Apologizing for the Truth

By Peter Levenda

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill) apologized yesterday for his remarks concerning a classified FBI report on the conditions at Guantanamo Bay, where our government is holding some terror suspects, as basically indistinguishable from reports of prison conditions in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Gulag, or under Cambodia's Pol Pot regime. He was roundly attacked for those remarks by the Republicans in Congress, because -- they said -- he was comparing "our troops" to the worst sadists and dictators of the 20th century. Ladies and gentlemen, there is spin ... and there is "spin". In some cases, spin seems to go widdershins instead of deosil, anti-clockwise instead of clockwise. The spin in this case is purely satanic, and most Americans are not paying enough attention to how opinion is being manipulated. Durbin was precise in his remarks. He said that anyone reading the FBI report and not knowing the context would assume it was a report on conditions in those totalitarian regimes. And he is correct. Those of you who do not believe this need only read the books that have been published in the last fifty years or so on the Soviet prison system, the interrogation of prisoners at Gestapo headquarters, or the reports by observers like Lifton and others on Chinese interrogation and brainwashing. At the time, our government officials hailed those publications as accurate descriptions of how godless Communists behaved. Their data was never questioned. Can you say "deja vu"? So does that mean that Senator Durbin is anti-American? Does that mean he has equated our troops to Hitler's SS? Of course not. But in our new, double-speak Brave New World anyone who questions what is going on -- what actions and policies are being underwritten, promoted, and legalized by our present government -- is unpatriotic, maligns our underpaid, undersupported troops in the field, and borders on the treasonous. To fully support our men and women in military service, our Congress should be at the forefront of ensuring that they are not forced or encouraged to perform the type of bestial acts we have seen and heard about since the invasion of Iraq began. We are Americans. We are better than this. We have vast resources at our disposal for gathering intelligence and fighting our wars. Yet, we are brutalizing not only the prisoners but also our own troops by these antiquated interrogation methods and psychotic psychological techniques. Because America is getting tired of this endless campaign, a campaign without clear goals, based on bad intelligence and outright deception, and with no identifiable exit strategy, the administration is turning on anyone who raises a question, demands accountability, or is just plain exhausted by years of institutionalized lying. We have been through all of this before. It was called Vietnam then.

Republican leaders are insisting that in this "war on terror" we need to take a noholds barred approach to interrogation. That the Geneva Convention does not apply, since the terrorists are not combatants in the ordinary sense. That laws of human decency be abrogated in the name of American security. As you know, those laws are being abrogated at home as well as abroad, with the Patriot Act among other developments. Yet, the more we become like the terrorists, the more we lose to the terrorists. Our interrogation methods -- however extreme -- are not yielding the intelligence we need. They are not raising our security levels here at home or abroad, because our actions paint us as sadistic, blood-thirsty criminals in the eyes of the rest of the world. We are busy curtailing our freedoms here at home even as we trample like a wounded elephant abroad. The events of September 11, 2001 have become our Reichstag fire. The spectacle of Senator Durbin being forced (presumably by his own party) to apologize, even obliquely, for his remarks is a sickening example of what has happened to informed dissent in the United States. The Republicans insist that Durbin's remarks give aid and comfort to the enemy. As a wiser man than I once said, in war the first casualty is Truth. Truth. Yesterday, Senator Durbin intoned its eulogy.

Source: http://sinisterforces.info/blog/index.php?/archives/8-Apologizing-for-theTruth.html

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