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The 3rd SULE-IC Agenda

17th -18th of October 2018

October 16th, 2018

Time Event Location

13.00-18.00 Registration Third Floor Horison
Ultima Hotel Palembang

October 17th , 2018

Time Event Location

07.30-08.00 Registration Third Floor Horison

Ultima Hotel

08.00-09.00 Opening Ceremony Ballroom Horison Ultima

Hotel Palembang
MC: Nurwulan & Mbarep Wicaksono
Indonesian Athem “Indonesia Raya”
Chair’s Report - Dr. Darmawijoyo, M.Si.
Dean’s Speech - Prof. Sofendi, M.A.,Ph.D.
Rector’s Speech – Prof. Anis Saggaff, MSCE.
Tanggai Dance
Prayer-Nurhasan, S.Ag., M.Ag.
MC: Nurwulan & Mbarep Wicaksono

09.00-09.30 Coffee Break

09.30-10.30 Plenary Session 1 Ballroom Horison Ultima
Hotel Palembang
Moderator: Prof. Zulkardi, M.Ikom.
Prof. Kathy Trundle
“Early childhood education: Engaging young children
with science concepts”

Prof. Wouter Van Joolingen

“Understanding modelling in science education,
insights from Dutch studies in physics and biology”
Plenary Session 2

Moderator: Prof. Chuzaimah Diem

Prof. Abdelrahim Ahmed Salim

“The Role of Education in Reducing the Severity of
Poverty in the Sudan” Ballroom Horison Ultima
Hotel Palembang
10.30-12.00 Prof. Sofendi, M.A., Ph.D.
“Pre-service Teacher Training in Indonesia and Egypt:
A Comparative Study”

Zenaida Quezada-Reyes, Ph.D.

"Education and Learning Today and in the

12.00-13.00 Lunch and pray break

Parallel Session 1 Parallel Rooms

13.00- 15.10

15.10 – 15.30 Break

Ballroom Horison Ultima
Parallel Session 2 Hotel Palembang
15.30 – 16.20

Closing Ceremony
17.00-17.30 MC: Nurwulan & Mbarep Wicaksono

October 18th , 2018

Time Event Location
City Tour

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Room Dempo 1
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No. Authors Title Departement

The Influence of Teaching Reading Comprehension by Using CIRC

1 Zulaikah, Yeti Nur Fitriah (Cooperative Integrated Reading Composition) of The Eleventh Grade English Education
Students of SMA Negeri I Madang Suku I OKU Timur

Development of Media Mind Map with Freemind Applications On English

2 Nelya Juita and Dian Eka Putra language course in English Education Studies Program University of English Education

The Correlation Between The Eighth Grade Students’ Reading Motivation

3 Eka Agustina, Chika Agelia English Education
And Reading Comprehension Achievement

The Effectiveness Of Using Scrambled Sentences In Teaching Writing

4 M.Muklas, Nurbayanah English Education
Recount Text To The Eighth Grade Students Of Smp

Developing Students’ Writing and Digital Literacy Using Weblog at

5 Heru Setiawan, Farnia Sari English Education
Tridinanti University Of Palembang

6 Fiftinova & Muslih Hambali Project-Based Drama Learning to Improve Students’ Reading Achievement English Education

Steven F Zahri, Fiftinova, and M A correlation study between engagement in learning and academic
7 English Education
Yunus achievement among college students

Ulfa Putri Andalasia, Azwandi, and

8 The Pattern of Topic Change in Singaporean and Indonesian Conversation English Education
Irma Diani
Riski Aginia Hafizha, Fiftinova,
9 An Investigation to English Novice Teacher’s Reading Habits English Education
and Hariswan P J
The Correlations among English Language Learning Anxiety, English
Sekh Maulana, Rita Inderawati, Language Learning Attitudes, English Language Learning styles, and
10 English Education
Machdalena Vianty English Achievement of The Informatics and Computer Science Students
of STMIK MDP Palembang

Room Dempo 1
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20

No. Authors Title Departement

Riska Hasanah, Zuraida, Rita The Correlation Between Test Anxiety and English Mastery Of Eleventh
11 English Education
Hayati Grade Students of SMAN 1 Belitang
The Use of Code-Switching in Social Media (LINE) by Alumni of SMAN
12 Merta Septiani English Education
Sumatera Selatan
An Investigation of Listening Comprehension Problems Encountered by
13 Mela Maresta English Education
the 4th Semester of English Students at Sriwijaya University

The Interaction Of Text-To-Speech And Learning Motivation On Pre-

14 Maria Puspa Sari English Education
Service Teachers’ Reading Comprehension Ability

Lingga Agustina Suganda, Ismail Teacher’s Beliefs on Using Code Switching in Relation to Building
15 English Education
Petrus, Zuraida Zuraida Students’ Social Emotional Competence
Room Dempo 2
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No. Author Title Departement

