William Cooper's Mystery Babylon: Part 34 January 12nd, 1994


Secret Societies and Vatican II (aired

audio link: (http://www.remnantradio.org/Archives/articles/William%20Cooper/Myst ery%20Babylon/audio/mystery%20babylon%2034.mp3) transcribed by wakingup72 @ http://www.waronyou.com/forums **FINAL TRANSCRIPTION** ============================================= Welcome, once again, to the Hour of the Time. I'm William Cooper... [voice of Carolyn Nelson]...and I'm Carolyn Nelson. Last night during this time slot I neglected to do what I said I would do at the beginning of the program, and people have been calling all day -- both my house and here -- wanting to know how to get hold [sic] of the Luxor tape and what th e price is and all of that kind of thing. A lot of people are interested in that and they should be. You all should be interested in this video tape. I'm very p roud of it and it's gonna...it will be about two weeks in production, and then i t'll be ready to send out. If you want to get it in advance, order in so that yo u can get one of the first copies, and they are always the best, by the way, bec ause they come off of the clean master. As the master is used, as more and more copies are reproduced off the master, the quality gets poorer and poorer until f inally you have to make another master or stop producing the tape, one of the tw o. So, if you would like a copy of [i]The Source of Light[/i], which is the name of the tape, [i]The Source of Light[/i]... (William Cooper gives details about obtaining a copy of the video tape) Don't go away. We got a good, good show for you tonight, but first we're going t o get your blood roaring through your veins. (opening music: [i]Shake, Rattle and Roll[/i], performed by Bill Haley & His Com ets) Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to read to you an article from [i]La Travi ata[/i]...[i]La Traviata[/i], the December 1993 issue. And I'm going to read thi s to you so that you'll know that I'm not the only one out here who's stark ravi ng mad as some of you tend to think. I want you to hear that, not only...not onl y have I reached the conclusions that I have reached through years and years of diligent and very, very deep research, but many others have reached the same -and I mean the very same -- conclusions. This is entitled, "Secrets in the Vatic an II: The Church and the Secret Societies, A Brief History." Pay close attentio n and, as always, ladies and gentlemen, make sure that you have a tablet and a p en or pencil by your side at all times when you listen to the Hour of the Time. (start of quote) =================================================================== At a recent Church of England Synod, a report on Freemasonry was presented to th

