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How to Import and Export Excel data Activities To/From P6

The import export feature using spreadsheet (XLS) tool can be utilized for the following
purposes but are not limited to;
Assign/change the activity resources to activities
Assign new activity names and modify the existing ones
Update physical progress via user define fields to activities
Assign/modify user define fields to activities
Import activity codes to activities
Assign activity code via excel using Import/Export Wizard

To modify or add to the exported sheet containing activity names, WBS code, activity codes and
user define fields, and import the data into P6,
1) Go to File > Export > Select Spreadsheet-(XLS) > Next > Select Activities > Next > mark on
export check box > Next > Add > Modify Template
2) Customize the desired columns. For example: To assign activity code “Discipline” into
activities, select “Discipline” column into selected options box. Name the template so that you
can find it back when you need. See figure below.

3) After setting up the desired template, Go to Next > Select the Excel file location > Next >
Finish. Finally, you will get the excel spreadsheet data which will be imported after adding new
discipline codes to those activities do not have discipline code before.
4) Suppose the exported excel file is as below and assume that the new codes, (FABR2 and
ERST) would be added to that sheet.

The following tips should be considered when you will import spreadsheet data,

Make a copy of your project before importing into existing one

The database field names where the data are in the first row of spreadsheet must not be modified.
For example;task_code, status_code, wbs_id,task_name, actv_code_discipline_id,
'start_date,end_date,resource_list, delete_record_flag as shown in above figure.
Activity codes (FABR2 and ERST in this post) and resource codes should have assigned (they
must exist) in project dictionary before attempting to import.
Activity ID should not be changed otherwise can not be imported.
Some of the column heading containing (*) sign can not be changed.
5) To import the updated sheet to P6, go to File > Import > select the import format as
Spreadsheet-(XLS) > Next > select file to import > select Activities > select the destination
project to be imported > Next > Finish. Finally, you will see that these can be updated with a
short amount of time using import/export tool.
The activity names, WBS code, activity codes and user define fields can be exported from P6
with a very simple way.
To do that, go to activity column area > click one of the activities > right click > go to Export to
Excel > Select existing file name or give a new file name, and you will get the export file. After
you made changes , you may import to P6 using Step-5.