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This would be a great idea EXCEPT my lovely employer did not offer STD and chose to

offer it AFTER I got pregnant (unplanned pregnancy) so therefore, my pregnancy was

considered a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION. Great�thanks� So yeah. And add in the fact
that I did NOT get paid maternity leave so I am basically up a creek without a
paddle. Luckily, I do have insurance but they only covered about $40K of the nearly
$47K bills that I have received. And the PP above who said hospitals contract with
outside agencies, was absolutely correct! I have received NUMEROUS bills from like
20 different places. I can hardly keep them straight. And they bill for different
things so guess what? It all gets paid differently through my insurance than it
probably would have, had the bills come from just the hospital. Not to mention, in
addition to all of the above, I was forced to go back to work after 4 weeks (since
I had no leave time) and there again, you gotta pay for daycare/child care to go
back to work so, more money out the window. So am I left struggling to not only pay
for my medical bills, to also catch up on my REGULAR bills from while I was off
work. It�s a vicious, nasty cycle! This country no longer cares about its citizens.
We need free healthcare and free education for EVERYONE. I am tired of my tax
dollars going to pay for people in congress who have been there 20+ years and
haven�t changed a thing! I hear people say, �well, you shouldn�t have a had a kid
then� or my personal favorite, �well, my mom and dad had 50 kids and did it on just
my dad�s income alone.� Yeah, ok. Let me bring you back from Fantasy Land to
reality for a minute and remind you that the cost of living even THIRTY years ago,
was MUCH LOWER than it is now. Your dad probably found a great job and either
learned on the job or had minimal to no education. Back then, that was fine. Now,
it doesn�t fly. There are too few jobs and too many people in the job market.
Hospitals are laying off GOOD nurses with MSN�s or BSN�s that have been on the job
for years, so they can hire nurses fresh out of college for half the salary. And
those same newly graduated nurses, will spend the next 30+ years paying off around
$100K in student loans, while trying to make ends meet. This is the reality of the
world we live in today. I will be dead before I pay off all my bills/student
loans/car payment. We live to work and work to live. This is the new �Murica.

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