e assembled clerics and laypeople for debate. Several speakers denounced Masonry as contrary to the teachings of Christianity and condemned Christians, especial ly clerics, who might be members. One speaker even went so far as to attack Maso nry as blasphemous because he claimed its central initiation ritual, which invol ves a symbolic death and rebirth enactment, was a travesty of the Christian beli ef of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Since its inception , Freemasonry has been a target of Christian wrath. In the inner circle of Mason ry among those who have obtained higher degrees of initiation there are Masons w ho understand that they are the inheritors of an ancient and pre-Christian tradi tion handed down from pagan times. The medieval Masons inherited this secret tra dition in the form of symbolic teachings which expressed spiritual truths. These teachings originated in the pagan mysteries which were followed [wildly]...wide ly [and wildly] in the ancient world. These medieval Masons inherited esoteric k nowledge from their pagan forebearers and this knowledge was incorporated into t he sacred architecture of the cathedrals. [William Cooper: Now, I want you to pay real close attention because during my s eries in the Mysteries, when I found out what was concealed within most of the a ltars that were built during those times -- and I related it to you over the air -- many people called me a liar. And you're going to hear verification of this -- what was found -- not only within the altars, but throughout these cathedrals . So pay close attention, folks. This is very important.] When the lodges of speculative, as opposed to operative, Freemasonry were founde d in the 17th and 18th centuries, this knowledge was transformed into the symbol ism which today forms the basis of Masonic ritual. With the persecution of alter native spiritual beliefs in medieval Christian Europe, the guardians of this anc ient wisdom went underground, forming secret societies to preserve their pagan i deals, and these societies became the "mysteries". The two major secret societie s which were formed in this period -- although they only revealed themselves in public form in the 16th and 17th centuries -- were Freemasonry and the Order of the Rosy and Cross. While the Order of the Rosy Cross, or the Rosicrucians, is s till a secret society which has received little publicity in the modern times, c onsiderable public attention has been drawn to Freemasonry recently. [William Cooper: (laughs) Oh, my.] The Masons regard geometry as the most important of the arts and sciences, accor ding to their beliefs. Geometry has been taught by a pre-flood patriarch called Lamech, who had three sons: one invented geometry, another was the first Mason, and the third was a blacksmith who was the first human to work with precious met als. In common with Noah, Lamech was warned of an impending flood caused by the wickedness of humanity and the interference of the fallen angels in world affair s. Lamech and his sons decided to preserve their knowledge in two stone pillars, so that future generations would discover it. The Masons believe that one of th ese pillars was discovered by the Greek god Hermes, also known to the Greeks as Hermes Trismegistus (or Thrice Greatest) and to the ancient Egyptians as the Ibi s-headed scribe of the gods Thoth -- pronounced Tehuti. The so-called "emerald t ablet of Hermes" is said to contain the essence of the lost wisdom from before t he days of the biblical flood. According to occult sources, this tablet was discovered in a cave by the mystic Apollonius of Tyana, who was regarded by the early church as a rival to Jesus. T he first published version of the Emerald Tablet dates from an Arabic source of the 8th century, A.D., and it was not translated into Latin in Europe until the 13th century. However, the myth of the Hermetic wisdom had a profound effect on the Gnostics who were heretical Christians in direct conflict with the early chu rch for attempting to fuse paganism with the new Christian faith. They also clai med to possess the secret teachings of Jesus, divulged to only his inner circle of disciples. Masons claim these teachings were censored from the authorized ver

sion of the New Testament, which was approved by the Church councils, who met to decide the structure and dogma of early Christianity. In medieval Europe, gnostic philosophy emerged in the rise of the heretical Chri stian sect -- the Cathars -- and the rise of the Chivalric Order of the Knights Templar. The Hermetic traditions provided the spiritual inspiration for many sec ret societies in the Middle Ages, and its influence can be discerned in both spe culative Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. In the Masonic tradition, it is said th at Masons were first organized into a corporate body during the building of the tower of Babel. The concept of this tower was to reach up to heaven and contact God. According to Genesis 11:4-6, the fall of the Tower of Babel destroyed the c ommon language spoken by humanity and ended the Second Golden Age, which followe d the flood. The architecture of the tower was King Nimrod of Babylon, who was a Mason. According to popular belief, the Hebrews received their knowledge of Mas onry from the Babylonians and introduced it to Egypt when they were taken into s lavery. In Egypt, this knowledge was influenced by the Mysteries and the occult traditions of the pyramid builders, who were versed in the techniques of sacred geometry. The key to the pagan origins of Freemasonry relies on the semi-mythica l story of the construction of King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. This building was regarded as the repository of ancient occult wisdom and symbolism by both t he Freemasons and the Knights Templar. To build the temple, Solomon imported Masons, artists and craftsman from neighbo ring countries. Specifically, he sent a message to the king of Tyre, asking if h e could hire the services of the king's master builder, Hiram Abiff, who was kil led in geometry -- who was skilled (laughs) -- who was skilled in geometry. (lau ghs) Solomon appointed Hiram as the chief architect and master Mason of the temp le. Hiram completed the temple in seven years [the number is specially significa nt in the occult tradition and Freemasonry, folks]. But this achievement was ove rshadowed by his violent, mysterious death. Hiram was approached by three fellow Masons who demanded the secret of the master Mason's word. He refused, and was beaten to death. They buried him in a shallow grave. They mark the grave was an acacia tree. His corpse was discovered 15 days later. Solomon ordered that his b ody to be exhumed and be buried with a full religious ceremony and honors due a craftsman of his rank. Early Masons historians regarded Hiram Habit as a symbolic representative of Osi ris, the Egyptian god of death and rebirth. In the third degree of Freemasonry, the candidate representing Hiram Abiff is raised from the death by a special Mas onic handshake known as "The grip of the lion's paw," of the lion's grip. In both Masonic and Egyptian Mysteries, the resurrected god is buried on a hill in a tomb, marked by a tree. In Royal Arch Masonry, the candidate for initiation is informed that the sacred name of god is really Jahbulon. This name has been deciphered as a coded reference to the two major gods of the Middle Eastern fert ility cults, Osiris and Baal, combined with the Hebrew tribal God, Jehovah. In M asonry, God is also signified as the Great Architect of the Universe, signifying the importance of sacred geometry and also indicating that he creates nothing, but designs and builds from that which has already been created. The political aspirations of Freemasonry, revealed in their influence on the rev olutionary movements and protosocialism of 18th- and 19th-century Europe can be traced back to the myth of the Golden Age, during the reign of Osiris and Isis, and before the flood to the Babylonians and Hebrew myths of creation. Occult tra dition alleges that Hiram Abiff was secretly member of an ancient society known as the Dionysian Artificers, who first appeared about 1000 B.C. when the temple at Jerusalem was being erected. They took their name from the Greek god and poss essed secret signs and passwords by which they recognized each other; were divid ed in chapters (or lodges) ruled by a Master and were dedicated to helping the p oor. They established lodges in all the Mediterranean lands and their influence

