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Introducing MySQL Enterprise
Ivan Tu MySQL Sales Consultant

MySQL Enterprise: Subscription
• MySQL Enterprise Server • Monthly Rapid Updates • Quarterly Service Packs • Hot Fix Program• Subscription:



• MySQL Enterprise • of All Servers • Global Monitoring License (OEM): • Web-Based Central Console • Embedded Server • Built-in Advisors, Expert Advice • Support • MySQL Query Analyzer • MySQL • Specialized Scale-Out Help Cluster Carrier-Grade • Online Self help • Training Knowledge Base • 24 x 7 x 365 Problem Resolution • Consulting • Consultative Help • NRE • High Availability and Scale Out


000+ connections Rapid Update Service Pack Program Quarterly Service Pack Program Hot Fix Program MySQL Enterprise Monitor and Advisors MySQL Query Analyzer Bug Escalation Privilege Live feeds for Software/Support Status updates Online Knowledge Base 24x7 Production/Consulting Support Services Extended End-of-Life Support Policy Legal indemnification 3 Mature Mature .MySQL Enterprise vs Community Server Spend time to save money or Spend money to save time? Open Source Benefits from testing by worldwide Community Feature Releases Benchmarked with 2.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor • Single. replication topologies • Customizable rules-based monitoring and alerts • Query monitoring and analysis • Identifies problems before they occur • Reduces risk of downtime • Makes it easier to scale out without requiring more DBAs A Virtual MySQL DBA Assistant! 4 . consolidated view into entire MySQL environment • Auto-discovery of MySQL servers.

New and Improved Enterprise Monitor New Flexible Options for Monitoring Query Performance • New MySQL Enterprise Connector Plugins to Query Analyzer • MySQL Query Analyzer Advanced Search Options • New Query Analyzer Execution Notices Improved User and Security Model • New Read Only User • New LDAP Authentication Improved Integration with MySQL Support • New MySQL Support Diagnostic Reports 5 .

New and Improved Enterprise Monitor Improved Usability • • • • • • New Auto-closing Events New Searchable Graphs New Custom Rule/Graph Import and Export New Intelligent Installation Options New Faster Purging of Repository Data New UI Session Management Improved Advisor Rules and Graphs • New Advisor Rules and Graphs 6 .

SHOW PROCESSLIST.. and rows • Saves time parsing atomic executions for total query expense 7 . VMSTAT.MySQL Query Analyzer • Centralized monitoring of Queries across all servers • No reliance on Slow Query Logs. time. • Aggregated view of query execution counts. etc.

MySQL Architectrure 8 .

Enterprise Monitor Architecture Customer Datacenter Service Agent written in C and supports all MySQL Enterprise platforms Service Manager written in Java servlets exposed as web services. Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows Enterprise Dashboard Web-based. Query Statistics Repository 9 . Query content/stats Enterprise Dashboard • Advisor Monitoring • Event based Alerts • Advice/Corrective Actions Master-Slave Replication Holds historical MySQL and OS data. written in JSP Repository holds historical performance data for analysis • Configuration • Advisor Scheduling • Alerts/Notifications • Visual Monitoring • Query Analysis Individual Servers w/Agent Service Manager Collects MySQL and OS specific metrics. Solaris. Supports Linux.

Rules and Graphs Administration • Monitors and Advises on Optimal Configuration and Variable Settings • Ensures Recoverability Security • Monitors and Advises on Unplanned Security Changes • Uncovers Security loopholes Upgrade • Monitors and Advises Bugs that affect current installation • Provides update path to correcting MRU/QSP Custom • Built by DBA to Enforce Organization specific best practices.Advisors. maintaining custom scripts. deploying. Replication • Monitors and Advises on Master/Slave Latency Issues • Makes suggestions for improving replication design Memory Usage • Monitors for optimal use of memory/cache • Advises on memory tuning for better performance Schema • Monitors and Advises on Unplanned Schema Change • Uncovers Security loopholes Performance • Monitors and Advises on Optimal Performance Variable Settings • Identifies performance bottlenecks 130+ Rule. Find problems and tuning opportunities you cannot find yourself. 10 . • Create New or Tailor MySQL Advisors to fit needs. versioning. 30+ Graphs Why? Save you time writing.

