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How t o Learn a

Foreign Language
Juan Beltran, Emmalyn Jones,
Jaz min T orres
Decided to
learn a new
This pamphlet will Image Credit:

go over tips on how Jazmin Torres, Hello, 24 October

2018, ink and watercolor
to read, write, listen
to, speak, and
study foreign lan-
guages. We hope
that it is helpful!

Arizona St ate
Univer sity
Address: 851 Cady Mall, Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: 480-965-6281
else to do
Hello! Re a d i n g  Listen to foreign music
 Recognition is more im-  Watch foreign movies
portant than memorization  Be exposed and immersed
You have embarked on (writing) Read out loud
a wonderful journey of  Use context clues Speaking
learning a foreign lan-  Focus on what you know
 Use flashcards!  LISTEN first
guage! It is definitely a
 For languages without an  Tones, sounds, and flow
challenge, but it pro- alphabet, visualize the come from hearing
vides a very rewarding characters, symbols, or  Imitate teacher or other
hand motions native speakers
experience. The pur-  Read Children’s books and  Repetition
pose of this pamphlet other engaging stories  Become friends with a
 Put vocab around the native speaker
is to help you through house  Teach a friend or sibling
your study and pro-  Watch show/movies with what you learn
foreign subtitles  Talk slowly and enunciate
vide helpful tips that
will guide you through
a happier and more Wr i t i n g To learn a new language
beneficial learning ex- takes dedication and fo-
 Repetition, repetition, cus. Do not be afraid to
perience of a new lan- repetition!
 Take a lot of notes
ask questions, make mis-
guage. Our hope is takes, and never give up!
 Write the language
that you will take whenever you can, Practice whenever and
whether in personal however you can. The
some of these guide- notes or when you’re
bored benefits of learning a new
lines to heart and language can help one
learn to love the lan- immerse in a new culture
guage that you study! L i s te n i n g and interact with native
speakers. Overall, do not
 Remember that it takes be afraid and take the
opportunity to learn a
 Use context
new foreign language!
 Listen to the language
when you have nothing