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In Self Defense

The Protocols of
the Elders of Zion
Jose Vasconcelos
English translation of an excerpt from:
La Revista Timon y José Vasconcelos
(Pages 146-149)
by Itzhak Bar-Lewaw
This article has been translated and posted not to promote hate, but to show a
darker side of Jose Vasconcelos, who was a very influential philosopher,
politician and educator in Mexico. In 1940, Vasconcelos was editor of a pro-Nazi
magazine, entitled Timon. Itzhak Bar-Lewaw wrote about this magazine in the
above referenced book, which was written in Spanish, long out of print and not
readily available to the public.
English translation from original in Spanish produced by Roger Ogden, San Diego, Ca.
La Revista Timon and José Vasconcelos
by Itzhak Bar-Lewaw

From the Journal “Timon”

Vol. II, No. 14, May 25, 1940.

By Jose Vasconcelos
Many people are surprised that racial persecution has been suddenly unleashed. And although
no one approves of them in their hearts, the fact is that long-suppressed tension erupts
violently sooner or later. And perhaps the only way to avoid that violence is to denounce the
causes that, in other peoples, have caused. It is, in fact, annoying, the fact of being a legitimate
inhabitant of a country and being in exercise of one of the rights that the laws of that country
guarantees and immediately realizes that despite the fact that the Government respects this
right, there is within the homeland a mafia and, by the way, not Mexican, which is dedicated to
hindering the circulation of a periodical publication through money and conspiracy. When this
evidence is felt in one's own flesh, the memory of documents whose reading caused us to be
repulsed at the beginning is inevitable, or we appreciated that they contained ill-intentioned or
fantastic versions. One of these documents is the one known as: "THE PROTOCOLS OF THE
ELDERS OF ZION". Referring to the way to fight the press of Christians, it is stated in the
corresponding chapter:

"The dominance of the press by Israel has been wisely foreseen and ordered by the
Jewish world program, in the Protocols of the Sages of Zion, they are recorded and
transcribed to corroborate my assertion, these are three paragraphs speak eloquently in
this respect:

I. We will saddle it and as a fiery mare, we will hold the rein short. We will do the same
with another kind of publicity, because, to what purpose will I serve to suppress attacks
against us in the press, if we remain exposed to criticism through leaflets and books?

II. No news will come to the knowledge of the people that has not passed before our
censorship. Currently we have achieved this in such a way that all the information is
already combined in very few agencies, which cover the information service of the
entire world.

III. Literature and journalism are both extremely important for education and for this
reason we have taken over most newspapers and magazines. For every ten that remain
free, we will found thirty of our own... The public should not suspect any of this; all the
publications influenced by us, they will defend externally, the most opposite tendencies;
in this way we will gain the confidence of the public and we will attract our unsuspecting
adversaries, leading them to annihilation without difficulty.

La Revista Timon and José Vasconcelos
by Itzhak Bar-Lewaw

The Jews could not express themselves clearer in their world program, but the question arises:
Have the Jews carried out these proclaimed protocols? I am inclined to answer in the
affirmative, for there is no doubt that most of the companies of the big press are under the
Jewish hand, and all the writers who have followed the channeling of Jewish activities have
discovered the fact, as it is made clear by the statistics that I have laid out. There is, moreover,
a test of logical order: the confusion that the same opinion-orienting press disseminates among
minds, the anarchy of ideas, the paroxysm of the exalted, the commercialism that has invaded
the Fourth Estate, trends more and more generalized towards the Left, all this accuses a hand
that moves and agitates the water of the passions and the revolutionary sea that has in
restlessness to the humanity; and if you observe it with a little bit of diligence, you will also
notice the harmony, the unity, the uniformity, within the various, that denounces one mind, a
hand that directs all this machine according to a plan. This plan is the Jewish plan.

If the reader meditates a little on these things and observes carefully the informative
movements of our days, he will notice the following facts: the world press, through its news
and its general information, tends to form a psychosis of war; make a kind of crusade among
the countries with democratic systems, against the countries called fascists, Germany and Italy.
Likewise, a whole series of threats from who knows where are attributed to the phantom of
fascism, where this does not exist in any way, calling fascist anything that is not rabidly red or
that does not conform to the theories of the Jew, Marx. In this way, as with the dog of the
fable, one always has an enemy and a target for diatribes, insults and lies; all these facts already
very accurately observed by the illustrious French journalist Lucien Penjeam, who has devoted
himself to examining the European press in depth, jump into sight of all those newspaper
readers who can read between the lines.

I do not think it necessary to put more emphasis on what I just said, but it is important to
emphasize some facts. Thus, according to the tactic of Jewry which I have just explained, all the
news from Germany, bring some distortion that contributes to making the country hateful for
its politics, to hide the great national realities or to make their social and political progress go
unnoticed. I do not intend to do theatrical literature, but I could say that in the mouth of the
international Jew could be put the famous threat of Dreyfus, famously made while being
prosecuted: My race will take revenge on Germany".

I hope that Mexico will never produce a situation like the one that forced Germany to take
defensive measures. The law in America is hospitality for all the peoples of the earth. But the
condition of that hospitality is that the rules of coexistence are not violated. And when a group
resorts to unfair procedures, sooner or later it will rue the consequences.

La Revista Timon and José Vasconcelos
by Itzhak Bar-Lewaw

Original spanish text from La Revista Timon y Jose Vasconcelos

La Revista Timon and José Vasconcelos
by Itzhak Bar-Lewaw

La Revista Timon and José Vasconcelos
by Itzhak Bar-Lewaw

La Revista Timon and José Vasconcelos
by Itzhak Bar-Lewaw


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