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Lenovo Technical Issue Summary List

- For Oct 2018

Lenovo AP Services Technical Support

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Course Objectives
• In this course, you will learn:
− Known Technical Issue solutions for Think
• Issue Summary List – Think

• Issue Summary List – OS


 Tips released after 2017

 Newly added tips highlighted in green
Issue Summary List – Think
Topic 1
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
136 15L Seagate and WD HDD ThinkCentre 1. Fix on fail. Change HDD & Rubber grommet HT506979 Hardware 9/10/2018
PCBA Creep Corrosion Issue M710t/M715t/M720t/E75/ (FRU: 02CW459)
V520-15IKL/V525-15ABR 2. For key customers in coastal areas, suggest
IdeaCentre 510/510A- proactively replacing HDD and rubber
15IKL/510/510A- grommet as well to prevent in advance.
135 Lenovo Thin Client Support Lenovo Thin Client Refer to the detailed tips. HF004001 Software/ 9/19/2018
Overview Hardware
134 Storage test will be failed when ThinkCentre Solution: Update BIOS. HT507179 Software/ 9/13/2018
Optane memory enabled M720s/M720q Workaround: Please download Lenovo Hardware
Diagnostic Windows version and rerun hardware
a. If test passes, then the HW should has no
b. If test still fails, hardware repair is needed.
133 Display (LCD) replacement for ThinkPad T480s 1. If the LCD has 3 or more visible defective HT507092 Hardware 9/10/2018
panels with ThinkPad Privacy pixels, it will be deemed as defective by
Guard Technology Lenovo and is replaceable upon request, if
within the warranty period.
2. If the LCD fails one of these criteria, it will be
deemed as defective by Lenovo and is
replaceable upon request, if within the
warranty period (refer to the detailed tips).
132 Cannot rotate screen after ThinkPad X1 Yoga (20FQ, Download and install latest Intel Integrated HT501913 Software 8/29/2018
installing Windows 10 Version 20FR) Sensor driver.
1607 (Anniversary Update) ThinkPad Yoga 14 (20FY)
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
131 Tiny-in-One Monitor has Blank ThinkCentre TIO22 Solution: Update Firmware HT507018 Software 8/19/2018
Display on First Boot After Power ThinkCentre TIO24 Workaround: Press the video input select button
Loss on the Tiny-In-One twice.
Press once to look for an external video source,
and then a second time to return to the internal
Tiny-In-One video source.
130 Video flicker on internal LCD when ThinkPad T480s Completely covering these exposed components HT507053 Hardware 8/14/2018
opening/closing the LCD lid with a non-conductive tape (i.e. Kapton or fabric
acetate) will resolve the issue.
*Please follow the provided rework instructions:
/T480s IVO Panel Flicker Rework Instructions.pdf
129 Ports on type C card may be too ThinkCentre M920t Option 1:Open the PCI bracket then move the HT506984 Hardware 8/12/2018
close to the chassis to plug the ThinkCentre M920s PCI type bracket to right boss.
cable ThinkCentre M720t Option 2:Move Type C card from PCI slot 1 to
ThinkCentre M720s PCI slot 3 (if this machine has PCIex4 connector
like ThinkCentre M920t/s)
Option 3:If this issue still cannot be fixed.
Suggest to replace the chassis base
128 Unable to view post or access ThinkCentre M720s Option 1: Connect the monitor directly without HT506765 Hardware 8/11/2018
BIOS setup interface when using ThinkCentre M720t DP to HDMI dongle
DP to HDMI dongle ThinkCentre M920s Option 2: Use a discrete graphic card
ThinkCentre M920t Option 3: Only DP to HDMI dongle available
without other cables.
127 After installing Hotkey Features ThinkPad Download and install Hotkey Features Integration HT506990 Software 8/7/2018
Integration via MDT or SCCM, the version
hotkeys such as F4/F7/F8/etc may
not function.
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
126 System displays a blank screen with ThinkPad L430/L530 1. Insert a non-bootable USB device (mouse, HT079465 Software 8/7/2018
a blinking cursor after powering on keyboard, memory) into any USB port, then
power on the system.
2. Go to the ThinkPad Setup menu.
3. Click on Security, click on I/O Port Access and
click on Bluetooth.
4. Change the setting from Enabled to Disabled.
5. Press F10 to save the setting.
6. Restart the system and the operating system
will start up.
125 System displays video garbage ThinkPad Refer to the detailed tips. HT102243 Hardware 8/3/2018
124 External monitor may flicker with ThinkPad L380 1. Update to BIOS 1.12 (R0RET29W) or later. HT506982 Hardware 7/27/2018
USB Full-Speed device ThinkPad Yoga L380 2. Use the USB Full-Speed device in the right
USB port on the system
3. Use the USB Full-Speed device through a
USB 3.0 or USB-C dock/hub
4. If the customer declines the solutions above,
the issue may be solved by an updated system
board being released in August 2018.
123 Screen flicker on selected ThinkPad ThinkPad X1 Yoga 1. From Windows Desktop, press ALT+CTRL+ HT506966 Software 7/27/2018
X1 Yoga 1st and 2nd Gen 1st & 2nd Gen F12 to bring up the Intel HD Graphics Control
2. From the Panel, select "Power"
3. Select "Panel Screen Refresh" and set to
Increasing the brightness setting will solve the
issue. No hardware replacement is required.
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
122 Maintenance utility 1.08 or later ThinkPad Refer to the detailed tips. HT506954 Software 7/25/2018
for UEFI usage
121 BSOD, drive not found, or 2100 ThinkPad T570/T580 1. T570: D-Cover FRU (01ER012), replace D-cover HT506914 Hardware 7/25/2018
error ThinkPad P51s/P52s with FRU 01YU907 and replace system board.
2. T580: D-Cover FRU (01YR458), replace D-cover
with FRU 01YU908 and replace system board.
3. P51s: D-Cover FRU (01ER012), replace D-cover
with FRU 01YU907 and replace system board.
4. P52s: D-Cover FRU (01YR458), replace D-cover
with FRU 01YU908 and replace system board.
120 Lenovo BIOS Simulator Center: All Refer to the detailed tips. HT502745 Software 7/16/2018
An interactive BIOS Setup utility
119 Error "PWMTR64V.DLL" or ThinkPad 1. Method One: For Windows 7, install the latest HT500208 Software 7/16/2018
"PWMTR32V.DLL" while Lenovo Power Manager. For Windows 8
starting up onwards, reinstall Lenovo Power Manager
2. Method Two: Disable Lenovo Settings Power in
Administrative Tasks
118 LCD display hanging/freezing ThinkPad L440/L540 1. Check whether the conductive cloth is separated HT506520 Hardware 7/12/2018
from D cover.
2. If the floating conductive was found to be partially
or fully detached, replace D cover.
117 ThinkSmart Hub 500 FAQs ThinkSmart Hub 500 Refer to the detailed tips. HT506104 Hardware/ 7/11/2018
116 WV4 panel brightness unable to ThinkPad X270 Update to BIOS v1.29 (R0IET51W) or later. HT506192 Software 6/18/2018
be adjusted by hotkey
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
115 IR Camera may not function ThinkPad X1 Carbon Update the camera firmware, the camera driver, HT506524 Software 6/18/2018
properly after loading new drivers 5th/X1 Yoga and Mirametrix Glance to the latest available one
2nd/T470/T480/T480s from Lenovo.
114 USB flash drives may not be ThinkCentre M920t Re-plug device or reboot the OS. HT506762 Hardware 6/18/2018
detected by OS resuming from ThinkCentre M920s Note: This issue is caused by the failure of USB
