PMB REVISION / ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. FORM I Chapter I (Aspects Of History). QUESTIONS 1. What is History?


2. Why do we study History? 3. Who are Historians? 4. What is an Archive? 5. Where can we find the family tree of the Sultans of Brunei? Where it was engraved? 6. What is chronology? 7. What does A.D stands for? 8. What does B.C stands for? 9. How many years in a century? 10. Define Pre-Historic Times? What are the 3 ages of PreHistoric Times? 11. Define Historic Times? What are the 3 ages of Historic Times?


Chapter II (The Early Kingdoms Of Southeast Asia). QUESTIONS 1. Define the Monsoon Winds? 2. Name the founder of Funan? 3. Who are the people of Chenla? 4. Name of the biggest religious building in the world? 5. Who was the founder of Sukhotai? 6. Who was the founder of Ayuthia? 7. Name of the biggest Buddhist Temple in the world? 8. Who was the great Prime Minister of Majapahit? 9. What was the cause for the decline of the Majapahit empire? ANSWERS


Chapter III (The History Of Ancient Brunei). QUESTIONS 1. What did the Chinese refer Vijayapura? 2. Name of the Chinese official who made a report about Po-ni in 1225. 3. What is the meaning of ‘Darussalam’? 4. The Salasilah Raja-Raja Brunei was one of the Historical Sources of Brunei. Name the other Historical Sources of Brunei. ANSWERS

Chapter IV (The Rise & Spread Of Islam). QUESTIONS 1. What is the meaning of Islam? 2. Who were the desert nomads known as? 3. Who built the Kaabah? 4. What was the old name for Medinah? 5. What is the meaning of Hijrah? 6. What are the Five Pillars of Islam? 7. What are the Six Principles of Islam? 8. Name of the Rashidin Caliphs of Islam? 9. Who was the founder of the Umayyad Dynasty? 10. Who was the founder of the Abbasid Dynasty? 11. Name of the greatest Abbasid Caliph. 12. What was the famous Arab literacy piece? 13. Name of the book written by Ibn-Sina. ANSWER


Chapter V (The Coming Of Islam To Southeast Asia). QUESTIONS 1. Name of the famous land route used by traders? 2. How did Islam spread in Southeast Asia? 4. Name of the founder of Malacca. How did he converted to Islam? 5. Name of the first Europeans who came to Southeast Asia. 6. Who was the greatest ruler of Acheh? ANSWERS

Chapter VI (Brunei’s External Relations In The 16th-18th Century). QUESTIONS 1. Name of the Spanish ship arrived in Brunei in 1521. 2. Name the four wazirs of Brunei’s traditional system of government. 3. Name of the three Brunei’s traditional land rights. 4. What does E.I.C stands for? ANSWERS


SULTAN SHARIF ALI (1425 – 1432). QUESTIONS 1. He was the _____ Sultan of Brunei. 2. He married the daughter of Sultan _____. 3. He came from _____ in Arabia. 4. He was a descendant of _____. 5. He was also known as _____. 6. He built the first _____ in Brunei. 7. He was the _____ and read the khutbah. 8. He added the name _____ to Brunei. 9. He also created the _____ , a symbol of Islamic power in Brunei. 10. He died in _____. ANSWERS

SULTAN BOLKIAH (1485 – 1524). QUESTIONS 1. He was the _____ Sultan of Brunei. 2. His period of rule was known as the _____ of Brunei. 3. He conquered many kingdoms and _____. 4. These kingdoms and islands became a _____ states to Brunei. 5. _____ also spread to these vassal states. 6. Brunei became the centre for the _____ and _____ of Islam. 7. He died in 1524 and he was buried at _____. ANSWERS


SULTAN MUHAMMAD HASAN (1582 – 1598). QUESTIONS 1. He was the _____ Sultan of Brunei. 2. He was the son of Sultan _____. 3. He was able to reunite Brunei after the Castille War and continued to spread _____. 4. He introduced a written code of law known as _____. 5. The law was based on the teaching of _____. 6. He died in _____. His death was a great loss to Brunei. ANSWERS

THE CASTILLE WAR. QUESTIONS 1. In 1576, the Governor of Manila was _____. 2. Brunei at that time was ruled by Sultan _____. 3. The Spanish wanted to have good relations with Brunei. They also wanted to spread ______ in Brunei and wanted Brunei to stop spreading Islam in the Philippines. 4. Brunei did not agree and the two countries became _____. 5. Then on _____, Dr. Francisco De Sande and the Spanish attacked Brunei. 6. The Spanish were helped by two Bruneian Nobles, _____ and _____, who were promised to make them the Sultan and the Bendahara. 7. The Spanish managed to capture Brunei. Sultan Saiful Rijal retreated to _____ and later to _____. 8. Brunei warriors led by _____ fought the Spanish bravely. 9. On _____, the Spanish were driven out of Brunei. ANSWERS


10. The Spanish held Brunei town for _____ days only. 11. Both Pengiran Seri Lela and Pengiran Seri Ratna were _____. BRUNEI’S CIVIL WAR. QUESTIONS 1. Brunei at that time was ruled by _____. His son-in-law was _____. 2. There was a misunderstanding between _____ and the _____ of Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Abdul Mubin over a cock fight. 3. Pengiran Muda Bungsu _____ the cock fight and killed the son of Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Abdul Mubin. 4. In revenge, Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Abdul Mubin _____ Sultan Muhammad Ali. 5. Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Abdul Mubin made himself the Sultan known as _____. 6. He then appointed Pengiran Muda Bungsu as _____. 7. However, Pengiran Muda Bungsu wanted _____ on Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Abdul Mubin. 8. Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin ran away to _____. 9. Pengiran Muda Bungsu made himself the Sultan known as _____. 10. Brunei therefore had _____ Sultans. This led to a civil war in Brunei. 11. Eventually, the Sultan of Sulu sent his _____ to support Sultan Muhyiddin. 12. In the end, Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin was _____. ANSWERS


GAJAH MADA. QUESTIONS 1. He was a young _____ during King Jayanagara’s reign. 2. He was appointed as the _____ of Majapahit in 1330. 3. He followed the _____ policy and became the real ruler of Majapahit during the reign of King _____. 4. He developed an efficient system of _____. 5. He drew up a _____. 6. Under his leadership, Majapahit grew _____ and size. 7. Majapahit controlled almost all of Indonesia and the Malay Peninsula. Even Brunei sent _____ to Majapahit. ANSWERS