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Alexis  Johnson  

Lesson  Plan  Project  
My  lesson  is  designed  for  a  high  school  music  elective  class  on  
1. Objective:  Students  will  compose/improvise  a  melody  given  a  
movie  clip  without  sound.  
2. Procedure/  Activity  
-­‐ Teacher  will  play  different  movie  clips  to  demonstrate  how  
different  movie  styles  can  be  used  to  evoke  different  emotions  
(Star  trek,  How  to  Train  Your  Dragon,  Titanic)  
-­‐ Teacher  will  introduce  aQWERTYon  and  demonstrate  how  to  
use  it  with  her  own  movie  clip    
-­‐ Students  will  open  aQWERTYon  and  download  a  youtube  video  
the  teacher  has  already  chosen    
-­‐ Students  will  be  given  time  in  class  to  play  with  the  website  
and  write  a  melody  they  think  fits  the  scene  they  have  been  
-­‐ If  time  permits  have  a  few  students  volunteer  to  share  what  
they  created  
3. Assignment    
Using  what  the  students  learned  and  explored  in  aQWERTYon  
during  class,  they  will  now  create  another  melody  with  the  video  
of  their  choice  
4. Instructions    
-­‐ Find  a  video  (school  appropriate),  either  music  or  movie,  
without  any  sound  and  download  it  onto  aQWERTYon  (must  
be  at  least  1  minute  or  less)  
-­‐ Write  a  melody  to  go  along  with  the  video  you  picked  (as  a  
suggestion,  start  by  considering  what  emotion  you  want  to  
evoke  with  the  video,  as  well  as  what  you  think  fits  what  is  
going  on  on  the  screen)  
-­‐ Write  up  an  explanation  on  the  process  you  took  to  create  your  
melody  (what  emotion  you  are  trying  to  evoke,  etc.)    
-­‐ Submit  your  assignment  by  copying  the  link  from  aQWERTYon  
and  attaching  the  write  up  to  an  email  that  you  send  to  me    
-­‐ This  is  due  next  class,  and  each  student  will  present  their  
melody  and  explain  how  their  process  for  creating  the  melody  
-­‐ If  you  need  help,  or  inspiration,  use  our  examples  from  class,  as  
well  as  the  movie  clips  we  showed  in  class,  as  a  reference    
Students  picked   1  point-­‐  video  is   2  points-­‐  the  video    
an  appropriate   longer  than  a   is  appropriate,  the  
minute,  or  a  video   correct  length,  and  
video  without  
that  has  a  sound     doesn’t  contain  
sound  (1  minute   sound  
or  less)  
Students  included  a   1  point-­‐  melody   2-­‐  The  melody  is    
melody  in  their  clip   isn’t  the  length  of   the  full  length  of  
for  the  full  length     the  clip,  or  has   the  video    
missing  parts  

Student  provided   1  point-­‐  only   2  point-­‐  thoroughly    
written   provided  a  very   explained  the  
explanation  of   vague  explanation   process  they  went  
process   of  process     through  creating  
the  melody    
Student  played   1  point-­‐  If  the   2-­‐  The  student    
their  melody  for   student  played  the   played  their    
the  class  and   melody  but  didn’t   melody  as  well  as    
explained  it     explain     provided  an    
explanation  of  their    
melody     TOTAL:  _  /8