S3/S4 or in BIOS setup ThinkCentre M720t device to meet USB specification.
ThinkCentre M720s
113 AC adapter not recognized / Main ThinkPad T470p Update BIOS. HT506717 Software 6/25/2018
battery will not charge (20J6, 20J7)
112 The screen orientation may not ThinkPad Yoga Open Action Center by clicking on the icon HT103981 Software 6/7/2018
rotate automatically on ThinkPad ThinkPad Yoga 11e in the Taskbar status area. Then, choose the
Yoga systems with Windows 10 ThinkPad Yoga 12 option for Rotation Lock to turn it on or off, as
after converting the system to ThinkPad Yoga 14 desired.
Tablet, Stand, or Tent mode. (20DM, 20DN)
ThinkPad Yoga 15
111 Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 may ThinkSmart Hub 500 1. Sign into the Hub 500 as an administrator. HT506707 Software 6/5/2018
show the System Serial Number 2. Download utility from
incorrectly in BIOS Setup
3. Unzip the contents to a directory in the Hub
500, example, unzip to the Desktop.
4. Open the folder and double-click on Auto.bat
110 Random start menu popups Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Update Touch Firmware. HT506280 Software 2/26/2018
Yoga 1st generation
models 20FQ or 20FR
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
109 LCD Cover Rubber Separation ThinkPad 11e 3rd If the LCD cover was manufactured in July or August HT506480 Hardware 5/7/2018
Gen 2016 (from 2016/07-2016/08), replace the LCD
Yoga 11e 3rd Gen cover according to its FRU. If the cover is outside of
the date range, no repair action should be taken.
108 Cracked LCD cover near hinge ThinkPad If there are no signs of obvious abuse or other HT103608 Hardware 5/3/2018
area T440/T450/T460 physical damage AND the system has the issue
(Non-Touch models identified in this article AND the system is still within
only) its Lenovo warranty period, replace the LCD rear
cover (A cover) with the corresponding FRU.
107 No display on external DP ThinkCentre M715q Replace the system board planar with 'New' Lenovo HT506523 Hardware 4/27/2018
connected monitor after resuming FRU. Refer to the detailed tips.
from S3/S4
106 Side Screw Sponge Replacement ThinkPad X1 Tablet Refer to the detailed tips. HT506457 Hardware 4/24/2018
SOP (3rd gen)
105 System hangs if battery is removed ThinkPad X250 Solution: Requires replacement of the base cover HT506019 Hardware 4/19/2018
FRU assembly - FRU 00HT389
Workaround: The system can be reset by use of
the emergency reset hole (pin) located on the
bottom of the system unit.
104 Hinge Separating from LCD ThinkPad As long as the system does not show obvious signs HT506468 Hardware 4/13/2018
Assembly T460s/T470s of physical abuse (corner drops, unrelated broken
plastics, etc.), it is recommended a one-time repair
be performed under warranty.
103 White Horizontal or Vertical Lines ThinkPad E570 Order LCD panel replacement FRU part # 01EP138 HT506431 Hardware 3/30/2018
may appear on display
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
102 Error: "device name bxtda7219max 11e / Yoga 11e Replace the audio sub card. HT506299 Hardware 3/6/2018
is incorrect" when using repair shim Chromebook 4th
101 ThinkPad X270 system may ThinkPad X270 Replace SSD FRU00UP646 with replacement HT506245 Hardware 2/27/2018
experience BSOD or hang condition FRU 00UP436 or authorized substitution and
during normal use install OS
100 Dark or distorted picture on screen ThinkCentre M810z Update BIOS to version M1CKT28A or newer. HT506112 Software 2/16/2018
after installing LCD part number
99 External screen flickering or blinking ThinkPad E550 Update the VGA IC firmware. HT104459 Software 1/17/2018
when connected by VGA port
98 ThinkPad USB-C Dock (40A9) ThinkPad X1 Tablet Disconnect/reconnect the USB-C cable. HT506005 Software 1/9/2018
connectivity lost after X1 Tablet (Gen 2)
(Gen 2) BIOS Update
97 System display may corrupt or lock ThinkPad Add two rubber pads under the memory in the HT505905 Hardware 1/9/2018
up if system is held by left front X240\X250\X260\X right and left corner.
corner 270
96 Lenovo Power Manager does not All ThinkPad There is no Lenovo Power Manager for HT104070 Software 1/4/2018
work in Windows 10 Windows 10. If you want to use battery
conservation mode, you can download Lenovo
Vantage from Windows Store.
95 ThinkPad X1 Tablet Productivity ThinkPad X1 Tablet Once the BIOS update is complete and the HT503484 Software 12/21/2017
Module Reseat after BIOS Update (Type 20GG, system reboots back to Windows, then detach
20GH) and then reattach the Productivity Module to
the system to allow the BIOS to redetect the
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
94 Hang with no video during POST ThinkCentre Update BIOS. HT505942 Software 12/15/2017
after using BIOS WMI interface M710q/s/t/715q/s/t/8
93 After enabling the "Chassis ThinkCentre Add one piece of Mylar to the inside of the HT505881 Hardware 12/15/2017
Intrusion Detection" in BIOS, the M910q/x/710q chassis top cover to address the problem.
system may show “Error 0176”
during system post.
92 Keyboard FRU is missing WLAN ThinkPad Yoga-12 Replace the FRU keyboard's backplate missing HT505348 Hardware 12/15/2017
Screw Post screw post with the backplate from the
system's original keyboard.
91 Built in microphone is not working All ThinkPad Method 1: Make sure that the microphone is HT104054 Software 11/28/2017
in Windows 10 not disabled and is set as default.
Method 2: Unmute or increase Microphone
Method 3: Updating drivers either from
Support Site or Microsoft.
Method 4 : Run the Program Compatibility
90 Configuring ThinkPad USB-C Dock ThinkPad X1 Carbon PXE support for these docks must be enabled HT503572 Software 11/17/2017
and ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock 5th (20K3, 20K4) in the respective ThinkPad BIOS Setup Utility.
for use with PXE support T470\p\s
89 Microsoft Windows 7 RDVD ThinkCentre Recovery DVD parts have been updated to HT503999 Software 11/15/2017
recovery process may stop at Audit M710q\M910q\s\t\x correct this issue.(beginning with August
process 2017)
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
88 TouchScreen models display ThinkCentre M800z Add a M3 x 0.5 x 3.75 Phillips #2 pan HT500873 Hardware 11/14/2017
“phantom” or “ghost” touches (10EV, 10ET) head screw to the upper left corner of
manufactured the LCD panel.
between November
2015 - December
87 FRU LCD panel subs and ThinkCentre M900Z If ordering LCD panel FRU 00XG128, HT502373 Hardware 11/14/2017
converter cable fitment (Model: 10F3, 10F5) order converter cable 00XD892. If
ordering LCD panel FRU 00XG129,
order converter cable 00XD893.
86 External monitors attached to ThinkPad T440\s\p Refer to the detailed tips. HT101460 Hardware\So 11/13/2017
ThinkPad Pro Dock, ThinkPad T540p\W540\X240 ftware
Ultra dock, or ThinkPad OneLink L440\540
Pro Dock do not function as E440\540
expected S440\540
Yoga\X1 Carbon
85 Dolby Home Theater does not Lenovo, Idea 1、Update to latest BIOS HT104006 Software 11/2/2017
work after Windows 10 upgrade laptops and 2、Uninstall and reinstall Windows 10
ThinkPad audio driver
84 System notification of "There are ThinkPad Uninstall and manually reinstall the HT104879 Software 10/30/2017
no applicable packages found current version of system update
for your system" when running
Lenovo System Update