1 Zahra Alwi, Ernalida, Yenni Lidyawati The Importance Of Material Of Learning Planning Language Education

Developing Novel Appreciation Teaching Based On Ideological

2 Mulyadi Eko Purnomo Language Education

Development Of Negotiation Technical Learning Media Based

Serli Lestari, Mulyadi Eko Purnomo, Agus
3 On Saintific Approach Using Sparkol Video Scribe For Language Education
Participants Class X SMK BSI Palembang

Development Of Writing Modules Scientific For Participants

Siti Ramodhona, Nurhayati Nurhayati,
4 Class Xi Sma Negeri 4 Palembang With Pedagogi Genre Language Education
Sungkowo Soetopo
Developing Student Worksheet Of Ecology-Based Descriptive
Rizka Sukowati, Subadiyono Subadiyono,
5 Text Writing In Seventh Grade Of Mts Muqimus Sunnah Language Education
Suhardi Mukmin
Developing Student Worksheet Of Ecology-Based Descriptive
Rika Hardayanti, Nurhayati Nurhayati,
6 Text Writing In Seventh Grade Of Mts Muqimus Sunnah Language Education
Didi Suhendi
The Development Of Modules Of Arguing In Debate Using
Aby Fatwa Negara, Mulyadi Eko
7 Genre Pedagogi Approach For Participants In Class X SMA Language Education
Purnomo, Didi Suhendi
Negeri 1 Kayuagung
Sustainability Of Sampyong: Revitalization Effort Of A
8 Nurhayati, Sukirno and Latifah Ratnawati Language Education
Performance Art To A Martial Art

Room Dempo 2
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20
No. Authors Title Departement

The Effectivity Of MOODLE E-Learning For Academic Writing

1 Santi Oktarina, Emzir and Zainal Rafli Language Education
Teaching Model
Preservation And Revitalization Of Palembang Malay Language
2 Emawati, Siti Gomo Attas and Zainal Rafli Language Education
Through Traditional Art Of Dulmuluk
Hesti Wahyuni Anggraini, Lingga The use of Android-based application “Pronunciation Practice”
3 English Education
Agustina Suganda and Dedi Kurniawan to improve students’ pronunciation
An Investigation of the Students Satisfaction with the Academic
4 Hariswan P. J Services Given by the Faculty of Teacher Training and English Education
Education, Sriwijaya University
The Use of Dialogue Journal to Improve Descriptive Writing
Ghina Salsabila, Margaretha Dinar
5 Achievement of the Eighth Grade Students of MTs Negeri 1 English Education
Sitinjak, and Rita Hayati
The Influence of Structured Questions in Teaching Writing
6 Dwi Andriani, Sartini Descriptive Paragraph to The Eighth Grade Students of MTS Al English Education
Huda Karang Melati
Dita Selvina, Rita Inderawati, Machdalena Developing Pisa-Based Reading Materials In Indonesian Context
7 English Education
Vianty In The Form Of Continuous Text
Public Perception and Expectation on The Service of Twelve
Bambang A. Loeneto, Nurmah Semil, Evi
8 Year Mandatory Education At Gelumbang Subdistrict of Muara English Education
Tri Sulyanti
Enim, District of South Sumatra Province
Motivation, academic dishonesty, and English achievement of
9 Fenisya Anggraini, Soni Mirizon, senior high school students in Palembang: Is there any English Education
Hariswan Putra Jaya correlation?
Room Leuser
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No Authors Title Department

Sani Safitri, Adhitya Rol Asmi, Developing and Using Students Work Sheet (LKPD) Based Problem
1 History Education
Edutivia Marditeni Based Learning (PBL) For Social Studies At Senior High School
Farida R Wargadalem, Nanda Julian
2 The Diaspora of Palembangnese Zuriat in Maluku History Education
Pratama, Lukman Najma
Multicultural Education Model Based on The Potential of Conflict in
3 Husnul Fatihah Civics Education
Musi Rawas, South Sumatra
Alfiandra Alfiandra, Puspa Dianti,
4 Developing Politic Education With Using Approaches Andradogi Civics Education
The Development of Contextual-Based Textbook on Constitutional
Kurnisar, Puspa Dianti, camellia Theory and Law Course in Pancasila and Civic Education Study
5 Civics Education
camellia Program of Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Sriwijaya
Lesson Study and Clinical Supervision: A Model for Improving Teachers
6 Umi Chotimah Civics Education
e esso a eve op e t ased o scove y ea g o as c
Competency of “Understanding Human Rights In UUD 1945”
7 Triyani Triyani Civics Education

