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Architectural Engineering

Kincade Stalun

Mr. Alburger

English III

22 February 2018
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Kincade Stalun

Mr. Alburger

English III

25 January 2018

Architectural Engineering

Thousands of years ago, early humans thrived on exploring unknown parts of the world

to survive. Trying to escape the predators and fears all around them lurking in the darkness.

Early humans valued a desire for protection and comfort. Leading to early man creating the first

known structures. This need for shelter and survival became the spark that guided early humans

to valuing their surrounding resources and structures and introducing the use of materials that

displayed creativeness and innovation for shelter and survival. 5000 BCE, Mesopotamia. Where

the beginning the of modern humans and civilization all began. Creating the foundation for

building and design that sparked a desire for creativity. Marvelous wonders of art like the

Pyramids of Egypt, The Taj Mahal, The Colosseum of Rome, and the Great Wall of China.

(Courses) These ancient wonders and designs lead the way for the intellect of many generations.

Laying base for how the art of building and design emerged as a valuable asset to society from

ancient civilizations to today's modern society. Examples of many amazing architectural works

present in today's world: The Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, Burj Khalifa, The

Sydney Opera House, the Gateway Arc and many more. (Homesthetics) The modern world has

made of buildings, bridges, roads housing, plumbing, etc. all carefully crafted to perfection to

work together and making the everyday life better. Which gives viewers the great excitement and

wonder when seeing great works of art and style. This great achievement of art called
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Architecture, the art of designing buildings and structures to make them appeal to a crowd

through creative innovation process using fine materials and durable objects, has proven itself a

career which has withstood the test of time. (Britannica School)

Modern architecture. Honored and valued in various ways, has seen tremendous progress

through increased innovation, new discoveries, better building techniques, higher safety

precautions and stronger building codes that have evolved the way architecture to now, where so

many new ways of innovation inspire future generations of architects to guide them through

more advanced innovation and design. Architecture has changed the world over time. Guiding

through and picking up newer ideas and principles as time went on.

The evolution of architecture has drastically changed during the times of the ancient

Greeks. (Britannica) Who, developed many groundbreaking ideas and tactics that exist to this

day. The Greeks made beautiful works of architecture through the creation of mathematical

equations, shapes, methods, floor plans, material durability, algebra, and arcs. Used to make

buildings like houses, bath houses, temples, plumbing, etc. that revolutionized an advancement

in the field of architecture. Since then, the Romans and other civilizations have expanded upon

these ideas and have added more helpful ideas and equations to make architecture more efficient

and advances. Ancient civilizations have guided the foundation for building and designing

structures in today's society.(Courses) The human eye can witness the different styles and

techniques used that make any standing structure catch attention and leave pondering thoughts

about such a marvelous work of art and how capable of standing with the help with advances in

mathematics and science.

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Pursuing a career in architecture takes time and preparation. To help prepare oneself,

someone can begin their passion for architecture by beginning to get involved with projects,

activities, and exposure to the architectural field at a young age. Activities that a person can do to

help them explore and introduce architecture into everyday events: woodworking, house repairs,

reading magazines and books about architecture, looking at buildings and seeing their

architectural style, joining clubs gives hands-on learning with building, and volunteering in

community activities that involve building items and objects for the benefit of one’s community.

Offered classes and courses in school prove essential for obtaining an interest in a job

involving architecture and understanding some of the basic principles and a brief understanding.

Courses sponsored with Project Lead The Way or PLTW for short. Sciences like those of

chemistry and physics, mathematics such as calculus and statistics, speech and debate, and a

foreign language prove essential for preparing a young mind to a path of architecture. (Syracuse)

The path to college begins with simple everyday things that will make the difference of

successful habits coming out of high school. Falling short of the common goal that not enough

hard work and dedication could get a person to where they have always dreamed of going in life.

Very important to show interest and participation in all high school classes to better prepare a

person for the future career path that has opened its doors with a sea of opportunity ahead. An

individual that can familiarize themselves with many activities that perceive knowledge about

architecture and its basic foundations can help spark creativity and create a passion for building

and completing projects. Thus, can give vital information and familiarity that can guide the way

to a higher level education and a college that suits the individual the best.

When coming to choose a college for pursuing a career in architecture. A variety of

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schools in the United States offer degrees and classes in the study of architecture in multiple

fields. Choosing the right one to fit a person’s personality, budget, interests, and degree. Many

colleges all across the United States that offer four and two-year degrees for architecture, the

variety of endless options. In-state and out-of-state tuition plays a major role for most

individuals, but college will suit best interest and budgets for many other people.

The average cost of out-of-state tuition for a bachelor degree of architecture amounts

around $46,222. The average cost for an in-state tuition for a bachelor's degree in architecture

amounts about $26,984 (CollegeCalc). The most expensive colleges that offer degrees of

architecture regardless whether if in-state and out-of-state: Massachusetts Institute of

Technology, Harvard University, Tufts University, Princeton University, and Columbia

University. (Fixsen) All of these colleges have tuition costs averaging about $65,000 per year.