83 Secure BIOS/UEFI Set-up Lenovo AIO E95 Upgrade BIOS/UEFI to version PS500145 Software 10/26/2017
Incomplete in Lenovo E95 and ThinkCentre M16KT40A or later.
ThinkCentre M710s/M710t M710s/t
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
82 No Bluetooth icon displayed in ThinkCentre M600 Solution: Updated image will be HT505474 Software 10/25/2017
Taskbar available in Fourth Quarter 2017.
Workaround: Add Bluetooth from the
Control Panel
81 Microphone low volume after ThinkPad X1 Disable microphone sound HT105353 Software 10/23/2017
upgrade to Windows 10 Carbon enhancement features in the Control
Panel Sound settings
80 Connectivity or stability issues ThinkPad For Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.1: the HT505437 Software 10/19/2017
with EM7345 WWAN adapter driver package from Lenovo Support;
and Verizon carrier SIM For Microsoft Windows 10: open a
technical case to get the driver package
from PE.
79 Dim display after LCD or system ThinkPad 1. Use proper ESD precautions, HT505436 Hardware 10/19/2017
board Service disconnect AC power, and disable
the internal battery by F1 Setup or
physical removal prior to
disconnecting or reconnecting other
2. Electrostatic discharge when
reconnecting the LCD cable between
the system board and LCD;
3. Inspect the LCD cable(s) to ensure
proper connection;
4. Replace the system board.
78 Halo effect (white mura) around ThinkPad Yoga 370 Order a replacement LCD using the HT505435 Hardware 10/19/2017
screen edges existing panel's FRU number.
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
77 TrackPad function issues ThinkPad X1 Update the TrackPoint Firmware. HT505418 Software 10/18/2017
Carbon (5th Gen) Update the TrackPad driver to version, or later.
76 RTC battery noise issue ThinkPad X1 1. Access the RTC battery. HT505417 Hardware 10/18/2017
Carbon (5th Gen) 2. Remove the RTC battery.
3. Attach the Rubber piece (FRU
01LV994) to the Palmrest.
4. Attach the RTC battery firmly.
75 LCD flickering when resuming ThinkPad Yoga 460 Workaround: To disable the Display HT505416 Software 10/18/2017
from Power State S3 (Sleep ThinkPad Yoga P40 Power Saving Technology.
mode) or lid close
74 System malfunctions with ThinkPad L560 1. Ensure that the RJ45 sub card is HT505402 Hardware 10/16/2017
onboard Ethernet failure ThinkPad L570 securely mounted to the planar
connector and screws are tightly
2. Replace the keyboard, motherboard,
RJ45 sub card, and any other
damaged part.
73 TouchPad Mouse Cursor ThinkPad T460s Solution: Replace the keyboard with a HT505399 Software 10/16/2017
Intermittently Stops and Restarts new FRU
Workaround: Disable TrackPoint
functionality in the Windows Control
Panel Mouse Properties.
72 USB 3.0 Docks do not function ThinkPad Upgrade the Dock driver to the new HT103993 Software 10/16/2017
after upgrading operating version
system to Microsoft Windows 10
without dock driver upgrade
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
71 Keyboard FRU missing screw ThinkPad Yoga 12 Replace the FRU keyboard's HT505380 Hardware 10/11/2017
post backplate.