8 Fitriyanti Accounting Learning Methods to Develop 21st Century Skills Economy Education
Learning Module Preparation Of Subjects Entrepreneurship Economics
9 Firman Nefia Education Program At The Teacher Training Faculty Of Sriwijaya Economy Education
10 Aulia Novemy Dhita Entrepreneur in History Education Curriculum History Education

Room Leuser
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20

No Authors Title Department

Used Heritage of Islamic History in Palembang City as Learning
11 Hudaidah History Education
Resources On Learning of Sejarah Peradaban Islam Indonesia.
Syarifuddin, Syahrial Z, Suparman
12 History Education
A The Development of Virtual Museum with Unity 3D of Learning History
Sulkipani, Emil El Faisal, Edwin Civic Education as an Instrument of Strengthening Students’
13 Civics Education
Nurdiansyah Archipelago Insight
Emil El Faisal, Umi Chotimah, Building Students' Environmental Caring Character trough Social
14 Civics Education
Sulkipani Science Education
Emil El Faisal, Riswan Jaenudin, Opportunities Pancasila and Civic Education as an Instrument to Build
15 Civics Education
Sulkipani of Students' Environmental Caring Character
Campus Social Responsibility Policy on Micro Small and Medium
16 Rita Martini, Zulkifli Economy Education
Enterprises Management
Room Rinjani 1
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No Authors Title Department

Melly Ariska,
Utilization of Physics Computation Based on Maple in Determining
1 Hamdi Akhsan, Phisics education
The Dynamics of Tippe Top
Muhammad Muslim

The Implementation of Role Play on Stem in the Nuclear Materials of

2 Murniati, Saparini Phisics education
Health to Improve Students' Participation
Rahma Tri Kusuma,
Effect of guided inquiry teaching model on student learning
3 Sardianto Markos Siahan, Phisics education
outcomes in static fluid
Nely Andriani
S Syuhendri, N Andriani, T Preliminary development of CTT to increase students’ conceptual
4 Phisics education
Taufiq understanding on Basic Laws of Dynamics

Ketang Wiyono, Ismet, Thermodynamics Interactive Multimedia Development Based on

5 Noprianti, Hesih Permawati, Multiple Intelligences on Physics Subject for Grade 11 Of Senior High Phisics education
Saparini School

S Zakiyah1, H Akhsan, and Developing Introduction of Quantum Physics Textbook Using STEM-
6 Phisics education
K Wiyono Based on Sub-Topic Spin

Salma Najibah, Sardianto Developing Modern Physics Course Teaching Materials in The Main
7 Markos Siahaan, and Hamdi Subject Of Atomic Structure Based on Science, Technology, Phisics education
Akhsan Engineering, and Mathematics
Hamdi Akhsan, Muhamad with Certainty of Response Index (CRI) Method in Physical
8 Education Program of FKIP Sriwijaya University Phisics education
Yusup, Melly Ariska
Biqom Helda Zia, Sardianto
Development of Electronic Modules Based Inkuiri on Physics
9 Markos Siahaan, Nyayu Phisics education
Lesson Materials of Temperature and Kalor in Secondary School
Erta Sri Handayani Framona, The Influence of Using Phet-Assisted Discovery Learning Model on
10 Ismet, Sardianto Markos the Students Learning Outcomes of Class XI in Public Senior High Phisics education
Siahaan School 1 Ogan Komering Ulu

Room Rinjani 1
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20

No Authors Title Department

Rendy Yudha Pratama, Development of Information and Communication Technology Module

11 Sardianto Markos Siahaan, of Electronic Class XI-Based Web Browser Materials in the Middle Phisics education
Djamaah Sopah School

Development of Multiple Representation-Based Teaching Materials of

Ismet, Ketang Wiyono,
12 Introduction to Solid State Physics in Physics Education of Sriwijaya Phisics education
Saparini, Depi Oktasari
Anugrah Ria Sari,
Development of Interactive Multimedia on Class XII Dynamic
13 Sardianto Markos Siahaan, Phisics education
Electricity Material
Muhammad Muslim
Ida Sriyantii and Jaidan Synthesis of Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAc) Fibers Using Needleless
14 Phisics education
Jauhari Electrospinning Technique with Straight Wire Electrode
Room Rinjani 2
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No Authors Title Department

1 Yenny Anwar, R Susanti, Analyzing Scientific Argumentation Skills of Biology Education Biology education
Ermayanti Students in General Biology Courses

Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio in Diagnosis of Stroke Type In