spread as far east as India. With the rise of the Roman Empire, lodges were foun d in Central and Western Europe and in the British Isles. The Artificers were co nnected with another secret society known as the Ionians. Members of this societ y had settled in Asia Minor and were dedicated to the spreading of civilization, especially in its Greek form, to what they regarded as the barbarian world. All egedly, the Ionians were responsible for the famous temple of the goddess Diana at Ephesus. Architects from this society, together with the Dionysian Artificers , traveled from Tyre to work on Solomon's temple. Later, the Artificers called t hemselves the "Sons of Solomon" and used his magical seal -- two interlaced tria ngles representing the union of the male and female energies -- as their tradema rk. The Artificers who settled in Israel founded the Cassidens, who were a guild of craftsmen skilled in the repair of religious buildings. [Now] this new sect was instrumental in the foundation of the mystical Jewish gr oup called the Essenes. The Essenes became famous through the discovery of the D ead Sea Scrolls. In occult tradition, Jesus of Nazareth was an Essene, and there are connections between this group and the medieval Knights Templar. The Dionys ian Artificers believed that the temples they built had to be reconstructed acco rding to the principles of sacred geometry, which reflected the divine plan of G od. They constructed religious buildings to represent the human body as a symbol of the universe. They also promoted the political idea of Utopia on earth, whic h was expressed in symbolic form. The hammer and the chisel of the Mason became the cosmic forces which shaped the spiritual destiny of mankind. The Roman archi tect and master builder Vitruvius, born in the first century, A.D., was influenc ed by the Dionysian Artificers. His theories formed the basis for the architectu re of the Roman Empire, and with the rediscovery of the classical knowledge in t he 16th century, also had an impact on the greatest architects of the Renaissanc e. Vitruvius' concept of the magical theater representing the microcosmos of the world, as a symbol of the macrocosmos of the universe, was repeated in William Shakespeare's famous phrase, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." And in the naming of his famous theater, The Globe, it is clai med that Shakespeare was a Rosicrucian initiate who was probably familiar with t hese ideas. Others take it further and believe that the Shakespearian plays were really written by Sir Francis Bacon. In the Masonic tradition, Cesar Augustus i s the patron of the Masons in ancient Rome, and is said to have been Grand Maste r of the Roman College of Architects. This society was organized into guilds wit h symbols based on the tools of their trade, such as the plumb line, the square, compasses, and the level. The college had initiation rituals involving the paga n myth of death and rebirth, which are familiar from the Egyptian Mysteries. A temple built and used by the college was unearthed at Pompeii, the city destro yed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 71, A.D. Among the symbols dis covered in the temple were the double triangle of Solomon, the black and white t racing board first used by the Dionysian Artificers, the skull, the plum line, t he pilgrim's staff and the ragged robe. The black-and-white tracing board were later seen on the battle flag of the Knig hts Templars, and then again on the floor of the cathedral at Sharps, built by t he Knights Templar. These symbols later emerge in medieval Masonry and also spec ulative Freemasonry. The traditions of the Roman College seem to have been passed on to the Order of Comacine masters, who flourished during the reign of the emperors Constantine an d Theodosius in the 4th century, A.D., when Christianity was emerging as the dom inant religion of the Roman Empire. According to legend, the Order was founded b y ex-members of the Roman College, who were forced to flee from the Barbarians. They set up their headquarters on the island of Comacine in Lake Como, and in 64 3 were placed under the patronage of the king of Lombardi, who gave the Order co ntrol over all the Masons and architects in Italy. The Comacine Order was divided into lodges ruled by Grand Masters, wore white ap

