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· Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay - B.Tech July 2011 - August 2015
Completed Bachelor of Technology in Engineering Physics

Cuemath (Bangalore)
· Senior Curriculum Designer April 2018 - Present
– Designing Web-based worksheets on an online learning platform for 9-12 grades
– Building an AI based assessment tool to diagnose the weaknesses and recommend remedies to help
facilitate learning
– Developed 150+ Java applets to simulate convoluted mathematical concepts to aid in learning
· Game Developer September 2017 - March 2018
– Curbed the Churn Rate by xx% through gamifying the Aptitude section
– Increased the engagement level of students by designing & developing 10+ android games based
on K-8 math curriculum
· Curriculum Developer April - August 2017
– Redesigned the solutions to 600+ puzzle cards which aided in better clarity to Students as well as
Cuemath Teacher Partners
– Authored K-8 Math Curriculum based worksheets designed on principles of Active Learning

Ola Cabs (Mumbai)

· Business Analyst July 2015 - August 2016
– Automated daily data flow from database to respective stakeholders to reduce latency in decision
– Developed Attendance Model for Hourly Active Cars to understand and increase the efficacy of
Partner Side Incentives
– Responsible for planning & tracking financial, business and target metrics


· All India Rank of 890 among 485,000 candidates (99.82 percentile) in IIT-JEE 2011
· Awarded merit certificates for scoring above 99.9 percentile nationwide (India) each in Mathematics
and Physics in CBSE AISSCE 2011
· Achieved 99.21 percentile in CAT 2016
· Achieved a score of 327/340 in GRE (August 2016)

Deep Learning
(a 5-course specialization by on Coursera) July - September 2018
· Neural Networks and Deep Learning
– Built a logistic regression model, structured as a shallow neural network
– Implemented computationally efficient, highly vectorized, versions of models
– Built and train a deep L-layer Neural Network and used a cache to pass information from forward
propagation to back propagation
· Improving DNNs: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization
– Learned when and how to use regularization methods such as dropout or L2 regularization
– Learned different optimization methods such as (Stochastic) Gradient Descent, Momentum,
RMSProp and Adam
– Used random mini-batches to accelerate the convergence and improve the optimization
· Structuring Machine Learning Projects
– Applied satisficing and optimizing metrics to set up goals and used human-level performance to
define key priorities for ML projects
– Used multi-task learning & transfer learning and Recognized bias, variance and data-mismatch
· Convolutional Neural Networks
– Built a convolutional neural network for image multi-class classification & implemented Residual
Networks with Skip Connections
– Built a Face-Recognition system and an Art generator with Neural Style Transfer
· Sequence Models
– Implemented Character-Level Language Modeling & Music-Imporvization using LSTM
– Built an Emojifier for adding appropriate symbol (emoji) to text messages using NLP
– Built a Neural Machine Translator and a Trigger-Word Detection system (used in Alexa)

Machine Learning by Stanford University on Coursera July 2018

– Learnt supervised learning (Linear Regression & Logistic Regression) and Unsupervised Learning
(K-means Clustering & Principal Component Analysis)
– Built Email Spam Classifier, Anomaly Detection, Photo OCR (sliding window) & Movie Recom-
mender System


· Highly proficient using Python and JavaScript (over 100,000 lines of code)
· Experienced with machine learning frameworks: Keras and tensorflow
· Familiar with web-development framework: ReactJs
· Proficient in using Game Development Platforms: Cocos2d-x and Unity
· Experienced with designing, training, and deploying deep neural networks for data analysis and NLP


· Won 2nd place in Intra-Department Chess Tournament (2012)

· Won 1st place in Intra-School Sudoku Championship
· Organized and won bronze-medal at the 2018 Cuemath Open (Table Tennis)
· Studied French (1 year): A2 certification