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Sunday, December 16, 2018 KESSER MAARIV ANSHE LUKNIK
at 5:30 pm at the Synagogue 4341 W. Golf Road * Skokie, IL 60076
Honoring the Memories of (847) 679-9800 Fax (847) 679-5041
Dr. Alvin Fensterheim *
Mrs. Jean Goldrich
Memorial Tributes will be listed on a separate You are hereby authorized to insert our ____ Foundation (Gold) (INCLUDES 16 MEALS) $18,000
page in the ad journal. Please check the names page ad for $_______ in the 2018 Ad Book. Builder (Gold) (INCLUDES 12 MEALS) $10,000
of those you wish to memorialize. PRINT AD COPY BELOW: Pillar (Gold) (INCLUDES 8 MEALS) $5,000
____________________________________ Guardian (Gold) (INCLUDES 6 MEALS) $1,800
_____ All of the Memorials $90 Benefactor (Gold) (INCLUDES 4 MEALS) $1,000
Individual Memorials $10 each ____________________________________ Patron (Gold) (INCLUDES 2 MEALS) $500
____________________________________ Sponsor (Silver) (INCLUDES 1 MEAL) $300
_____ Jerry Chez ìØæ Friend (Silver) $225
(Brother of Dr. Eugene Chez) ____________________________________ Full Page $150
_____ Alvin Doppelt ìØæ
(Husband of Barbara Doppelt) ____________________________________ Half Page $100
_____ Malka Ducker ìØæ Quarter Page (4 line limit please) $75
(Sister of Zellmer Fromm) ____________________________________ Camera Ready Art: Not to exceed:
_____ Dr. Alvin Fensterheim ìØæ Gold, Silver, Full: 6.25"x4.25"
(Father of Leonard Fensterheim) Half: 3.25"x4.25"; Quarter: 1.55"x4.25"
_____ Jean Goldrich ìØæ ____________________________________ Gold & Silver pages will be printed in full color
(Mother of Howard and Steven Goldrich) Dinner Couvert: $100 per person
_____ Seth Jay Greenspan ìØæ Advertiser:______________________
(Brother of Jeff Greenspan)
Address: ________________________ Jewels will be listed on a special section of
_____ Ina Perlmuter ìØæ
(Wife of Dr. Lawrence Perlmuter) the ad journal. Please list the children’s
City:_____________State:_________ Zip_____ names in the space below. $5 each
_____ Alan Serlin ìØæ
(Brother of Nate Serlin) Phone: (____)________________
_____ Rabbi Harold Stern ìØæ
(Husband of Naomi Landes Stern) Solicited by: _____________________
_____ Bela Zaretskaya ìØæ Please note: Payment must accompany ad copy
(Mother of Jeff Zaretsky)
We accept Visa, MC, AMEX and Discover Please make checks payable to Kesser Maariv
_____ Joseph Zaretsky ìØæ
(Husand of Marguita; Past President)
Number: _______-________-_______-______
Expiration: ____________ CVV2:__________ For further information, please contact
Your ad may be a tax deductible expense or charitable Amount: $_____________ Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky at (847) 679-9800
contribution. Please check with your tax advisor. Name on Card: _________________________ Ads may be emailed to
Billing Address:________________________ or visit

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