rons and gloves, and recognized each other by secret signs and passwords. The Or der was responsible for the Lombardi and Romanesque styles of architecture, and can be seen as the link between architects and Masons who built the pagan temple s and the master builders who erected the Gothic cathedrals of Western Europe in the Christian Middle Ages. There is evidence that the Comacine Masons traveled all over Europe, and according to the historian Beadie, even reached the Anglo-S axon England, where they built a church in Northumbria. Although the Masons who built the medieval churches and cathedrals were nominall y Christian, the proliferation of pagan symbols and images in these ancient buil dings indicates many of them were still pagans at heart. [William Cooper: And, folks, this is what I explained to you about the pyramidal structure of organization in these secret society [sic]. Those at the bottom ma y go to a Christian church and really believe that they are Christian, or attend other religions. But as they progress through the degrees of initiation, they a re indoctrinated into the old pagan religions, and the old gods come back to the m with vengeance until they reach the top. They are no longer Christian, they no longer worship Allah, or Buddha, or any of the gods or religious beliefs that t hey had before. They're all gone by that time, and that's the purpose. You see, those at the bottom were exposed all at once to what they would eventually learn through going up the degrees of initiation. None of them would stay long enough to get to the top. It is a process of slow, slow but sure, brainwashing, and it works very, very good.] Pagan symbols found include Sheela na Gig. These are crude representations of th e naked female form in the shape of a woman with spread eagle legs displaying th eir genitals. They have been identified as images of the pagan goddess of fertil ity, worshiped in Celtic times. Other carvings found in medieval churches depict monks and priests in sexual poses with wanton young girls, performing homosexua l acts, or wearing the heads of animals. Even stranger examples of pagan Masonry can be found. Professor Gregory Webb of Cambridge University, England, in 1946, Secretary of the Royal Commission of Historical Monuments, and an authority on medieval architecture, at the end of the war was appointed by the British govern ment to survey ancient churches in Southern England which had been damaged by th e German bombing. In one of the churches he discovered that a Nazi bomb had disl odged the top of the altar, revealing the interior for the first time since the 14th century. Inside the damaged altar, Webb and his team discovered a stone ima ge of a phallus [phallus, the phallus,in fact, of Osiris] which had been careful ly concealed within the hollowed interior. At first Webb [at first]... [audio is cut off for a few seconds] ...they thought this discovery was unique, until he began to examine other churc hes. He found that virtually all [virtually all, ladies and gentlemen] of the pr e-Reformation churches built before the outbreak of the bubonic plague at the en d of the 14th century, when church buildings ceased for a long period, had altar s which hid fertility symbols, phalluses, which dedicated the Christian churches to the old pagan religion. [William Cooper: The phallus, for the religion of Osiris, which came from the an cient religion of Babylon, were the phallus representative, the generative force -- Baal, who was also known as Nimrod. So you always learn something listening to the Hour of the Time.] The public image of protective associations, using their powers to promote fair trade and business ethics, concealed the fact that the medieval society of Freem asons was a secret society with pagan origins. Clandestinely promoting radical p olitical opinions (socialism), the occult initiates who were the real power behi nd the secret societies knew that to achieve their aim they had to use the polit