70 WHEA Logger PCI-E error ThinkPad A limitation of the Intel chipset. HT505379 Hardware 10/11/2017

69 System displays garbage, ThinkPad E470 Reinstall Intel graphics driver HT505350 Software 10/3/2017
flashes, or may black screen ThinkPad E570 (version
after updating Intel graphics
driver to version
68 Touch function does not work ThinkPad 11e, Yoga 11e Download and extract both the HT505345 Software 10/3/2017
after SCCM deployment of (Type 20D9, 20DA) GPIO driver and the l2C driver
Microsoft Windows 10 into the SCCM driver folder prior
to the SCCM driver import
67 Cannot perform Ctrl-Alt-Del ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2nd Workaround: Exit the Tablet HT505294 Hardware 9/21/2017
action in Tablet mode Gen mode and then use the keyboard
ThinkPad Yoga 370 for the Ctrl-Alt-Del key action.
66 Cannot boot to NIC in Legacy ThinkPad 11e (4th Gen) Update an Ethernet firmware HT505281 Software 9/19/2017
Mode Yoga 11e (4th Gen) using the Windows Patch Tool.
65 Unable to configure graphics ThinkCentre M715q Enable the AMD graphics driver to HT505265 Software 9/18/2017
settings from AMD graphic driver adjust display settings.
in Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
64 TouchPad stops working ThinkPad T470s Solution: Replace the keyboard HT505264 Hardware 9/18/2017
intermittently by FRU.
Workaround: Disable TrackPoint.
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
63 ThinkPad Stack Mobile Projector ThinkPad Stack Clean up the internal storage to free up HT502978 Software 9/13/2017
runs slowly or does not work Mobile Projector space;
normally Back up your data and restore the
projector to the factory-default settings.
62 TouchScreen/Stylus issues ThinkPad Yoga 260 1. Replace the daughterboard with a HT503205 Hardware 9/12/2017
2. Update the firmware to match the
61 Unexpected restart may occur ThinkPad T460p, Install Mylar tape (FRU 01YR988) at the HT505218 Hardware 9/11/2017
when holding system with one T470p 7 locations on the planar.
hand or pressing on the bottom
60 Color calibration fails after ThinkPad P51, P71 Update the Pantone Color Calibrator HT505217 Software 9/11/2017
updating video driver software to version 1.31, or newer.

