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Chemical Engineering


“I C UR TRUE COLORS: Innovations and Current Trends,

Understanding and Exploring the Paint Industry”
(Reflection Paper)

Submitted by:
Bidua, Kurt B.

Submitter to:
Engr. Jerry G. Olay

November 5, 2018
“At times that we feel sorrowful, it may not be a thing to wonder to look at how beautiful
things are, how colorful their inner selves are, and how there are more things to be happy about.”

A mixture that used to be employed only to enhance the beauty of nature, paint has
evolved to be utilized in a wide array of applications to date. It has proven itself to be an
essential part not only for industrial uses, but also in a person’s day-to-day encounters. Safe to
say that everything changes for the better, technology allows for improvement in this field.

In a recent seminar I have attended in entitled, ‘I C UR TRUE COLOURS: Innovations

and current trends, understanding and exploring the paint industry’, I have discovered for myself
that, in fact, there are a number of ways in which paints are applied: industry-wide, homes for
our loved ones, nature. Boysen, a home-grown brand of development and innovation, shared
how their perspective revolves around the improvement of the ordinary Filipino’s life. With
sustainable development at its forefront, it has evolved to find and formulate green products; an
example of this is their newly released KNOxOUT. This product has already been painted on
surfaces wherein its effects are needed the most. With the help of an ultrafine titanium dioxide
catalyst, the paint absorbs detrimental to human health substances, such as NOx gases, which are
typically released as fumes by transport vehicles and chemical industries. This, with the aid of
energy released by the sun (i.e. in the form of light), as well as water vapor in the atmosphere,
these gases are converted to less harmful form, nitric acid, which is then quickly neutralized by
its reaction with calcium carbonate, also present in the formulation. Resulting end-product,
calcium nitrate, is soluble in water and is easily ejected and washed out from the surface making
room for new reactions to take place. As a chemical engineering student, this innovation tells us
that it is not too late to help our mother nature stand up from where it has stumbled down.

Another product introduced was Boysen Cool Shades, which heavily tackles energy
problems our country is currently experiencing. The speaker has introduced this product in a way
that it is actually enticing to buy it, to paint on the surfaces of our roofs to, at the very least,
relieve stress due to a never-ending heat wave people keep on experiencing. As was explained,
heat is not only generated by interaction of a surface with the visible light, but also with other
sub-strands of the radiation. Cool Shades, with the aid of IRP or Infrared Reflecting Pigment,
tries to diminish the absorbing capacity of a painted surface by reflecting radiation in the form of
heat with low VOC. On a more sensible point-of-view, this innovative product is one step closer
to the holistic sustainable development we should always be gearing towards. Imagine a world
where every household of families had a roof painted by such a paint. Less energy would be
required and consumed, consequently, less fossils for its generation, less harmful substances
released, and a more conducive to living environment is made.

I still believe that there still are a number of undiscovered innovations left to uncover. As
a chemical engineering student, the point of our education is to mainly aid in the production of
necessities in the most sustainable way, and having understood the importance of such through
the seminar – this motion is seconded.


I C UR TRUE COLOURS: Innovations and current trends,

understanding and exploring the paint industry
Submitted by:

Kurt Bidua

Submitted to:

Engr. Jerry Olay


Nov. 4, 2018