ical system, and in the 12th century they began to put their plan into operation . [William Cooper: It is known as "The Great Plan" or "The Great work". It is what is bringing the New World Order to fruition into the world.] The relationship between the Pope and the Grand Masters of the secret societies[ , ladies and gentlemen,] was an explosive one. The Church regarded the members o f the secret societies as spiritual anarchists, who were agents of Satanic consp iracy against organized religion. The Church saw them as competitors for their f lock, the sheep. The Freemasons and Rosicrucians styled themselves as wolves and believed that the sheep belonged to them and were their legal and lawful prey. The Freemasons and Rosicrucians, on the other hand, also accused the Church of s uppressing the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and many secret societies we re fervently anticlerical. They plotted the overthrow of the Catholic Church bec ause it opposed the old pagan religions and the Manichean heresy, from which the se groups drew their spiritual inspiration. [William Cooper: Ah, if they only knew that the Catholic Church had already done it long ago, and that's why they feared the secret societies as competitors.] At first, secret societies were supported by the Church. When the Vatican percei ved the secret societies to be a political and ideological threat to the Church, the climate of suspicious tolerance began to change, culminating with King Phil ip of France wiping out the Order of the Knights Templar in the 14th century. In the lodges of Freemasonry, in the actual orders of the Templars, they attribute the date of the execution of Jacque DeMolay by burning at the stake to the year 1313. Other references give the year 1314. The Council of Nicaea, convened by the emperor Constantine in the 4th century, r ejected pagan beliefs [at least that's what they said] such as reincarnation, wh ich were held by early Christians and presented Jesus as God incarnate rather th an a human spiritual teacher. Our contemporary knowledge of the gospel of Mark d ates back to 1958 when an American professor of theology, Dr. Morton Smith, disc overed references to it in a letter by Clement, preserved in a desert monastery. According to Smith, the inner teachings of Jesus were passed by him to his disci ples during the initiation rite, which resembled those of the pagan mysteries. S mith interprets the ritual communion meal practiced by early Christians as a pag an rite descended from the mysteries of Isis and Osiris. It was this esoteric in terpretation of Christianity, which was accepted by the medieval secret societie s, rather than the version offered by the Church. After a brief lapse to pagan w orship during the reign of Julian, the Christian religion quickly reestablished itself in Rome. And under the emperor Theodosius (378-395 A.D.) the worship of t he old pagan gods was finally prohibited. The ideological battle between the Popes and the Roman emperors they created rag ed for several hundred years. The point where we can discern the beginning of th ese secret societies influence this power struggle was in the reign of Frederick II, crowned as Holy Roman Emperor in 1215. With his death in 1250, the Holy Rom an Empire collapsed. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, in the first lodge in Car olina in the United States received its charter from Frederick of Prussia. For 20 years Europe was devastated by war until, in 1273, the concept of the old empire was revived with the crowning of a new Holy Roman Emperor, Count Rudolf Von Habsburg (meaning "castle of hawks") in Austria. For the next 300 years, und er the patronage of the Vatican, the Habsburgs extended their empire throughout Europe based on their temporal power and the spiritual power of the Roman Cathol ic.