59 No image displayed on the system ThinkCentre Replace the original installed LCD FRU HT505189 Hardware 9/6/2017
LCD after installing a FRU LCD M700z/M800z/ part number with a replacement LCD
M900z FRU part number, then continue to the
update instructions below.
58 System will display a black screen ThinkPad E570 1. Remove the ODD from the system; HT505169 Software 8/30/2017
and cannot enter operating system 2. Flash BIOS version 1.85;
after disabling the optical drive in 3. After the BIOS flash is complete,
BIOS install the ODD into the system.
57 Keyboard and mice not working ThinkPad Yoga Remove the upper system so it is not HT505142 Software 8/28/2017
when stacked resting on another system’s LCD
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
56 System Boot Loop never ThinkPad T460 Boot into Setup and clear TPM. HT505123 Software 8/24/2017
booting to a valid boot device ThinkPad T460P
55 USB devices connected to Any ThinkPad notebook Option 1: Press the ThinkPad dock HT077684 Hardware 8/23/2017
ThinkPad docks will not wake system attached to ThinkPad Power button to resume the system
ThinkPad notebooks when docks with USB devices from the S3 (Standby) state.
ThinkPad is in S3 (Standby) attached to dock Option 2: Attach the USB devices
state directly to USB ports on ThinkPad
54 Cannot fully install into ThinkCentre M710q, M910q, 1. Inspect the Tiny-In-One 22” or 24” HT505086 Hardware 8/16/2017
ThinkCentre Tiny-In-One 22” M910x monitor 3-in-1 connector inside
or 24” monitor the monitor cavity;
2. Inspect the device connectors;
3. Inspect the M710q, M910q, or
M910x system.
53 Video blinking, distorted video ThinkPad P40 Yoga (20GQ, Replace the wireless antenna cable HT505098 Hardware 8/17/2017
refresh, or black screen when 20GR) (FRU 01AW410) and video cable
connected to 2.4 GHz (FRU 01EP418).
wireless access point
52 Configuring ThinkPad USB-C ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th PXE support for these docks must be HT503572 Software 8/1/2017
Dock and ThinkPad Generation: 20K3, 20K4) enabled in the respective ThinkPad
Thunderbolt 3 Dock for use ThinkPad T470 BIOS Setup Utility.
with PXE support ThinkPad T470p
ThinkPad T470s
ThinkPad P51
ThinkPad P71
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
51 ThinkPad Pro Dock and ThinkPad W540, T540p, The firmware for the DisplayPort hub HT081248 Software 8/1/2017
ThinkPad Ultra Dock are T440p, T440, T440s, X240, in the dock needs to be updated to
causing display issues on L540, L440 version 2.17.000 or later.
external monitors ThinkPad Pro Dock 65W
(40A10065XX, 04W3948)
ThinkPad Pro Dock 90W
(40A10090XX, 04W3948)
ThinkPad Ultra Dock 90W
(40A20090XX, 04W3947)
ThinkPad Ultra Dock 135W
(40A20135XX, 04W3947)
ThinkPad Ultra Dock 170W
(40A20170XX, 04W3947)
50 BIOS update may fail with ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3rd Gen Download the latest BIOS from the HT504854 Software 8/1/2017
“Secure Authentication (20BS, 20BT) Lenovo website and perform the
Error” message ThinkPad X250 BIOS update.
ThinkPad T450
ThinkPad T450s
ThinkPad T550
ThinkPad W550s
ThinkPad L450
ThinkPad Yoga 15
ThinkPad Helix (20CG, 20CH)
49 Recovery USB (Windows 10 ThinkPad E570 Order the corresponding new HT504852 Hardware 7/28/2017
version 1607) fails on Recovery USB FRU number for
systems configured with M.2 Windows 10 version 1703 for the
SATA SSD and no internal customer.
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
48 Touch Panel function may not ThinkPad T440s Download and install the Microsoft HT504766 Software 7/26/2017
function in Microsoft ThinkPad T450s KB3095649 Update.
Windows 8.1
47 Top Cover has visible crack ThinkPad X1 Yoga (20FQ, Replace FRU Top Covers with a date HT504710 Hardware 7/26/2017
20FR) label later than November 1, 2016.
ThinkPad X1 Carbon (20FB,
46 SIM Card Detection issue ThinkPad Only use a true Micro SIM which HT504164 Hardware 7/25/2017
with Nano-to-Micro Adapter conforms to industry standard
or a Multi-Fit SIM Card specifications;
If a Multi-Fit SIM card is the only option
with your carrier, suggesting not breaking
the Nano SIM portion of the chip.
45 Cannot detect Lenovo USB- ThinkPad X1 Tablet (20GG, Upgrade the EC, BIOS, and Firmware. HT504714 Software 7/25/2017
C Travel Hub device 20GH)
ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 2
(20JB, 20JC)
44 System hangs in Sleep Mode ThinkPad 11e Chromebook Add Mylar (FRU 01LV790) to cover the HT504711 Hardware 7/25/2017
with no display (3rd Gen) diode and resistor close to the WLAN
ThinkPad Yoga 11e connector.
Chromebook 3rd Gen
(Manufactured before 2017-
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
43 BIOS update may ThinkCentre Follow the process in the readme.txt files HT504676 Software 7/24/2017
produce “46 – Error” ThinkStation for flashing to previous levels of BIOS.
message and stop when IdeaCentre
flashing to earlier BIOS
42 System produces noise ThinkCentre M700 Replace the front cable assembly. HT504675 Hardware 7/24/2017
on headphones when
connected to front audio
output jack
41 No 5K display resolution X1 Carbon 5th Gen (Type Known Intel Graphics issue HT504678 Software 7/24/2017
when 5K monitor attached 20HR, 20HQ) Workaround 1: Use 5K resolution and
to ThinkPad Thunderbolt X1 Carbon 5th Gen (Type connect the 5K monitor to dock
3 Dock 20K4, 20K3) downstream Thunderbolt port through the
X1 Yoga 2nd Gen (Type Thunderbolt 3 to 2x DisplayPort dongle
20JD, 20JE, 20JF, 20JG) (0B47092).
Workaround 2: Use the monitor native
supported by the Thunderbolt 3 input.
40 SSD intermittently ThinkCentre M700 Update the firmware on the Liteon LCH- HT504601 Software 7/18/2017
disappears from BIOS 128V2S to a newer version, FC82205.
and operating system
39 Cannot flash the system ThinkCentre M715q 1. Extract the files from into the HT504463 Software 7/10/2017
BIOS to a different level same folder, and execute one of the
following commands:
 Windows: WinFix.cmd
 DOS: DOSfix.bat
2. Reboot the system and use the
previously downloaded flash program to
update the BIOS again.
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
38 TrackPoint buttons do not ThinkPad W541 (20EF, 20EG) Create the Maintenance Utility for HT504480 Software 7/10/2017
function after replacing UEFI BIOS and boot the system
system board with the USB key
37 Intel 180GB SSD, P/N ThinkCentre M93p Update the Intel 180GB SSD HT504462 Software 7/7/2017
SSD0E97920, drive firmware to version level
intermittently not detected LT6i.
by BIOS and/or operating
36 Error on PCI Simple ThinkPad, ThinkCentre Install Intel Management Engine HT070048 Software 7/5/2017
Communications Interface driver or Intel AMT
Controller or PCI Serial (Active Management Technology)
Port in Device Manager Management Engine Interface
35 Intel Kaby Lake and ThinkCentre M700/M800/M900 BIOS releases will be updated HT504407 Software 7/3/2017
Skylake with ThinkCentreM700z/M800z/M900z with the corrective Intel HT504481
Unpredictable System ThinkCentre X1 Microcode update.
Behavior with Hyper- ThinkCentre M910t/s
Threading ThinkCentre M710q/s/t
ThinkCentre M810z/M910z
Some ThinkPad systems
34 Microsoft Windows 7 ThinkPad T470s (20JS, 20JT) Disable or set Intel SGX to HT504410 Software 7/3/2017
displays Unknown Device ThinkPad T470 (20JM, 20JN) Software Controlled.
error with Hardware ID ThinkPad T570 (20JW, 20JX)
*INT0E0C in Device ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Gen (20K3,
Manager 20K4)
ThinkPad X270 (20K5, 20K6)
ThinkPad L470 (20JU, 20JV)
ThinkPad L570 (20JQ, 20JR)
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
33 Silent installation of Active ThinkPad Yoga 260 The APLBN application requires HT504267 Software 6/23/2017
Pen Low Battery Notifier fails .NET 4.5.0, or higher, to install
with Return Code 1 and run.
32 Chromebook Repair Shim ThinkPad X131e Chromebook The Chromebook system must HT504279 Software 6/16/2017
cannot run with Developer ThinkPad 11e 1st Gen have the Developer Mode
Mode disabled Chromebook (Type 20DB, reenabled by the owner’s
20DU) Google Management Console
ThinkPad 11e 3rd Gen or be deprovisioned from the
Chromebook (Type 20GD, managed environment.
ThinkPad 11e 4th Gen
Chrome (Type 20HX, 20JO)
ThinkPad 13 Chromebook
Lenovo N20 Chromebook
Lenovo N21 Chromebook
Lenovo N22 Chromebook
Lenovo N22 Touch
Lenovo N23 Chromebook
Lenovo N23 Yoga
Lenovo N42 Chromebook
Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook
Lenovo 100s Chromebook

