PMB REVISION / ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. FORM II Chapter I (Expansion of European Influence In The East). QUESTIONS 1.

Where did the Industrial Revolution began? 2. Name the inventor of the Spinning Jenny. 3. Who invented the Water Frame? 4. Name the founder of Penang. 5. Name the treaty signed between Britain and Netherlands in 1795. 6. Who was the founder of Singapore? 7. The Anglo-Dutch Treaty in 1824 was also known as ___. ANSWERS

Chapter II (The Expansion of European Influence In Southeast Asia). QUESTIONS 1. In 1826, the British decided to join _____, _____ and _____ under one administration called the Straits Settlements. 2. The first capital of the Straits Settlements was _____. 3. In 1832, the capital of the Straits Settlements was moved to _____. 4. In 1867, the Straits Settlements became a _____. ANSWERS

5. What was the name of the treaty signed between the Perak chiefs and the British on the island of Pangkor? 6. Name the first British resident of Perak. 7. In 1875, J.W.W Birch was killed by _____ at Pasir Salak. 8. Name the British resident of Pahang in 1888.


9. In 1896, Sir Frank Swettenham formed the _____. 10. Tin was discovered in Larut by _____. 11. The Spanish colonized Philippines for _____ years. 12. The capital of the Philippines is _____. 13. What were the two systems of Spanish administration in the Philippines? 14. Name the secret society formed by Andreas Bonafacio. 15. On 10 December 1898, the _____ was signed between Spain and the United States of America. 16. In 1619, the Dutch setup their base at _____. 17. Name of the Javanese leader during the Java War. Chapter III (The Era of Modernisation of Thailand). QUESTIONS 1. What was the old name for Thailand? ANSWERS

2. In 1855, King Mongkut signed a treaty with the British. This treaty was known as _____.

Chapter IV (East Asia’s Reaction To The Western Impact). QUESTIONS 1. From 1644 to 1911, China was ruled by the _____. 2. The Opium War (1839 – 1842) was also known as _____. 3. What was the name of the treaty signed between the Chinese and the British in 1842? 4. Another war broke out between the Chinese and the British in 1856. What was the war called? 5.The war between China and Japan in 1894 was known as the _____. Japan won the war. ANSWERS


6. In 1895, China signed a treaty with Japan. The treaty was known as the _____. 7. Who was regarded as ‘The Father of The Revolution’ in China? 8. Name of the treaty signed between Japan and America in 1854 and 1858. 9. What does the word ‘Meiji’ means? 10. What was the cause of the Sino-Japanese War? 11. The Russo-Japanese War (1904 – 1905), was a war between _____ and _____. Chapter V (Brunei 1800 – 1852). QUESTIONS 1. Who called himself as the white ‘Raja of Sarawak’? 2. What led to the British attack Brunei on 8 July 1846? ANSWERS

Chapter VI (The Reign of Sultan Abdul Momin 1852 – 1885). QUESTIONS 1. Sultan Abdul Momin was the _____ Sultan of Brunei. 2. When the ‘Amanat’ was signed? ANSWERS

Chapter VII (The Reign of Sultan Hashim 1885 – 1906). QUESTIONS 1. Sultan Hashim was the _____ Sultan of Brunei. 2. What was the name of the treaty signed between Sultan Hashim and the British on 17 September 1888? 3. The British Residential system in Brunei was the result of the _____ in 1905 – 1906. ANSWERS


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