=================================================================== (end of quote) [audio is cut off and music cuts in] (break music: [i]Let's Twist Again[/i], performed by Chubby Checker) Well, I just know you're all up there twisting all around the living room, aren' t ya? How of many of you can still do it? Well, before we went on the air, Sugar bear, Carolyn and I were doing it. And the reason why I'm playing this music ton ight is...just that I kind of take everybody back to when times were really good in this country. They're trying to convince us that times were no good during t he 50's and the early 60's, and that's a lie. And those of us who lived during t hat period know that it was the best time in the history of this country for the common man. Everyone had work if they wanted it. The American dream was becomin g realized by more people than ever before in the history of this country. And w hat's happening now? The American dream, just since that time, has disappeared, folks, for most young people. Unless they really strike it rich, or get into a p rofession that really jerks the money out of people's pockets, they have no hope of owning their own home for many, many, many years, if ever. Most people in ev ery family now have to work, and the children are regulated...regulated to gover nment-controlled daycare centers. They are, in fact, occupationally orphaned as you struggle just to keep food on the table, and a roof over your heads, and be able to have a little bit left over for some recreation once in a while. (William Cooper does a commercial for Swiss America Trading Corporation) (break music continues: [i]I Thank You[/i], performed by unknown artists) [talking over music]: Boy, I don't know what you're doing in your living room bu t we're rockin' here. You ought to see Carolyn dance. Even Sugarbear can get on his two hind legs and dance. C'mon, folks, get up, give it a try. Put a little s pice in your life. ...and I'm continuing with the article:

(start of quote) =================================================================== The successful alliance between the Habsburgs and the Vatican was seriously weak ened by the actions of one man, a crusading reformer who used the symbol of the rose and cross on his personal seal. He was the German monk Martin Luther. [William Cooper: When I reveal that Martin Luther was a member of the Rosy Cross , the Order of the Rosy Cross, and that his personal seal was the rose and cross , you should see the piles of letters I got from Protestants who blindly revere this man, without knowing anything about him, chastising me for revealing to the m the truth. But, folks, you can write all the letters you want, you will always get the truth on the Hour of the Time. We may make some mistakes now and then a nd if we do, as we have always done in the past, I will come on the air, and cor

rect those mistakes. But we never, ever intentionally give you anything that is untrue. Remember that. Martin Luther's personal seal was the rose and the cross. And he was, in fact, a member of the Order of the Rose Cross. Martin Luther, th e man who many revere, was the founder of the Protestant (or protest-ant) moveme nt.] The reformation, allegedly, supported by the Rosicrucians and other secret socie ties who opposed the Catholic Church, swept through Europe. This period of the r eformation represents a key time in history, during which the relationship betwe en the Church and the secret societies changed[...changed, folks]. With the Refo rmation, [you see,] the Church was faced with an enemy within, which it could no t destroy without bringing down its own edifice. With the Reformation, the whole concept of organized religion in Europe was revolutionized overnight. And where there had been one church, now today there are literally tens of thousands -- a ll with different dogma, different interpretations -- all professing to be the o nly true church with the only truth and with the only claim to heaven. Ah, but i f you only knew. Many think that the secret societies were instrumental in this revolution -- I c an tell you absolutely for a fact that they were. Support from the Grand Masters was offered to the reformers because the Reformation was recognized as a means to weaken the influence of the Catholic Church in European affairs. In America, sad to say, much of the Catholic hierarchy has taken on this role in modern time s. The Reformation, effectively, emasculated the political power of the Church. It laid the foundation for the Puritan movement, whose members fled religious pe rsecution in Europe to found [sic] a new nation in the Americas, based on spirit ual principles drawn from Rosicrucian sources. And all of our founding fathers w ere members of these secret societies. [William Cooper: And many people have also chastised me for making that claim, b ut it is easily proved...easily! The problem with most of you people is that you believe blindly what you are told and you never check anything. Many of you sti ll believe that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree, and when his fathe r asked him who did it, he told the truth. Well, that's all a lie, folks. There was no cherry tree. He never chopped one down. His father never asked him if he did, and I really don't know if he would have told the truth or not. Most politi cians don't...most politicians do not.] It also provided an atmosphere of open-mindedness which allowed the seeds of the Renaissance to flower, based on the best ideas of the pagan classical world. Al though the Habsburgs would rule for another 300 hundred years until 1806, the Re formation destroyed any hope of a united Europe controlled by the Roman Catholic Church [until today]. Above everything else, the religious reforms of the 16th century marked the beginning of the period when the Church became determined to exterminate the secret societies which had weakened its power base. [William Cooper: I'm not aware that the Vatican has changed its policy one iota from this. In fact, its determination has doubled over the past 150 years, even though today the secret societies flourish in America, with only a wink from the American Catholic Church bishops. In fact, the Jesuit Society was formed to com bat this from another secret order of the Illuminati, or the Alumbrados, in Spai n. The head of this group was Ignatius Loyola who was, in fact, arrested by the Inquisition. He used his influence with powerful people to gain an audience with the Pope. He went in on his knees and walked out on his two legs with a papal B ull, granting him immunity from prosecution, from the Inquisition, from any king , queen, country or law, save one, the Pope, and he was to found a new order, th e Society of Jesus, now known as the Jesuits. See, the oath of the secret societ y, which makes up a chapter in my book -- and you will see that they are sworn t o destroy the Protestant movement and Protestants, wherever they could find them .]

