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Skin Disorder Assignment

Name of Condition of disorder: ​Impetigo

1. Description​​:​What is it?-​Impetigo is a highly and common contagious bacterial

skin infection that mostly affects kids and babies.

2. Transmission/Causes​​:W
​ hat causes it? Is it contagious?-​Most impetigo is
caused by a aureus bacteria called Staphylococcus or you could get this by
someone who is infected. Impetigo is a highly contagious IQ disease that can
spread easily from one person to another by contact with lesions or indirectly by
touching items.

3. Occurrence​​:​How many people in the U.S suffer from this disorder? How
commonly does it occur?-​Recent estimated the global burden of this disorder are
111 million kids from countries to 140 million people affected at one time. This
infection begins in cuts, bug bites or rash most often at any place where there is
broken skin. Impetigo also occurs on healthy skin.

4. Symptoms​​:​What are the symptoms? What is the appearance of someone who

has it?-​The signs and symptoms of impetigo involve red sores which rupture
quick and ooze for a few days. The sores mostly occur around the nose and
mouth, but can spread to other parts of the body by fingers, clothes and towels.
You can get exposed to the bacteria that causes impetigo when you get in
contact with sores of another who had been infected or items they touched.

5. Treatments​​:​What are the medical treatments available for this?-​There’s no

standard treatment for impetigo, but there are options available. Impetigo is
treated with antibiotic or cream.

6. Cures​​:​Is there a cure for it? Are there experimental trials being tested?-​An
impetigo infection is not serious, but it's treatable, a mild impetigo could be
handled by cleaning the sores and removing crust from the infected person, then
apply the antibiotic ointment. Generation of general practitioners treating
impetigo with gentian violet and there were some trial evidence of its
effectiveness extending to methicillin resistant.
7. Prevention​​:​How can it be prevented?-​To prevent impetigo from spreading,
what is recommended is to clean the infected areas with soap and water, cover
scabs and sores loosely until they heal and wash your hands thoroughly after
touching areas or people that have been infected.

8. Photos​​:​Print out 2 photos related to this skin condition/disease-