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This study aimed to determine the relationship between the academic performance of the
selected Grade 12 Senior High students of Central Luzon State University and their perceived
parenting style. The typologies of parenting that were utilized were based on Baumrind and
Maccoby & Martin’s theory wherein according to Baumrind, the types of parenting styles are
Authoritative, and Permissive which later on extended by Maccoby & Martin by adding the fourth
type of parenting namely Neglectful parenting. The determinants of the parenting style, which are
the demandingness and responsiveness, were based on the elements of parenting according to
Maccoby & Martin. Survey questionnaire is distributed to the randomly selected senior high
students to gather data and the data which have been gathered were analyzed by the use of
frequency, mode, percentages, and Spearman rank-order correlation through Statistical Package
for the Social Sciences (SPSS).
The findings shows that the majority of the selected Senior High students experienced less
control and more nurturing from their parents. Therefore, the predominant parenting among the
selected senior high students of Central Luzon State University is the Permissive Parenting. There
is a significant relationship between the Authoritative Parenting and the academic performance
while the other three (neglectful, authoritarian and permissive) are not statistically related.