[repeats]: Above everything else, the religious reforms of the 16th century mark ed the beginning of the period when the Church became determined to exterminate the secret societies which had weakened its power base. The secret societies, though they claimed to follow the precepts of Jesus Christ , actually provide an alternative version of spirituality to their followers. Th ey denied the divinity of Jesus Christ, they deny that he was the son of God, or was in actuality the incarnated God upon this Earth; that he died, or that he w as resurrected, or that he sits upon the right hand of the throne of God. Instea d, he has become an Ascended Master -- a Teacher -- and Christ has become an off ice, which anyone can attain. [William Cooper: You too, can become a Christ in the New World Order. They actua lly provide this alternative version of spirituality, and it is the foundation o f what you know today as the New Age movement.] They allege that the Church had deliberately subverted the teachings of Jesus an d teach that there are other sources of spiritual knowledge which are as valid a s Christian belief and predated it by thousands of years. In 1738, the first pap al Bull to combat Freemasonry was issued by Pope Clement the XII. This Bull thre atened any Catholic who became a Mason with excommunication -- at that time, an extremely[, extremely] serious punishment. In fact, nothing worse could be imagi ned. In the 1870s, claims that secret societies such as the Illuminati were using Fre emasonry as a cover for radicalism and revolution gave the Church fresh charges to level against the Masonic lodges. The climax of the Church's crusade to destr oy the influence of Freemasonry came in the 19th century. In 1864, Pope Pius X c ondemned socialism and the secret societies in his [i]Syllabus of Errors[/i], wh ich he published following an investigation of revolutionary activities in Italy . Every investigation has found that socialism emanates from the secret societie s. Twelve months after the publication of the [i]Syllabus[/i], the Pope again conde mned the secret societies, specifically attacking Freemasonry as anti-Christian, Satanic and pagan in origin. In 1884, Pope Leo the XIII issued a proclamation i dentifying Masonry as one of the secret societies working to establish Satan's k ingdom on Earth. He also claimed that Masonry was attempting to revive the manne rs and customs of the pagans. [William Cooper: They have succeeded, and a visit to the Luxor hotel in Las Vega s will convince you of that. It has often been claimed that the ultimate objecti ve of the secret societies was to infiltrate the Vatican and place their own man on the throne -- see my book for the outcome.] Some modern critics of the Roman Catholic Church, especially those with ultra-tr aditionalists views, who have seen in the liberalization of the Church in the re cent years proof that its hierarchy has been penetrated at the highest levels by agents of the secret societies who are working for its eventual downfall. At th e celebrations in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi in 1986, which stressed the u nity of all religions, the Pope participated in a multi-religious prayer for wor ld peace. Traditionalists were horrified to see the pontiff happily share a plat form with a Tibetan lama, a Hindu Swami, a Native-American medicine man, a Jewis h rabbi, and a Mouri(?) high priest. It was noted that the unity of all the world's religions and the recognition tha t they all derived from the same ancient ancient source as the central philosoph y of the secret societies. It is the goal of the World Council of Religions. It was the message of Pope John Paul the II in Denver, Colorado, dear listeners, an