2017 Lenovo Internal. All rights

Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
31 Limited memory usage on ThinkPad E470 1. Flash the BIOS to version 1.80, or HT504270 Software 6/15/2017
Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit ThinkPad E570 newer, version.
operating system 2. After the operating system is changed,
the user must load the Setup defaults
in the BIOS setting to recover the
usage memory to a normal value for
Windows 7 32-bit operating system.
30 HDMI monitors attached to ThinkCentre M600 User should utilize either a native Display HT504168 Software 6/13/2017
the add-in DisplayPort Port display or a VGA monitor through a
connection do not display an DisplayPort to VGA dongle when using
image the add-in DisplayPort.
29 System shipped with ThinkPad X1 Tablet MT Remove the password. Please refer to HT504169 Software 6/7/2017
Supervisor password (20JB, 20JC) the link to see detailed steps.
enabled from factory
28 WMI Chassis Type field ALL Please refer to Link. HT503998 Software 5/16/2017
returns “2” (Unknown) -
27 Intermittent hang during boot ThinkCentre M900 Update Windows 10 to version 1607, or HT503983 Software 5/11/2017
with Hyper-V enabled in later.
Microsoft Windows 10

26 ThinkPad models may take ThinkPad X1 Carbon (20K3, 20K4) Change the Thunderbolt 3 Security level HT503955 Software 5/8/2017
approximately 2 minutes to ThinkPad X270 (20K5, 20K6) setting to “No Security”.
detect Thunderbolt Dock ThinkPad T470 (20JN, 20JM)
when restarting system ThinkPad T470s (20JS, 20JT)

2017 Lenovo Internal. All rights

Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
25 Bluetooth device may display a ThinkCentre M910z Option 1: Update driver to Version: HT503757 Software 4/5/2017
Yellow Bang error in Device 19.0.1609.662.
Manager Option 2: Press the function key F11
when powering on to enable a factory
recovery to recover the failure.
24 ThinkCentre system may ThinkCentre M910q, Option 1: Restart the system. HT503755 Software 4/5/2017
intermittently fail to PXE Boot M910s, M910t, M910z Option 2: Power down the system,
unplug the AC power cord, then replug
the AC power cord, and power on the
system again.
23 System cannot power on due to ThinkPad X260 Replace the camera cable with FRU HT503752 Hardware 4/4/2017
broken camera cable ThinkPad X270 01AW448.

