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Students will be able to
Students will be able to read and
identify the numbers that
Students will be able to confidently count and order numbers from 1 to 20. represent numbers up to at least
come immediately before
20 using both physical items and
and after a given number
visual cues.
Name between 0 and 20. Comment
Identify Count Read
how how Estimate and
Count Place the Match the
many Order Count to many how Can count identify Make the Identify the
out loud missing the number
fireflies, their the dots, many backwards the number number that
in order numbers number that
dots, cards given petals there from a number required comes before
starting in the of dots comes
images from target or are given off a with the given
from 0 number- to the after the
on 1-20 number eggs without number card or counters number
or 1 line number given
each on a counting game
card card board
Student D showed enjoyment and
determination during the planned
activities. The student showed that
they understood each task and
could complete each task
confidently, however did have
some hiccups in some of the
questions and so the questions
needed to be repeated a couple of
items with an emphasis on certain
words such as before and after.
The student was missing some
cards when ordering the numbers
D      /      from 0-20 and needed some
support and guidance to correct
themselves. The student could
verbally count to 20 and realised
the mistakes in their ordering of
the cards. Once the student
figured out the order the teacher
could take away cards from the
line and the student could
confidently place them back in the
correct order. The student had to
count each dot in the Subi Swat
game, so was not as fast as
Student E.
Student E showed excitement and
persistence throughout the lesson.
Student E needs reassurance in
the activities to know they are
doing the correct thing. This
student was slower than everyone
else in the ordering activity as they
needed more reassurance that
they were on the right track. The
student also needed extra time to
E      /      think when the teacher asked the
students questions. Even though
the student was slower compared
to the other students, the student
showed strong understanding of
counting up to 20 and matching
each pile of objects with the
corresponding numbers. This
student understood the terms
before and after and was very fast
in the Subi Swat game.
Student F showed confidence and
determination throughout each
activity and participated in each
activity with great pace. This
student confidently identified the
number of fireflies on each card
and represented that number with
tiles. This student ordered the
numbers with pace and accuracy
and could place the missing
numbers in the correct position on
the number-line. The student was
well ahead of the other students
F      /      and needed more challenges. This
student could identify the numbers
before and after a given number
confidently though sometimes
needed the question to be
repeated a couple of times. The
student also recognised a
relationship between the ten base
frames. Even though the student
was fast in the first couple of
activities, the student was slow
and struggled with the Subi Swat
activity compared to the other two
= Not evident yet
/ = Developing understanding of concept
 = Some understanding of concept
 = Good understanding of concept