d he replaced the last Pope who tried [-- who tried --] to be a good Pope. He wa s murdered after exactly 33 days in office. =================================================================== (end of quote) Now, I read this from [i]La Traviata[/i]...[i]La Traviata[/i], the December 1993 issue, I believe -- is it the December? Yeah, last December, 1993 issue -- to s how you that I'm not the only insane person out here who has discovered the trut h amongst all the lies. Anyone can do it -- I don't know who wrote that. I never saw that paper before. It was sent to me by a CAJI member. The author's name, I don't believe, is listed there. And even if it was, I still don't know him. Any one who wants to look for the truth and find it [i]will[/i] find it. It's not hi dden, ladies and gentlemen. In fact, today -- even though it began as a conspiracy hundreds and thousands of years ago -- today, it is all being done in the open. They believe that all of us are so stupid, actually, that they even write books about it, disclosing thei r whole intentions -- all of their plans, knowing that none of you will ever rea d those books. And if you did, you wouldn't believe it. I said none of you, that's not really true. There's some of you out there who ar e learning, who are awake, who are struggling, who are fighting this battle with me, and with Carolyn, with many others, to try to save the ultimate achievement of all of mankind throughout the history of the world -- that's the Constitutio n, the Bill of Rights of the United States of America. When I make a statement like that I always get letters, or people call if I open the phones and say, "How can you make that statement, Bill, when you just told us that our founding fathers were members of the secret societies?" Very simple, folks: read the writings of the founding fathers -- they will tell you themselv es. This was a "great experiment" to see if man was capable of ruling himself, a nd if he was, this would be the culmination of the Great Work. But you will also find in their writings that they understood human nature better than any of us do, or probably ever will, for they knew...they knew that, with the keys built i nto the Constitution, we would give up our creator-endowed rights and trade them for benefits from the State, thus relegating ourselves back into the old -- the old position of owned property. We would become indentured to the State for acc epting these privileges. But they knew, that people did then as they do today -except for a very few people who really understand and appreciate freedom and u nderstand the responsibilities and the consequences that go along with it -- the y understood that most people spend the first 20 years of their lives struggling to become responsible and to be accepted as a man or a woman in their own right , able to be responsible, strike out on their own, build a business, sign contra cts. And once they discover the responsibilities and requirements that freedom d emands, they spend the rest of their life trying to crawl back into the womb sea rching for a daddy...a daddy to take care of them. That's why socialism is so attractive to most people, ladies and gentlemen. It t ells them they no longer have to be responsible, and in exchange for their freed oms, daddy the State will take care of them. Daddy the State will give them a jo b, Daddy the state will pretend to pay them if they pretend to work. Daddy the S tate will provide them with some sort of a hovel in which they can live, so they don't have to worry about paying the rent. Yes, Daddy will even change their di apers and give them clothes to wear. Daddy will tell them what time in the morni ng they can go out on the street, and what time in the evening they must be insi de their hovel. Daddy will discipline them. Daddy will make sure that there's no crime to threaten them.

Oh, yes, many, many people will love the New World Order, and the new world reli gion, and the new world of entertainment that will be erected in place of the ol d Roman circus in order to keep the populace entertained and diverted -- mindles s. Libraries will be filled with the new history books, and the new politically correct dogma of the the new politically correct world and the new politically c orrect religion. And everywhere you look, you will see the symbols of the genera tive force, the phallus of Osiris, the representation of the old god of Babylon -- Baal, Nimrod, Isis -- will be everywhere. You see, for Osiris is the doctrine , Isis is the Church, Horus is the great body of initiates that will rule you. T hey call themselves "wolves," and of course...of course, dear listeners, you are the sheep -- the legal and lawful prey of the wolves. A nation or world an animals who do es, steaks on the uld not say these of people who will not use their intelligence are no better th not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and, y table by choice and consent. If we didn't love you here, we wo things to you.

Please wake up. Good night, and God bless you all. (closing music: [i]Oh, What a Night[/i], performed by The Dells)

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