Enterprise Monitor Web-based Enterprise Dashboard Notifications and Alerts Custom Advisors Administration Advisor Upgrade Advisor Security Advisor Replication Advisor Replication Monitor Query Analyzer/Graph Corr. Memory Usage Advisor Schema Advisor Performance Advisor Advisors by Subscription Level Enterprise Basic Enterprise Silver Enterprise Gold Enterprise Platinum                             11 .

Subscription Level Upgrades Platinum Gold Silver + Silver Basic + Enterprise Monitor  Extended Lifecycle Support  Business Hour Phone Support  Live Feeds for Product and Support Updates  Installation Advantage  • • • • • Gold + Query Review Schema Review Performance Tuning Custom Code Review Highest 24x7 SLA New Performance. Schema Advisors New Graphs • • • • • Basic Pro Server MRU/QSPs  New Update Service  Knowledge Base   • • Support via 2 Incidents  • email support • Advanced Server Query Analyzer /Graph Correlation Replication Monitor Hot Fix builds Partitioning Review Replication Review Remote Troubleshooting DRBD for MySQL Memcached for MySQL Indemnification (option) 24x7 Support • • • • 12 .

MySQL Enterprise Customer Site 13 .

MySQL Enterprise Unlimited Fixed Annual Cost/Subscription – Unlimited Servers – Unlimited CPUs – Unlimited Cores Simplified Deployment – No Counting – No Compliance Issues Pricing – No proprietary DBMS license fees 14 .

Connectors for production • Adds query collection to Connector components used by most/all MySQL applications • Plugins available for: • Connector/J • Connector/Net • Connector/PHP. C .TBD 15 .New Connector Plugins to Query Analyzer • Enable Query Analyzer without need for MySQL Proxy • More configuration options • Less overhead than proxied connection to database • Proxy for dev/QA.

Monitoring Queries with MySQL Proxy Application Server MySQL Database 3306 (SQL statements & result sets) 6446 2. MySQL Enterprise Monitor (Service Manager. MySQL Enterprise Monitor & Query Analyzer MySQL Proxy & Agent ** MySQL Proxy is optionally deployed and configured as a plugin with the MySQL Agent 16 . 2. MySQL Proxy & MySQL Agent ** 18080 (MySQL. EXPLAINs. OS monitoring data. aggregated stats) 1. Dashboard) List of components to download & configure: 1. examples. SQL performance data: statements.

MySQL Agent (SQL performance data: statements. NET 4. Dashboard) List of components to download & configure: 1. examples. NET (SQL statements & result sets) MySQL Database 3306 2. 3.1 or newer/ Connector/NET v6. MySQL Enterprise Monitor & Query Analyzer MySQL Agent Connector/J v5. 4. Connector/J. MySQL Enterprise Monitor (Service Manager. NET Application Server 3. NET 17 .Monitoring Queries with Connector/J. 2.2 or newer New! MySQL Enterprise Plugin for Connector/J. Plugin for Connector/J. aggregated stats) 18080 (MySQL & OS monitoring data) 1. EXPLAINs.

New Query Analyzer Global Search Options • New filters for queries that performed • Full table scans • Full table scans using bad indexes 18 .

Improved User and Security Model • New LDAP Authentication • Integrates with existing directories (SSO) 19 .

Improved User and Security Model • New Read Only User • Can view monitored data but cannot make any changes 20 .

Improved Integration with MySQL Support • New MySQL Support Diagnostic Reports • Quickly collects/packages MySQL. OS and query diagnostics into portable report for MySQL Support • Attach to new or existing support issues • Quicker diagnosis/fixing of problems 21 .

MySQL Workbench SE 22 .

MySQL Workbench Visual DB Design 23 .

MySQL Workbench SQL Editor 24 .

MySQL Workbench DB Administrator 25 .

Learn More • White Papers. Customer Success Stories.html       26 .mysql.mysql.com/trial  • See it in action! • http://mysql.com/products/enterprise/demo. etc • www.com/products/enterprise/ • Free 30 day trial • www.html • Upcoming MySQL Live Webinars • http://mysql.com/news-and-events/webseminars/index.

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