2 Apriyanto, Bahar E, Ramadhoni Mohammad Hoesin Hospital Palembang Biology education
PD, Marisdina S, Junaidi A

Ermayanti, Y. Anwar and D. Analyzing Scientific Reasoning Skills of Biology Prospective

3 Biology education
Zein Teachers in Plant Anatomy Course

Safira Permata Dewi, D Zen, M Literature analysis for making diagnostic test instruments in
4 Biology education
E Haryani reproductive system concept for undergraduate student

Kodri Madang, Ong Eng Tek, The effectiveness of STAD on the learning of fisces in Vertebrate
5 Sadiah Baharom, Syakirah Zoology among Biology Education pre-service teachers in Biology education
Samsudin Sriwijaya University
Triana Septiyani, Fakhili Gulo, The Development of Interactive Multimedia on The World of Plants
6 Biology education
Adeng Slamet at Biology of Senior High School

Rahmi Susanti, Yenny Anwar, Implementation of Learning Based on Scientific Approach to

7 Improve Skills of Science Process of Biology Education Students Biology education
in General Biology Subject
Effect of Web-Assisted Science Practicum Program (W-ASPP)
8 Hartono, Rahmi Susanti toward Science Process Skills of Elementary Teacher Education Chemistry Education
Students on Distance Learning
D. K. Sari, A. Permanasari & Design and Implementation Biochemistry Project with Local
9 Chemistry Education
F.M. T. Supriyanti Materials to Increased Student’s Creativity
Effendi, Fuad Abd. Rachman, Development of Multiple Choice of Objective Test Instruments For
10 Chemistry Education
Yulianti Sartika Chemical Lessons in SMA Negeri 10 Palembang

Room Rinjani 2
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20

No Authors Title Departmen

Tatang Suhery, Ratna Farwati,

Indah Sari, Kartika Metafisika, STEM education at Indonesia: A meta-analysis on implementation
11 Chemistry Education
Debora Suryani Sitinjak, Dian of STEM Education
Farkhatus Solikha

Material Development of Physical Chemical Course at Chemistry

12 Sanjaya Education PMIPA FKIP Sriwijaya University Using Task Based Chemistry Education
Learning Model
Room Rinjani 3
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No Authors Title Department

Hartati, Silvi Aryanti, and
1 Profile of Nutrition Education at Elementary School Sport Education
Nutrition Intake Level of Athlete in Sriwijaya State Sports
2 Iyakrus Sport Education
School (SONS) South Sumatera
The Development of Badminton Overhead Lob Model Through
3 Aditya Nobery Various Exercises on Novice Athletes of PB. Anugrah Padang Sport Education
Selasa Palembang.
Correlation Of Physical Activity With Health Exposure And
4 Muhammad Taufik Fahlipi Sport Education
Urine Ph Of Workers In Depot Pasir Mutiara
The Development Of Javelin Throw Learning Model Based
5 Fauzan Musyabbih Sport Education
Games In Elementary School
The Development Variation Models Of Physical Exercise For
6 Denny Ariansyah Sport Education
Begginer Footballs Athletes

7 Rizky Bagus Santoso The Development of Table Tennis Learning Model For Sport Education
Improving Theory and Practice Based on Scientific Character
Relationship Between Duration Of Drugs Consumption And
8 Retno Rianto Physical Fitness Levels With Cognitive Function To Sport Education
Rehabilitation Patient At Ernaldi Bahar Hospital
Development Of Learning Techniques Of Basic Techniques
Dulmanan, Iyakrus,
9 Based On Curriculum 2013 Based On Sports And Health Sport Education
Meirizal Usra
Education In Basic School
Developing The Learning Model Of Physical Education For
10 Muhammad Deswin Pratama Elementary Students On The Basis Of Traditional Sport As The Sport Education
Local Wisdom

Room Rinjani 3
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20

No Authors Title Department

The Development Of Basic Techniques Sepak Takraw Exercise
11 Fajar Wahyu Edi Sport Education
With Approach Playing The Novice Athletes
Relationship Between Dehydration with Working Work On Sand
12 Ratno Purnama Sari Sport Education
Carrier Workers In Depot Pasir Mutiara
Relation Of Education Level And Knowledge On Motivation In
13 M. Wisnu Age Prayoga Doing Gymnastics In Third Trimester Pregnant Woman In Sport Education
Bengkulu City
The Effect Of Physical Work On Urine Colors And Hematocrite
14 Riri Anggriawan Conditions In Heat-Exposed Workers In Depot Pasir Mutiara Sport Education
Boom Baru
Pengembangan Model Pembelajaran Lari Jarak Pendek Berbasis
15 Novan Andriyan Sport Education
Permainan Di Sekolah Dasar
The Development of Footwork Exercise Model for Increasing
16 Angga Tiara Pramudita Sport Education
Novice Athlete Agility At Badminton Game
Room Semeru 1
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No Authors Title Department