22 Western Digital 500GB 5400rpm ThinkPad L450 Update the hard drive firmware from HT503748 Software 4/3/2017
HDD (P/N SH20E38340, FRU version 01.01A01 to version 02.01A02.
00FC428) produces a recurring
21 Yellow tint (mura) displays on the ThinkPad Yoga 260 Replace the LCD with the following new HT503747 Hardware 4/4/2017
LCD FRU PNs under warranty.
With camera hole: 01HY614
Without camera hole: 01HY615
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
20 Top Cover (A Cover) FRU Thinkpad Yoga 460 Replace the Top Cover (A Cover) FRU part HT503737 Hardware 4/10/2017
missing ESD shielding ThinkPad P40 Yoga with new FRU 01LV730.
19 Touch screen not working Thinkpad X1 Yoga (20FQ, Proceed to the site HT503722 Software 3/31/2017
after Windows update 20FR) to
(Unknown device in Device download and install the driver.
18 Dim or blank display after X1 Carbon (Generation 4) 1. Download and install the Lenovo Patch HT503699 Software 3/27/2017
Intel video driver (20FB, 20FC) module
X1 Carbon (Generation 5) 2. Remove the currently installed Intel
(20HR, 20K4) video driver via Programs and
X1 Yoga (Generation 1) Features. Reboot the system and install
(20FQ, 20FR) video driver
X1 Yoga (Generation 2)
(20JD, 20JF)
17 High pitch noise audible from ThinkPad T460 Replace the AUO panel with the same FRU HT503696 Hardware 3/27/2017
AUO panel 00NY422.
16 POST 1962 Error appears ThinkCentre M900z Update the firmware on the Lite-On SSD HT503691 Software 3/23/2017
intermittently LCH-256V2S to the newer version,
15 “MAC address pass-through” X1 Carbon (5th Generation) Enable “MAC address pass-through” HT503574 Software 3/21/2017
feature of selected Lenovo T470 feature in the BIOS. The setting is located
USB based docking solutions T470s in BIOS -> Config -> Network.
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
14 Configuring Lenovo’s USB-C X1 Carbon (5th PXE support for these docks must be HT503572 Software 3/20/2017
and Thunderbolt Docks for use Generation) enabled in the respective ThinkPad BIOS
with PXE support T470, T470p, T470s Setup Utility.
13 Hinge screw breaking ThinkPad 13 (20GJ, For systems built before June 16, 2016 HT503649 Hardware 3/14/2017
20GK) without signs of significant rough handling,
replace under warranty: A-cover or Hinges.
12 System may black screen after M810z (10NX, 10NY, Upgraded Graphics driver. HT503604 Software 3/13/2017
resuming from Suspend in 10Q0, 10Q1)
Collage Display mode with
Microsoft Windows 7
11 SCCM Deployment errors with ThinkPad T460s (20F9, Update BIOS to the newest version. HT503600 Software 3/6/2017
Code 0x80070490 20FA)

10 Repair procedure for docking ThinkPad T460p Replace PN SB40K66384 with the new HT503576 Hardware 2/28/2017
system to a mechanical dock bracket PN SB40N17340 (New FRU PN
9 Replacing Keyboard Bezel with ThinkPad Yoga 260 Replace old Pen Holder FRU 00NY931 with HT503564 Hardware 2/27/2017
FRU 00UR678 requires a new (20FD, 20FE) new Pen Holder FRU 00NY930.
Pen Holder
8 AC Adapter does not supply ThinkPad L560 1. The bottom cover should be reseated. HT503561 Hardware 2/22/2017
power or charge the battery for 2. If the problem persists, then replace the
the system bottom cover (FRU P/N 00NY585) based
on the customer’s Warranty.
Issue Summary List - Think
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
7 Keyboard not functioning at X1 Tablet (MT Enable the “Enumerate Keyboard” parameter in the HT503527 Software 2/8/2017
the BitLocker Screen 20GG, 20GH) BIOS.
6 Missing front feet on base Yoga 260 (20FD, Replace the base cover under the warranty terms. HT503520 Hardware 2/8/2017
cover 20FE, 20GS)
5 Folio keyboard fold connection ThinkPad 10 Replace the Folio Keyboard (FRU 3X91XX) based on HT503516 Hardware 2/7/2017
issue Warranty.
4 Fingerprint Reader registration ThinkPad T460 Replace Fingerprint Module (FRU 01AW302). HT503342 Hardware 2/1/2017
process does not proceed to

3 Productivity Module Reseat X1 Tablet (Type Detach and then reattach the Productivity Module to HT503484 Software 1/31/2017
after BIOS Update 20GG, 20GH) the system to allow the BIOS to redetect the module.

2 Yellow tint shown on LCD X1 Tablet (20GG, 1. Download the attached file to a suspect system HT503325 Hardware 1/18/2017
around edge of screen 20GH) and display it in Full Screen mode to test.
2. If the failure symptom still persists, replace LCD