The more affordable colleges that offer degrees of architecture regardless whether

in-state and out-of-state: Oklahoma State University, University of Tennessee, Texas Tech

University, University of Utah, and Iowa State averaging around $17,000 of tuition per year.

(Fixsen) In reality, colleges vary on many different levels and traits given, depending on each

need and desire for finding the right college, will best give an opportunity for success.

Many options and choices open up for the choosing from for which college will offer the

best chance of successful principals out in the field. Education plays a big role in getting a career

in the field and preparing for how much success life will throw along the way. College education

creates a vital part of obtaining a license in architecture. Education and knowledge will pave the

way for further understanding of architecture and study the principles and essential information

of making a career and profession of the pursuit of an architect.

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Obtaining a degree in architecture endures a long process. In fact, the average time to

obtain a license for architecture out in the field equals to 8 years of education and training in the

United States. The pursuit of an architectural career starts with receiving a 5-year college/higher

level education. College will help substantially with figuring out the complex equations and

problems associated with the basis of an architect. The understanding of physics and chemistry

will play a big role over a 5 year period in a perusal of a successful architect. Once graduated

from college, 3 years of an internship show necessary for getting an allowed state-issued license

in architecture. An internship will give a lot of hands-on experience in the field of work and

slowly understand the daily life of an architect and the tasks completed to help an architect carry

out their goal for the day. After 8 years of college education and internship, an architect must

write an exam and pass to receive their licensure of architecture from the state. (Nicholson)

The location of where an individual chooses to start as an architect or receive higher

education at, different rules and standards apply to the certification of an architect. It’s a long

journey of hard work, dedication, willingness, failure, and hopefulness that will make it possible

for anyone to walk out into the real world, ready to meet the goals of a successful architect.

Success in architectural achievement takes a lot of knowledge and experience to have a long and

adventurous career. With the options later on to receive a substantial amount of pay. But in the

end, no matter which path to show oneself as a validated architect. The result will show a

respectable and interesting passion, along with more money to pay off for experience in the long


Debt. The state of owing money. The one word describing most young adults going into

the working world. Constantly a problem for those who major in a degree that has a bigger
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payout. Much like the field of architecture, which requires at least 5 years of higher education.

After completing college, student loans will seem to loom over someone’s head like a predator of

the night lurking behind someone’s back watching their every move. In the United States alone,

1.2 trillion dollars of debt has accumulated from loans and expenses not paid off by the average

college graduate coming out of school into the career field. College tuition costs at most colleges

and universities exceed a cost of $25,000 a year.(CollegeCalc) Which for many college

graduates who have yet to find a career, proving very difficult for student loan debt to get paid

off over time if the constant worry of making payments hovers over students trying to start life in

the career field. Needing to buy the necessary needs of a young adult such as a house, a car,

food, clothes, etc.

The average time for a student to pay off their student debt equals roughly to around 10

years. (PR Newswire) The factors causing such longer periods to pay off debt such as paying for

housing, insurance, bills, and taxes. Having hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt

along with the small starting salary of a career makes going out into the real world a tough and

stressful journey of making a career and growing into adulthood. But, on the bright side, a bigger

payout for those individuals striving for the goal of growing as an architect.

Depending on the location of businesses and which architecture firm hires and the

projects assigned. The starting salaries can pay pretty well for a young architect on the job and

can reach bigger payouts and raises over time. Especially some internships, which believe it or

not, Will pay a person on the job learning about the tools and necessities of what architects do

while on the field. Student loan debt produces a common problem among most college

graduates, specifically ones desiring careers in engineering, public service, law, architecture and
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the medical field. In the end, the risk of multiple years of college of student loan debt will show

no worry with higher salaries and wages.

Adulthood, the phase after college where independence makes a mark on new life as a

responsible individual and seeking to begin the journey of an adult the moment after walking off

the podium receiving a diploma. Now the question remains, “Where do I go now?” Take for

example an advocate of architecture and graduating from an engineering school receiving a

diploma of architecture from a 5-year program. Along with the years spent on learning as an

intern and understanding the ways of the job field. Wanting to seek a new opportunity for a

career that involves making a living off of a starter paycheck with a fresh mind out of college

and internships. Now, the time comes to figure out how to find a job in architecture and options

stick out in order to find a good architecture firm. Some of the best architecture firms in the

United States: Gensler in San Francisco CA, Perkins+Will in Chicago IL, HDR in Omaha NE,

and HOK in St.Louis MI. (Nicholson) These architecture firms, known for their success and the

number of jobs offered to customers and other companies.

Bigger areas and cities contain more careers for architecture and other job opportunities.

