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Clarizza Grace Napa

Age: 22
Resident of Marilao, Bulacan
Occupation: Law Student

What is your idea of a good leader?

My idea of a good leader is a person a having good people and communication skills
wherein he/she does not need to be aggressively authoritative and his/her followers respect him/her
and the leader need not to impose because this person him/herself has empowered the followers
and the followers don’t even think they are followers – they feel like they are doing it together
rather than just following orders from the leader.

A good leader makes everyone feel comfortable and have effortlessly and efficiently
manages the given task and be able to delegate and maximize his/her people. Importantly, a good
leader trusts and respects his followers.

In your opinion, who are good leaders? What qualities do these people have that would make
you want to follow them freely?

I find Atty. Donemark Calimon a good leader. I met him during my internship in the
Quisumbing Torres law offices. He is a principal in the Dispute Resolution Practice group of the
said firm. I find his leadership qualities excellent since I don’t feel like there is any hostility. I
don’t feel scared. I don’t feel anything barring us from being friends but I have this line or certain
respect to him as despite being in a high position in the firm, he works hard as if he is a Junior
Associate. I respect him so much! (and for me, he possess the qualities I described earlier).

I find Barack Obama a good leader as well. He really connected with the people. He is
doing his job, and there is, of course, undying respect from the people.

Our block beadle (3A, Ritz Alejandro), I find her a good leader to our block. She is the
glue of the block and everyone enjoys her leadership as she always consults every action to the
block. She takes initiative; she never abuses her power nor she felt she is entitled for being a beadle/
She never claimed any higher level and she seems like any other student in 3A however we all
know our block will have a troubling time without her leadership.

In your opinion, who are the leaders that you would follow only if you were forced? What
qualities do they have that make you not want to follow them?

I cannot actually name people at the moment but these leaders would probably that
micromanages the people. He/She is imposing and the person following will like being forced to
do it. He/She when following this leader feels close to slavery or feels like his/her opinion does
not matter.