for its knowledge, leadership, operations and quality services

that add lasting value for its stakeholder and investor.

(a) SKL offers excellent opportunities for growth and self-development.

(b) One key factor in employee motivation and retention is the opportunities want to

continue to grow and develop job and career enhancing skills. Best quality training

and facilities is provided by the head office.

(c) An engaged workforce is passionate about the work that they are doing. They believe in

the mission of the company and are excited at individual, team and company level to

be successful.

(d) The company has long standing experience of the group in the capital market, with a

strong presence in retail broking.