Most likely, having to find a location to live in a city or on the outskirts that would present a

reasonable place to live close to work. Most cities, a variety of places ranging from expensive to

cheap living areas that could fit the budget of a recently graduated college student. Apartments

seem to offer the best fit for individuals who have recently come out of college and want to live

near the city where convenience plays a factor. Also given that most wages start around $40,000

for an architect. It gives a wide variety of choices when choosing a place to live and other

necessities needed to make it out in the real world. No matter where the decision to live comes
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once moving out of college, any means of living presents an instant advantage over others

spending the time of trying to find other means of living. Living space requires little importance

when starting out on the right foot when beginning the process of work. High paying salaries

would increase after the application process for the job of an architect. Which, will usually work

in the favor of most individuals. Which equals a high salary and wages when starting early in a


The day has come where individuals have stressed and worried about after college

graduation. No, not buying a house or getting married. The job interview. Seen in most movies,

commercials, and television shows. Pointing out the lingering stress and anxiety levels present

when making that opening pitch that will give the job someone has always wanted. The future

opportunity that rests in the hands of the speaker to impress the person offering the job. Lucky

enough, when applying to work as an architect, these factors show no worry or concern. Most

architects when looking to hire a candidate or an ideal individual that would prove as a perfect

candidate for their architecture firm will 9 times outta 10, will choose someone very outgoing,

energetic, and friendly. (Nicol & Pilling) Over an individual who comes from an ivy league

school with higher intelligence, but lacks a personality and good communication and interaction

skills.The person offering a job will take a person in immediately if a person shows the

capability to negotiate and communicate with people. Giving the job interviewer the opportunity

to show keeping basic conversation with customers and other individuals.

Architecture brings more than just building and designing buildings. The art of the deal

and negotiation defines the base for Architecture: Communication. (Araiqat) Which presents

many objectives for success like using precision, accuracy, time management, goal-setting, and
Stalun 9

fulfillment. Architecture focuses primarily on managing money and finances. Most importantly,

about customer satisfaction. Satisfying the needs of the customer presents the top goal number of

a successful architect. Interacting, relating and making a pitch to a customer will play a big factor

in gaining business and maintaining returning customers and new business. Good

communication and good people skills show desirable qualities out in the field. It presents itself

as an important part of an architect’s job and can determine success or failure based on

communication skills with other people.

It all comes down to how well rounded an individual stands out compared to the common

architect: outgoing, smart, respectable, prepared and friendly. The more desirable qualities that a

person possess as an architect. People communication and customer satisfaction. Two of the

most important factors that contribute to the major success seen by most architects. Satisfaction

will keep the customer wanting more. Communication, as important as anything else, very

important when keeping loyal customers out in the field and will allow continued business with

the architecture firm. (Araiqat) The more success achieved by out in the working world

managing and keeping customers and other employees happy, the better and easier the road

opens up for making a manageable career out of customer experiences and creating and

designing art.

What things will someone get to do as an architect others may ask at this point. For fair

measure, presents itself clearly not like every other job. The perks of an architect speak louder

than words. Architecture has shown itself as a world business. Presenting itself with better offers

and jobs when given a design brief for a project in another country or province. Individuals given

the opportunity to travel to many places and expose themselves to different types of architecture,
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culture, and people. Some foreign companies might also pay higher for a job than a typical

United States firm.

Many people often mistake construction workers as architects. Presents more common

issues. Architects actually seem as the people behind the planning who draw out blueprints and

think of designs that piece a whole architectural project together. Construction workers work out

in the field with the actual construction, who, receive basic training on how to create certain parts

in construction. Architects tend to play the business part of working. Usually when discussing

terms and agreements of a contract with another company or group. This aspect involves more

finance talk and communication. Which, using the art of the deal can help land a job that will pay

off well for a firm and add more capital and resources available during a business cycle which

will help boost the growth of a firm. (Nicol & Pilling) An architect has a lot to offer those who

choose to step into the place. Risky and stressful for the average person. Whoever deems brave

enough and shows tenacity and courage to express ideas and show leadership skills will take on

the job of an architect.

The journey of an Architect has begun. Career potential has taken off here. All the steps,

tools, knowledge and patience has all paid off. The time arrives to work the dream job that each

different individual has always thought about since childhood, asking the question: “What do I

wanna be when I grow up?”Architecture proves as an exciting and prosperous career with many

opportunities given. It gives chances to prove innovation and creativeness, show dignity and

fighting spirit, and it will test the boundaries beyond the greatest limits. It will involve having

long days at the office and spending late nights using Computer Aided Design also known as

CAD, finishing blueprints to a project. To days where cutting the ribbon to open a new building,
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house, or unveiling a new artistic structure. Whatever lies ahead for architects, will certainly

guarantee that this career that will never disappoint with the work and effort put into a passion.

Which can give off the reward with feeling creativeness and glee supporting and contributing to

the works of the modern world around us. Now seeing what can happen as an architect, what will

the impact that a person can prove to everyone around the world to show the individual artistic

vision that few possess?

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