The Development Of Basket Ball Game Learning Model Through
1 Tedy Tanjung Taher Modification Of Facilities And Infrastructives In Junior High Sport Education
School Students
Desi Pasla, Syafaruddin, Development Of Game-Based Long Jump Learning Models Sport Education
Comparison Of Health Educational Through Lecturer And Audio
3 Ahmad Sastianto Visual Method About Physical Activity In Pregnant Woman During Sport Education
Third Semester Pregnancy Bengkulu In City
4 Efran Saputa The Development Of Long Jump Style Squat Learning Model Sport Education
Based On Saintific Approach
Relationship Between Nutrition Status, Knowledge Of Activities
5 Andi Kurnaiwan With 24 Hour Activities Of Pregnant Woman Trimester Iii In 5 Sport Education
Public Health Center Bengkulu City

Correlation Self Concepi, Attitude And Achievement Motivation

6 Arif Armadani Alsubiatun With Performance Of Sports Teachers In Ilir Timur 1 Palembang Sport Education
Province South Sumatera

7 Meirizal Usra Learning Model Of Salto Backward By Using Media Tools Sport Education
The Difference Of Influence Weight Training Methods Set System
8 Ponidi And Pyramid To Change Muscle Hypertrophy On Member Of Sport Education
Jetset Fitness Palembang

Relationship between Malondialdehyda (Mda) Conditions with

Yusef Rusdi, Fauziah N Kurdi
9 Neurotropic Factors of Featured Brain Content (Bdnf) on Lansia Sport Education
and Rostika Flora
that Does Physical Exercises Terprogram

10 Reza Resah Pratama Analysis of Physical and Health Education Teacher’s Performance Sport Education
Toward School HealthUnit Program Implementation in Public
Elementary School in Sukarami District Palembang

Room Semeru 1
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20

No Authors Title Department

11 Ade Hasbullah The Effect Of Physical Programming Exercise to Bdnf Serum Sport Education
Levels of Elderly in Jantung Sehat Club Palembang
The Development of Soft Skills Learning Model through
12 Richi Afriansyah Cooperative Learning in Physical Education Learning in Sport Education
Elementary School
Room Semeru 2
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No. Authors Title Departement

Siti Dewi Maharani, Zulela Transformation Of Religius Character Values For Students Of Sd Plus
1 Primary Education
M.S, Nadiroh Igm Palembang

Muhammad Kristiawan,
2 Mapping Managerial Competence Of Primary Education Primary Education
Rohana, Nila Kesumawati

The Influence Of Audio-Visual Media With The Basis Of Local

Advantages Of South Sumatera Towards Students Learning Outcomes Of
3 Viska Ananda Putri Primary Education
Fifth Grade Students With Ecosystem Theme In Elementary School Of
Muhammadiyah 14 Palembang

Strategy For Improving The Quality Of Teachers-Made Sumative Test At

4 Evy Ratna Kartika Waty Non-Formal Education
The Senior High School In South Sumatera

5 Azizah Husin Conditions and Issues Community Library in Palembang Non-Formal Education

Harlina, Sigit Dwi Sucipto, Implementation of Local Wisdom of Art Dul Muluk in Classical Guidance
6 Counseling Education
Rima Risma and Counseling Service at School

Correlation between the concept of self and academic procrastination

7 Rahmi S, Sri S Counseling Education
students in junior high school
A. D. Putri, Syutaridho, A.
8 Observation Sheet of Learning Activities for Micro Teaching Counseling Education
K. Wardani

9 Vina Amilia Suganda Building Student Character Through Learning Mathematics Primary Education

Development Of Student Work Sheet Theme My Homeland Sub Theme

10 Hasmalena Palembang City For Children Group B At Pembina 2 State Kindergarten Early Childhood Educ.

Room Semeru 2
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20
No. Authors Title Departement

Syafdaningsih, Dina The Development Of Measuring Material Game For Children In Group B
11 Early Childhood Educ.
Juniarti, Sri Sumarni Pembina 1 Palembang Public Kindergarten

Yetty Rahelly and Ratna The Effect Of Relia Media To Group B Preschoolers’ Counting Ability At
12 Early Childhood Educ.
Asih Lestari Rosa Kindergarten Palembang

Windi D. Andika, Maruf

Playing Board Games With Mathematical Self -Concept To Support Early
13 Akbar, Yufiarti, Sri Early Childhood Educ.
Numeracy Skill Of 5-6 Years Old Children

