Business Proposal Template August 2009 | Budget | Strategic Management

Business Proposal Template

(Max 7 Pages)
This is a template for your business proposal. We expect you to submit a document in your own style, using images, research and any thing else that might support your application. You will need to demonstrate that you have thought through the different dimensions addressing the development of your business idea and how you can make it a commercial success. The overall evaluation of your proposal will address whether your application is clearly articulated around a sound commercial product/service with a clear route to market. Introduction 1 Page A short background to your project and how your ideas have been generated. Also a summary of the key points from your business plan capturing the rationale behind your application. Product / Service 1 Page Selection criteria: - Clearly designed product and services with characteristics that are demonstrated to be unique and/or offer a clear value to potential customers. – A clear understanding of your supply chain, in particular your prototyping and/or manufacturing requirements and how to fulfil these. Market analysis 1 Page Selection criteria: - A clearly quantified high value market with few competitors. – A clear understanding of your supply chain, in particular your trade and retail customers and how to reach them. • Description of market (location/size and value quantified where possible) • Description of how you will reach your potential customers in terms of the sales platform, marketing and promotion, and order fulfilment for your product or service. Business Development Strategy 1 Page Selection criteria: A clearly articulated business development strategy being the backbone of your project. • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your business. • What are the identified opportunities and threats that exist for your product/service offer.

• Clearly defined work programme. outlining the plan’s objective(s). • Clearly articulated project objectives with realistic / achievable deliverables. milestones.The individual/ team involved needs to demonstrate a clear commitment to the success of the project in terms of the time and resources that will be required to be invested in so as to ensure success. and how this will be achieved. Demonstration of time and financial commitment to the business. which are necessary to successfully run the proposed business. Roles and responsibilities. • Budget which provides a breakdown of how the Creative Seed Fund loan will be spent to achieve the projects goals. . • How will you cost and price your product / service.The application should show a detailed budget prepared for Creative Seed Fund expenditure and the business’ cash flow in relation to project delivery and beyond. Project Budget and Finances 1 Page Selection criteria: . • Cash flow forecast (ideally projections for the next 3 years) . Who will be the lead contact. • Clearly mapped activities and outputs that are necessary to achieve the objectives. this section should also indicate the pricing strategy for the product / service and how this has been worked out. .In addition.The individual/team will also need to demonstrate that they have the appropriate skills (or access to skills). Creative Seed Fund project Specification 1 Page Selection criteria: The proposal will need to clearly need to articulate the project plan for which the loan is sought. • • • • Profile of team.• What are your strategic themes and priorities for future business development: ⇒ Can your strengths support your market’s external opportunities? ⇒ Can your strengths respond to any identified external threats? ⇒ How may your weaknesses affect your ability to respond to external opportunities? ⇒ What might happen if you put your weaknesses and threats together? Management team 1 Page Selection criteria: .

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