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SESSION 2018/2019



DURATION OF POSTING: 6/8/2018-24/8/2018
For my elective posting, I chose Hospital Keningau as my attachment
hospital for 3 weeks of duration in surgical department of Hospital Keningau. My
elective posting started from 6th of August until 24th of August 2018. There was
total of 2 elective student attachment to the same department including myself.
We were assigned to Mr Baskar Periaswamy Babu@Sam as our supervisor
throughout 3 weeks of elective posting in Hospital Keningau. Surgical department
of Hospital Keningau has 2 surgical wards which are male and female surgical
ward, 3 Operation theater, clinic on Monday and Wednesday, and biopsy day on
I was very fortunate to be under Mr Sam’s supervision for my elective
posting. He manage to dedicate his time almost every day in Hospital to have a
small session with us to teach us on the common diseases in surgery. He normally
conduct the session during his clinic session where at the same time he will show
us any clinical findings and sometimes in between surgical operation in the OT.
The session usually conducted for 1 to 2 hours. I was very impressed how he
manage to spare his time to teach us even in the midst of immense work load that
has to be done every day. The teaching session was quite helpful for us students to
get the grasps of what are the important topics that we should study and what are
the common cases that present to the hospital.
I was a wonderful 3 weeks of experience in Hospital Keningau, the hospital
staffs especially the nurses and medical officers were very friendly and helpful.
The surgical medical officers were very kind, knowledgeable, responsive to teach
us and share their knowledge among themselves and to us. I have witnessed quite
numbers of surgical operation in the OT. The OT was very comfortable and has
almost complete equipment for most of the surgical operation. One that I
remember was for obese patient they will have to refer the patient to Hospital
Queen Elizabeth because their surgical table was unable to fit for markedly obsess
patient. The environment in the OT was quite calm as everyone knows that they
were doing. The nurses and medical officers were very skillful to assist Mr. Sam
and even some of the medical officers able to perform the surgery without Mr. Sam
supervision. I liked the environment there because I manage to have free
interactions with the medical officers and Mr. Sam regarding any enquiries that
they were doing and they would able to spare their time to explain because we
were the only medical students attached to the surgical department.
In conclusion, it was a worthwhile 3 weeks of experience in Hospital
Keningau. I was able to get to know more on how district hospital equipped with
specialist works. Mr. Sam informed us for the next batch who are going to do their
elective in surgical department of Hospital Keningau to prepare the list of
important topics that could be discussed and a must topics for medical students.