Taufik Rihatno, Sri

14 Nuraini, Yufiarti, Ahmad Activities Swimming And Motor Ability Children Ages Early Early Childhood Educ.
Syukri Sitorus

Surti Kanti, Burhanuddin Development Of Early Children's Teaching Materials In Children's

15 Early Childhood Educ.
Tolla, Yufiarti Interest In Jambi Province
Improvement Ability to Knowing Number Concepts through Interactive
16 Syafdaningsih Video Media for Children Aged 5-6 Years in Public Kindergarten Early Childhood Educ.
Pembina 1 Palembang
Room Semeru 3
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No Authors Title Department

Sujinal Arifin, Zulkardi, Ratu An Investigation of Students’ Understanding and Belief on Mathematics
Ilma Indra Putri, Ely Susanti Mathematical Problem Solving in The Context Struggle Monument Education

Cecil Hiltrimartin, M. Yusup, Measurement on Self-Study Performance of Education Professional Mathematics

Yusuf Hartono Students Mathematics Teacher FKIP Unsri Education

Modeling Implementation Analysis of Learning Integers with the

Muslimin, Ratu Ilma Indra Putri, Mathematics
3 Approach of Realistic Based Islamic Values in Junior High School of
Zulkardi, Nyimas Aisyah Education
Muhammadiyah 1 Palembang..

Learning Design of Nets Cube and Surface Area of Cube Using Mats Mathematics
4 Indra Abdul Rahman
Puzzle on V Grade Education

Mathematics Education Student’s Representation in Solving Algebra Mathematics

5 Baiduri
Problems Based on Their Various Spatial Ability Education

I Indaryanti1, N Aisyah2, S The Design of The Mathematics Non-routine Problems Based on Mathematics
Winarni3, and P Astuti4 Values for Student SMA Education

Andinasari1), Zulkardi 2) , Learning Design of the Value Reversed Comparison By Using the Mathematics
Somakim3), and Yulianto4) Aeroplane Take Off as A Context in The Class VII Education

Netty Herawati, Zulkardi, The Role of the Context of the Fashion Pattern In the Learning Mathematics
Darmawijoyo Operation of Real Numbers Education

Evie Nurmala Dewi, Zulkardi, Mathematics

9 The Use of Tekwan Context in Comparative Learning
and Yusuf Hartono Education

Ririn Suparti Kurnianingsih,

Pembelajaran Peluang di Kelas VII Menggunakan Konteks Permainan Mathematics
10 Ratu Ilma Indra Putri, and Yusuf
Ular Tangga Education

Room Semeru 3
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20

No Authors Title Department

Dyah Rahmawati, Supporting The Students’ Understanding of Linear Function Using Mathematics
Darmawijoyo, & Hapizah Mathematical Modeling Education

Hardiyanti Indriani, Ratu Ilma Learning Design of Sequence and Series of Arithmetic Using The Mathematics
Indra Putri, Darmawijoyo Context of Songket Palembang Education

Rini Herlina, Zulkardi , Ratu Mathematics

13 Professional Teacher Training Design with PMRI and LSLC
Ilma, Somakim Education
S R Lestari, Y Hartono, Mathematics
14 Learning Function With Online Transport Application
Somakim Education
Rina Anggraini, Somakim, and Learning Product Property of Logarithm Through Realistic Mathematics
Hapizah Mathematics Education of Indonesia (PMRI) Education
Room Bromo 1
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No Authors Title Department

Probing Prompting Technique Assisted Blended Learning Viewed

1 Jayanti and Rahmawati From Trials and Kam on The Ability of Problems and Understanding
Mathematic Students in University PGRI Palembang

Anggria Septiani Mulbasari, Implementation Based Instructional Materials Contextual Teaching Mathematics
Nora Surmilasari and Learning (CTL) in Mathematics Learning High School Students Education

Nyimas Aisyah, Umi Chotimah, Developing E-Learning Content Based on Character Values in Mathematics
Meryansumayeka Mathematics Teaching and Learning Education

Meryansumayeka, Ratu Ilma IP, Mathematics

4 How Students Learn Fraction Through Pempek Lenjer Context
Zulkardi Zulkardi Education

Mathematical Learning through Modeling Task in Elementary Mathematics

5 Bambang Riyanto
School: Using Grow of Population Context Education
Asnurul Isroqmi, Allen Marga
Analysis of students' logical thinking skills in computer programming Mathematics
6 Retta, and Tika Dwi
learning Education
Rahma Wulandari, Cecil Mathematics
7 Designing Student Worksheet Based On Meas
Hiltrimartin Education
How Video and Course Manual Support Teacher Students in Mathematics
8 meryansumayeka, Zulkardi
Designing A Fraction Context Problem Education
Zulkardi, Ratu Ilma IP

