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in the act = em flagrante

Sentencing murderers to life
FOR AND AGAINST. imprisonment doesn’t work. They
Capital punishment acts as a deterrent. If get released and then go on to kill
people know they might lose their life, again. Capital punishment is final
they will think twice before they kill. and mistakes have been made. Once
Executing murderers sets a bad example. someone is dead, you can’t bring
If we (society) don’t value human life them back.
above all, then why should criminals? Some crimes are so heinous that
If a person murders, then they should lose only the death penalty will do.
their right to life. Relatives of the dead deserve some
We should rehabilitate as well as punish. retribution. Allowing the state to
have the right to kill demeans us all.
If killing another person is wrong,
then it is wrong, full stop.

Let the punishment fit
the offence. CICERO