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Turpin case: California couple deny torturing 'shackled siblings'

The parents accused of holding their 13 children in shackles at California home have
pleaded not guilty.

David Turpin, 56, and Louise Turpin, 49, are facing charges of torture, abuse and false
imprisonment. They were arrested after one daughter escaped from their home, where police
later found some siblings chained to beds and severely malnourished. The couple appeared in
court hours after prosecutors detailed the horrific abuse allegations against them. Riverside
County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said the couple had allegedly punished their children by
tying them up – first using ropes and later chaining them to their beds with padlocks.

He said the alleged punishments would last weeks or months, and intensified over time.
Prosecutors said circumstantial evidence showed the children were not released from their chains
to go to the toilet. The teenager who escaped and alerted police to the house where her siblings
were held captive had been hatching a plan to leave for two years, Mr Hestrin added. He detailed
some of the gruesome allegations against the parents at a news conference on Thursday.

This case has sent waves of revulsion across the US and beyond, and the small courtroom
was packed as the defendants appeared. David and Louise Turpin were smartly dressed. They
occasionally glanced at each other across a table weighed down by a copy of the California penal
code and a sheaf of paper related to the case against them. A lawyer sat between them. Mr
Turpin, with a distinctive mop of grey hair, was chained around the waist, his stomach
protruding from beneath the metal links. His wife’s mouth was turned down in a glum expression.

The couple spoke only briefly and softly to confirm that they understood and accepted
procedural details relating to their next hearing. The charges they deny are among the most
serious any parent could face: amounting to a grievous betrayal of their own children, a betrayal
which prosecutors allege went on for years, if not decades. The siblings themselves are said to be
doing well but at least some of them have almost certainly suffered irreparable damage, both
physical and mental from their ordeal.

The children, who are aged between two and 29 , have been treated in hospital since
being freed on Monday. The two-year-old was of normal weight but the other children were
severely malnourished, authorities said. The 12-year-old weighed as much as an average seven-
year-old and the 29-year-old weighed only 82lb (37kg). Several of the children have cognitive
impairment and “neuropathy, which is nerve damage, as a result of this extreme and prolonged
physical abuse”, Mr Hestrin said.
 Unsur 5W + 1 H ;

1. What : unsur ini mengandung makna apa yang di diskusikan dalam

teks berita tersebut, cerita apa yang terkandung didalamnya. Dan pada
artikel berita diatas menceritakan perihal kekerasan terhadap anak yang
dilakukan oleh sepasang suami – istri yang diduga merupakan orang tua
biolgis anak – anak tersebut.

2. Where : mengandung makna dimanakah kejadian tersbut terjadi. Pada

teks berita diatas di katakan bahwa keluarga ini berdomisili di Perris,

3. Who : Siapakah pemeran dalam teks berita tersebut, siapa pelaku

utamanya. David dan Louise Turpin yang merupakan orang tua yang
menyiksa dan 13 orang anak yang menjadi korban dari penyiksaan tersebut.

4. Whom : Siapakah objek pelaku dalam teks berita tersebut? 13 orang

anak kandung dari (pelaku) pasangan suami-istri tersebut.

5. When : Tidak diketahui pasti sejak tahun berapa tepatnya pasangan

suami – istri ini melancarkan niat jahatnya kepada 13 anak kandungnya.
Namun, melihat kondisi 13 anak yang harus mendapatkan perawatan rumah
sakit terdekat mhal ini sudah terjadi sejak bertahun – tahun lalu.

6. How : Penyiksaan yang dilakukan pasangan suami – istri ini antara

lain adaalah; memukul, mencekik, menghukum mereka dengan rantai di atas
tempat tidur setiap kali mereka melakukan kesalahan, hanya diperbolehkan
makan satu kali dalam satu hari, hanya diperbolehkan mandi sat kali dalam
sau tahun, dan beberapa kekerasan fisik lainnya.

 Pesan dalam teks/artikel :

Kekerasan dalam rumah tangga tidak hanya berupa tindakan fisik, tapi juga
secara psikologis dan seksual. Jika tidak segera keluar dari situasi ini, risiko cedera
serius, gangguan pada kesehatan, hingga kematian, mengintai di depan mata. Oleh
sebab itu, stop kekerasan dalam rumah tangga, baik itu kepada pasangan atau
kepada anak-anak. Karena hal tersebut hanya menyebabkan kerugian.