9 Qonitha Amalia, Yusuf Hartono, Students’ Critical Thinking Ability in Modeling Based Learning

Increasing Conceptual Understanding of Entrepreneurship on

Arika Sari, Risda Intan Mathematics
10 Indonesian Senior High School Students Using the STEAM-
Sistyawati, Somakim Education
Entrepreneurship Learning Model

Room Bromo 1
Session 1
15.30 – 16.20
No Authors Title Department

Kadek Mistawan, Somakim, Design of the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) Using the Sharing Mathematics
Hapizah Context Education
Endah Dwi Permata, Zulkardi, Mathematics
12 Learning Sequences Using Mathematical Modelling
Darmawijoyo Education
Lisa Juanti, Yusuf Hartono, Building student's understading of system of equation through Mathematics
Darmawijoyo mathematical modelling Education

Eli Marlina, Ratu Ilma Indra Analysis of students' logical thinking skills in computer programming Mathematics
Putri, Darmawijoyo learning Education

Meryansumayeka, Zulkardi, Teacher Students’ Difficulties in Doing Tasks for PMRI Online Mathematics
Ratu Ilma Indra Putri Meeting Education
Ira Marion, Reno Sutriono,
16 Nyimas Aisyah, Analysis of Junior High School Students’ Character Values on
Meryansumayeka Mathematics Education
Room Bromo 2
Session 1
13.30- 15.10

No Authors Title Department

The Development of Predictive Problems of the
Dewi Aprilia, Zulkardi , Yusuf
1 National Exam of the Geometry Subject in the Junior Mathematics Education
High School
Jawasi, Zulkardi, Development of SPSS Practicum Module on Courses
2 Mathematics Education
Darmowijoyo Statistics Education

Eli Yuliana, Yusuf Hartono, and Desain Learning Linear Program with Context of
3 Mathematics Education
Darmawijoyo School Fence Design
Khairun Nisak, Zulkardi
Using Origami as the Context in Learning Similarity at
4 Zulkardi, Darmawijoyo Mathematics Education
Fifth Grade

C.Rahayu, R.I.I.Putri, Zulkardi, Early Childhood and Their Curiosity in Introducing

5 Mathematics Education
Y.Hartono Mathematics

Improvement of Ability of Mathematical Problem Study

6 Rahmawati, Jayanti Using Probing Prompting Technique Assisted Blended Mathematics Education
Learning in University PGRI Palembang
The Use of SIM to Improve Students’ Motivation of
Risda Intan Sistyawati, Arika
7 Mathematics Learning SIM (Study Instagram Mathematics Education
Sari, Somakim

Nur Hasanah Pahlepy, Ratu The Utilization of Motorcycle Service on Linear

8 Mathematics Education
Ilma Indra putri, Yusuf Hartono Program Learning

Learning Material on The Linear Equation System With

Desy Amelia, Ratu Ilma Indra
9 Two Variables (SPLDV) By Using The Context of Mathematics Education
Putri, Somakim
Train Ticket Receipts On VIII Grade Students

Ranny Novitasari, Zulkardi, linear equations with one variable using a balancing
10 Mathematics Education
Darmawijoyo tool for grade vii

Room Bromo 2
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20

No Authors Title Department

Problem-solving ability of students using context of

Arini Dyah Riskanita, Ratu Ilma
11 palembang on material operations to calculate the form Mathematics Education
Indra Putri, Somakim
of algebra
Indah Lestari1*, Nyimas Character Value Analysis of Senior High School
12 Mathematics Education
Aisyah2, Indaryanti3 Student in Doing Non Routin Math Problems
Hendra Pratama, Zulkardi Designing of Composition Function Learning Function
13 Zulkardi, Darmawijoyo through Pendekatan Matematika Realistik Indonesia Mathematics Education
Darmawijoyo (PMRI)
Analysis of Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving
14 J Araiku, I N Parta, S Rahardjo Ability as the Effect of Constant Ill-Structured Mathematics Education
Problem’s Employment
An Analysis of Implementation of Value-based
Vira Nurkomaria, Nyimas
15 problem-solving Approaches in System of Equation Mathematics Education
Aisyah, Scristia
with Three Variables
Room Papandayan
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No Authors Title Department

Design of Social Arithmetic Learning (Netto, Bruto, and
Reny shinta sari, Ratu Ilma Mathematics
1 Tara) in VII Grade With Snack Context Using PMRI
Indra Putri, Yusuf Hartono Education

