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Peluang Kewirausahaan

di Bidang Energi Terbarukan

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Integrated Smart and Green Building (Insgreeb)

and Centre for Energy Studies (PSE)
Universitas Gadjah Mada - Indonesia
Investasi di Energi Terbarukan
(milyar USD)

Kecenderungan Harga

(sumber: ipcc-report-renewable-energy dan NREL, 2005)

•Welch, R., Decentralized Energy Management and Virtual Power Plants, KEMA
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Per capita consumption of cooking oil household: 0.025 liters/cap/day,

SME: 3 liters/unit/day, Medium and Large Enterprise: 15 liters/unit/day
(CES UGM, 2014)

Recoverable used cooking oil = around 70% of cooking oil (Mariana and Subandi, 2010)
Recoverable used cooking oil (household) = around 15% of cooking oil
(CES UGM, 2014)

Biodiesel volume = around 65 – 80% volume of waste cooking oil used as

raw material; optimistic scenario
(Balkanlioglu, 2012)
interested in business opportunity?

(CES UGM, 2014)

any business opportunity?
Cow Population Calori Equal To LPG (kgs/day) -
in Gunung Kidul Region (2011) using manure of 50% cow population in each district

average per capita income: USD 1001/year.
national: USD 2641 (2013), USD 3524 (2014).
LPG price: IDR 11,825/kg (non-sub), IDR 15,500/3 kgs (sub)

( (
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tipping fee (per ton):
eg. Bekasi Jakarta IDR 123,000;
proposed to IDR 230,000

feed in tariff: IDR 1250 -

1798/kWh (factor 1 - 1.6)

Jakarta: about 6000 tons/day

Waste in Indonesia
(World Bank, 2009, KLH, 2010)

Main source of waste in Indonesia

(KLH, 2008)
Lokasi: Banjarnegara - Jateng
(saluran irigasi)

Hitungan potensi (prediksi disederhanakan)

Daya Terpasang
= P = 10 . 0,7 . 4 . 6 = 168 kW

Investasi (Rp 19 jt/kW) = Rp 3,192 milyar

Produksi Listrik
= E = 0,7 . 8760 jam/thn . 168 kW
= 1,03 GWh/thn

Penjualan Listrik (jual ke PLN Rp 900/kWh)

= Rp 927 juta/thn (bruto)
Contoh Kasus:
EQUITY 30%, LOAN 70%
CF 80%, Aux Loads 1%.
Examples of PSE-UGM PV System Products
PV Power Plant for Educational at Physics Laboratory
Portable PV Power Supply for emergency
response to natural disasters .
Solar Panel: 500Wp; SCC: 12-24V/50 A; Battery: 200Ah
12V; Inverter 1000 W, DC Power Supply: 5-12V
Solar Panel: 60 Wp; SCC: 12V/20 A; Battery: 70Ah 12V;
Location: Physics Laboratory SMA 3 Yogyakarta 2013
Inverter: 500 Watt; Lamp: DC 12V
Location: Padang – 2010 (8 units)
Portable PV-Water Pump for plant watering Hybrid System PV – PLN for Office

Solar Panel: 600 Wp; SCC: 12-24V/50 A; Battery: 200 Ah Solar Panel: 4000 Wp; SCC: 2x48V/80 A; Battery: 70Ah
12V; Inverter: 1000 W; Pump: Submersible helical 12V; Inverter: 500 Watt; Lamp: DC 12V
Location: Pandansimo Yogyakarta - 2013 Location: Padang - 2011

Hybrid System PV-Generator Set for Residency

PV-Based Cool Storage for Fisherman
Solar Panel: 400-1000 Wp; SCC: 12-24V/50 A; Battery:
Solar Panel: 600-1200Wp; SCC: 24V/50 A; Battery: 400Ah
1085Ah 24V; Inverter: 2x2000Watt;
12V; Inverter: 2000 W; Storage: Freezer160L
Location : Padepokan Bumi Langit Yogyakarta - 2010
Location: Pandansimo Yogyakarta - 2012

PV based Traffic Light PV for Public Lingting

Solar Panel: 600 Wp; SCC: 12-24V/50 A; Battery: 200Ah Solar Panel : 200Wp ; SCC : 24V/30A; Battery: 200Ah
12V; Controller: Up to 5 line way; Lamp: LED 12V 12V; :Lamp LED : 40-50 Watt;
Location: Maju Makmur Regency, Bengkulu - 2012 Location : Green Open Play Garden (RTH) Gambiran
(Collaboration with SMK Maju Makmur) Yogyakarta - 2012

PV-Based Electric Bike Cycle Recharging Hybrid System For Lamps Powering

Solar Panel: 500Wp; SCC: 12-24V/50 A; Battery: 200Ah Solar Panel : 1600Wp; SCC: 24V/80 A; Battery :400Ah
12V; Inverter: 1000 W; 24V; Inverter: 2000Watt Pure Sine
Location : SMA Taruna Nusantara Magelang - 2012 Sample Installation Location : TBBM Rewulu (Pertamina) -
PV Detail Design Engineering (DED) Consulting
PV for Student Gazebo
PSE has been designed various PV project from small up
Solar Panel: 50 Wp; SCC: 12/10 A; Battery: 70Ah 12V;
to large capacity (1 KW-1MW). PV system usually used
Mobile Charger: 2 x 1 Amp
for residence, village, and office. PV system can be use
Location: SMAN 3 Yogyakarta (PADMANABA) - 2013
for stand alone or grid tie system.
Online Energy Monitoring System for PV System
(USAID Grant)
Jobs in Energy
bangun perusahaan energi