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A ere YOU: WILL BE MISSED . ao a Hee (Gung to Melody of “Deck the Hall”) ; Fare thee well Judge Pennypacker. ~~ Sol Noealists, Falalalalalalalala gig aid Phil has:never been a'slacker |’ : : Falalalalalalalala’ - Brenda “Sparkle” Farrell Thomas “Now he travels to the North Bay > Cecelia “Mistletoe” Sobelesid ‘Falala lalala-alalalala ' He'll do it the South Bay way Falalalalalalalala ‘Judge Arroyo will take over > Falalalalalalalala p folks to stay sober fila lala la lala la |» Phil and Jean go off together ' Falala‘lalala lalalalala : Filled With Fa mi-ly Law Pleasure Falalalalaiala lala, Fernando “Santa Ho Ho" Letama We y 4 Guitar and Vocal Performed By: . ‘Sally “Snowflake” Cooperrider DEFAULT HEARING SONG (Sung to the Melody of “Blue Christmas”) There'll be a de-fault hearing without you Til spend my time just talking about you Tl declaim sordid tales that will tilt all the scales But it’s not the same, dear, Ly when you're not there to hear. And when my blue teardroy ps start fallis Fariba = Q@ Please quit your bawling She may scold me a bit, but she'll now you're a twit And Ill win my default hearing ‘She may scold mea bit, but she'll know you' ‘re a twit ‘And I'll win my default hearing Rely PDDs* ROCK (Sung to the Melody of “Jingle Bell Rocks”) PDDs, PDDs, PDDs rock ‘We know what she makes, we know he's got. In the olden days, it wasn't so clear. Ican tell you if you want to hear. Yes, BJ tell me, tell me how did it seem Back when you started out, what was the scene? ‘There were no forms with records you had to disclose To get the records you'd subpoena those. ‘There was no email or even voicemail To tell the client what was what ‘There was no fam'ly court or even a fam‘ly code We were part of civil, and they'd look down their nose. There was no support schedule, make it up as you go ‘What the judge would say you didn’t know Roll the dice or ask the Ouija board That was the old way, now the PDDs rock. ‘There was no support schedule, make it up as you go ‘What the judge would say you didn’t know Roll the dice or ask the Ouija board ‘That was the old way, now there’s a better way And the PDDs rock. ‘Preliminary Declarations of Disclosure ‘The Shark Song (Sung to the Melody of “The Grinch") ‘You're a mean one, MR. SHARK ‘You really are a heel, You're as cuddly as a Cactus, You always try to steal, ‘MR. SHARK (SPOKEN) You're an unmatched plaid suit, ‘With a greasy spotted tie, You're a migraine, MI. SHARK. ‘Youre heart's an empty holel Your brain ia ful of schemes, You have larceny in your soul, MR. SHARK, (SPOKEN) I woulda’ trust you with my ease ifyou were the last lawyer in the world You're a vile one, MR. SHARK. You've holes in your legal briefs, Youve all the faulty arguments of a dirty rotten thie, MR. SHARK. (SPOKEN) Given the choice between the two of you, would tae the dirty rotten thie You've a foul one, MR. SHARK. ‘Appearing against you is a pain. "Your arguments are juni, ‘Your soul is ful of gunic, MR. SHARIC. (SPOKEN) The three words that best describe you, and I quote: Stink, Stank, Stank, You're a rotten lawyer, MR. SHARK. ‘You're the King of bad advice! Your brief confuse arguments With many legal faws, MR. SHARK. (NEXT 3 LINES SPOKEN) Your office is an appalling dump heap ‘Overflowing with the most disgraceful Assortment of losing cases and inane arguments, ‘Mangled up with impossible knots. ‘You nauseate me, MR. SHARK. ‘With an overwhelming stenchl ‘You ARE a crooked lawyer, How DARE you approach the bench, MR. SHARIC (SPOKEN) You're a four-fusher attorney, with no ethics; and, ‘A disgrace to the profession, (ALU) MR. SHARK. WALKING IN A DISSOMASTER LAND (Sung To “Walking In A Winter Wonderland”) Lawyers whine, can you hear them? Judges cringe, can you blame them? Sharon Roper's so right ‘The program’s a fright, Walking in a DissoMaster Land Every day, Pro Pers protest Tcan't pay, half is my best. Commissioner sees The truth often flees Stumbling through a DissoMaster Land. DCSS is smaller at the new court Than they were back there at Notre Dame. Should I let the Murphy know what she has? Or should I et it go and take a pass? Have a care for Commissioners File paystubs as they wish us Your client signs on. My client moves on Steering clear of DissoMaster Land Parking’s scarce at the new court ‘Towing cars is a new sport. It’s a beautiful sight 4 To be leaving tonight Walking out of DissoMaster Land (SLOWLY) Walking out of DissoMaster Land ingldBOD 2D ALL THE WAY