2 Tengyue Li, Simon Fong SSCARF Education Model and Happiness Index Modelling Mathematics

F. Meta Kesuma Wijayanti, The Role of Linear Programming Learning Activity Using Mathematics
Yusuf Hartono and Hapizah Mathematical modelling Education
Herni Roma Lubis, Zulkardi, Building Students’ Understanding of Invers Function Using Mathematics
and Ely Susanti Propit Context Education
Development of Text Reading for School Literacy
KNS Effendi, Zulkardi, RII Mathematics
5 Movement Development Stage in Mathematics Learning at
Putri, and P Yaniawati Education
Junior High School
Firdaus, Yusuf Hartono, Design Learning About Reflection With PMRI Approach in Mathematics
Somakim Class VII Education

Marweny Handayani, Ratu Ilma Development of Mathematical Problems Models of PISA Mathematics
Indra Putri, Somakim Context Occupation for Student Junior High School Education

Desain Pembelajaran Persamaan Linear Satu Variabel

Hendro Tanzil, Zulkardi, dan Mathematics
8 Menggunakan Konteks Struk Pembayaran PDAM Dengan
Yusuf Hartono Education
Pendekatan PMRI di SMP

Silvia Fitriani, Ratu Ilma Indra Mathematics

9 Classroom Assessment in Mathematics Education
Putri Education
Design of Mathematical Learning Using Role Playing
Somakim, Darmawijoyo, Ning Mathematics
10 Model to Foster Self Efficacy Ability of High School
Eliyati, Yulianita Education

Room Papandayan
Session 2
15.30 – 16.20
No Authors Title Department

Preliminary Study of Pre-Service Teacher Competency in Mathematics

11 Elika Kurniadi, Darmawijoyo
Developing Problem Based Mathematical Modeling Education

Sri Jumainisa, Darmawijoyo, The Development of Mathematical Modelling Problems Mathematics

and Yusuf Hartono Using Health Context in Class V of Elementary School Education

Development of Media Mind Map with Freemind

Jhon Kenedi, Ratu Ilma Indra Mathematics
13 Applications On English language course in English
Putri, and Darma Wijoyo Education
Education Studies Program University OF Palembang

W D Pratiwi, E Kurniadi, P Learning Design for Transition from Arithmetic Thinking to Mathematics
Astuti Algebraic Thinking Education
How to Study Limit through Computer-Aided Learning with Mathematics
15 Budi Mulyono
Conceptual-Conflict Strategy Education
Mathematical Understanding Capability of Senior High
Yana Sanova, Ely Susanti, Ayu Mathematics
16 Schol Number 1 Students through Learning Assisted
Mentari Education
Grapher Application on Android
Room Kerinci
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10

No Authors Title Department

Edwin Nurdiansyah, Emil El Utilization of Powtoon to Improve Student Learning Civic Education
Faisal, Sulkipani Outcomes at Citizenship Education Course

Messi, Muhammad Kristiawan, Developing a Module of Coaching the Character Non formal
Yasir Arafat Discipline through Scout Extracurricular education

Wiwin Anggita Sari, Developing a Module of Guidance’s School educational

3 Muhammad Kristiawan, Yasir Accreditation for School’s Stakeholder management
The Influence of Transformational Leadership nd
Yeni Wulandari, Bukman Lian, educational
4 Principal Managerial Competence Towards Teachers’
Yasir arafat management

Rosma Fitriya, Muhammad Developing a Module of Training Application for educational

Kristiawan, Tobari Assessing Curriculum 2013 management

Rahma Danniarti, Muhammad Developing a Module of Teachers’ Professionalism Teacher’s
Kristiawan, Tobari Based Effective Teachers’ Theory performance

Nur Rahmat, Bukman Lian, A Research Based Training of Scientific Paper for Teacher’s
Muhammad Kristiawan Teachers performance

The Influence of Teachers’ Work Motivation and

Hamdani, Nila Kesumawati, educational
8 Principals’ Managerial Competence on Teachers’
Muhammad Kristiawan management
The Implementation of Problem-based Learning Teacher’s
9 Desi, B. Lesmini, I Hidayat Assisted by Student Worksheets to Improve Student performance
Problem Solving Skills
Increasing Learning Motivation for VII.4 Class Students
in the Learning Process of PPKn Through the
10 Yusni Widawati, Umi Chotimah Civics education
Application of the Treffinger Model at SMPN 17

Room Kerinci
Session 1
13.30 – 15.10
Implementation of Discovery Models for Building Skills
11 Wirda, Hudaidah of Historical Comprehension of History of Students in History education
the Srijaya Negara High School in Palembang

Elfahmi D Kurniawan, Validity of Electronic Module Based on Tutorial Videos

12 Learning media
Nopriyanti, S D Sucipto Autocad 3 Dimension