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I. Objectives

A. Content Standard:

The learner demonstrates understanding of the importance of research in daily life

B. Performance Standard:

The learner is able to use appropriate kinds of research in making decisions

C. Learning Competencies:

The learner explains the importance of research in daily life

D. Competency Code :


II. Subject Matter

A. Content :

Nature of Inquiry and Research

B. References:

K12 Basic Education Curriculum Senior High School Curriculum Guide

Practical Research 1, Baraceros Esther L. pp. 2-3

Research Methods and Statistics, Beins, Bernard C. & McCarthy, Maureen A. (2012) pp. 2-7

C. Materials:

Powerpoint presentation, laptop, pictures, projector

D. Value Focus:

Social Awareness/Curiosity/Inquisitiveness

III. Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities

1. Review

Show a Venn diagram. Let students compare and contrast inquiry and research.

· What are the distinct characteristics of inquiry and research?

· What relates or connects these two ideas?

2. Motivation


· Do you listen, watch or read news? What do you think are

the issues in our community today?

B. Developmental Activities

1. Activity

Group Activity: Group the class into 5 groups. Each group will be given an editorial cartoon in which they
must interpret together. Each group will choose a reporter to share their insights in class.


· How can these issues affect you as a student? your community? the society as a whole?

Explain to the class that issues like in the pictures affect individuals and the society as a whole. People
need answers to describe these phenomena, their implications in daily living and how can these be
controlled or given solutions. Relate that the way to address these is though research.

2. Analysis

Comprehensively discuss using powerpoint presentation the importance of research.

Give contextualized instances or examples that are relevant to the daily lives of the students.

3. Abstraction and Comparison

Foresighting: Have students accomplish the following matrix:

The world…

With research…

Without research…
4. Application

Present a videoclip about a specific issue in the country.


· What do you think can research do to solve this issue?

· Elaborate your answer.

5. Generalization

Share a quote from Albert Szent-Gyorgi on research:

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

IV. Evaluation

Have students write a five-sentence essay. Present the rubrics to be used to assess their answers.

1. What are the importance of research in daily life?

2. What do you think will happen to the world if there is no research?

V. Assignment

Research and study on characteristics, processes and ethics of research.