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TIPS TECHNIQUES INSPIRATION Contents Introduction Chapter 1: How Leather is Made + Chapter 2: Learning about Leather iv Chapter 3: Tools and Equipment Chapter 4 Special Techniques for Leather and Suede 15 hapter 5: Projects to Get You Started 1) Chapter 6: Techniques for Garment making s0 napter 7: Making @ Garment 90 Chepter 8: Accents and Embellishments |) hapter 9: Care and Cleaning 113 Glossary 120 Patterns and Credits |24 Sources }26 Index 127 Introduction ANUMBER OF YEARS AGO | signed! uy on a whim 1 making a leathe The garment A leather with ec pur projects, Sample p The more you learn about leather an more you can appreciate its unique qualities About three months before this manuscript wa