1 Unexpected power off issue X230 1. Clean the pins on the WLAN card. HT503326 Hardware 1/17/2017
(FOR LENOVO REPAIRS 2. Apply the electrical contact lubricant on the pins of
3. If the failure symptom still persists, replace the
Issue Summary List – OS
Topic 2
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
60 File System Error (-2147219196) - All ThinkPad product Right click PowerShell, click run as Link Windows 10 5/5/2018
Can't open photos, groove, with Windows 10 administrator. Type the following command
calculator then hit Enter: Get-AppXPackage | Foreach
{Add-AppxPackage -
DisableDevelopmentMode -Register
59 Camera or microphone not All ThinkPad product 1. To let apps access the camera, select the Link Windows 10 7/12/2018
detected after updating Windows with Windows 10 Start button, and then select Settings >
10 Privacy > Camera. Then turn on Allow
apps to access your camera.
2. To let apps access the microphone, select
the Start button, and then select Settings >
Privacy > Microphone. Then turn on
Allow apps to access your microphone.
58 Enable and disable your All ThinkPad product 1. In the search box on the taskbar, type Link Windows 10 11/21/2017
touchscreen in Windows 10 with Windows 10 Device Manager, then select Device
2. Select the arrow next to Human Interface
Devices and select HID-compliant touch
3. Select the Action tab at the top of the
window. Select disable or enable.
57 Fix Bluetooth problems in All ThinkPad product Refer to the detailed tips. Link Windows 10 4/12/2018
Windows 10: FAQ with Windows 10
56 Adjusting the color tone, using IdeaPad 1. Run Lenovo Vantage HT506934 Windows 10 7/20/2018
Eye Care Mode, of the notebook ThinkPad 2. Navigate to Hardware Settings > version 1703
LCD display via Lenovo Vantage Audio/Visual > Eye Care Mode > Adjust (April 2017,
Color temperature OS Build
15063) or later
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
55 Customer experienced a All ThinkPad 1. Enter a Windows key sequence to wake the Link Windows 10 5/11/2018
Blank/Black/Colored/Distorted product with screen (Windows logo key+Ctrl+Shift + B).
display after upgrading to Windows 10 2. Check your connections.
Windows 10 3. Remove or update third-party antivirus
4. Perform a clean boot of your PC.
5. See if Windows 10 supports your PC's
video card.
54 Tips to improve PC performance in All ThinkPad 1. Make sure you have the latest updates for Link Windows 10 5/1/2018
Windows 10 product with Windows and device drivers.
Windows 10 2. Restart your PC and open only the apps
you need.
3. Check memory and memory usage.
4. Check for low disk space and make some
5. Restore your PC from a system restore
6. Disable unnecessary startup programs
7. Check for and remove viruses and malware
8. Check for corrupted Windows system files
9. Adjust the appearance and performance of
10.Adjust or turn off OneDrive sync
11.Reset your PC
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
53 An error that begins with All ThinkPad 1. Make sure that your device has enough Link Windows 10 3/1/2018
0xC1900101 is usually a driver error product with space.
Windows 10 2. Run Windows Update a few times.
3. Check third-party drivers and download any
4. Unplug extra hardware.
5. Check Device Manager for errors.
6. Remove third-party security software.
7. Repair hard-drive errors.
52 Use the System File Checker tool to All ThinkPad 1. In the search box on the taskbar, enter Link Windows 10 3/28/2018
repair missing or corrupted system product with Command Prompt. Press and hold (or right-
files Windows 10 click) Command Prompt (Desktop app)
from the search results and select Run as
2. Enter DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image
/Restorehealth (note the space before each
"/"). (Note: This step may take a few
minutes to start and up to 30 minutes to run
and complete.)
3. Enter sfc /scannow (note the space
between "sfc" and "/").
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
51 Windows 10 device may repeatedly All ThinkPad product To resolve this issue, manually Link Windows 10 4/12/2018
attempt to reinstall the same update, with Windows 10 install the Windows Update from
which fails to install with error the Microsoft Update Catalog.
50 Windows 10 in S mode FAQ All Refer to the detailed tips. HT506778 Windows 10 S 6/26/2018

49 Cannot boot after Windows Updates ThinkPad Yoga (20C0) 1. Shut down the system. HT104872 Windows 7 6/25/2018
when in Windows 7 2. Restart and press F8.
3. Choose Repair Your
4. Select Command Prompt.
5. Type “D:” and press Enter.
6. Type “dism /image:X:\
/scratchdir:X:\temp” and press
Note: Where X is the drive that
windows is installed on, If using
the inbuilt recovery console it will
normally be C:
7. Close the window and click
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
48 Install AMD Graphics Card ThinkStation P320 AMD will resolve in upcoming HT506020 Windows 10 6/25/2018
WX4100/WX3100 and connect mini- release. version 1709
DisplayPort to HDMI Dongle to port1
or port2 and boot to Windows 10
version 1709 (October 2017, OS
Build 16299). Reboot or power
on/off and monitor may display
green screen.
47 An error occurred while installing ThinkPad Go to the specific folder HT503532 Windows 7 6/22/2018
Lenovo System Update within ThinkCentre C:\ProgramData\Lenovo\System
Windows 7: ERROR - Update, change permission.
ate\SessionSE" Please do it
manually and re-launch system
update again.
46 After updating Windows 10 to ThinkPad X1 Carbon 1. Go into BIOS -> Security -> HT506734 Windows 10 6/22/2018
Version 1803 (OS Build 17134), the 4th Gen (20FB, 20FC)/ Intel SGX version 1803
fingerprint reader may stop working 5th Gen (20HQ, 20HR, 2. Set Intel SGX Control from
20K3, 20K4)/X1 Yoga default “software controlled” to
2nd Gen (20JD, 20JE, “disabled”.
20JF, 20JG) 3. Save and reboot.
T460/T460P/T460s/T5 4. FPR should no longer have a
60/T470/T470P/T470s/ yellow bang.
P50/P50s/P51/P51s/P 5. Go back into BIOS -> Security
70/P71 -> Intel SGX, and set Intel
SGX Control back to “software
6. Save and reboot back into
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
45 OneNote and Microsoft Solitaire Lenovo Desktops 1. Update applications in HT505982 Windows 10 6/21/2018
Collection cannot be opened after Lenovo All-in-Ones Microsoft Store. version 1709
USB key recovery ThinkCentre 2. Upgrade Windows OS to
version 16299.125 or above.
44 A black screen appears after the All Solution: HT506677 Windows 10 5/23/2018
KB4103721 installed on Windows 1. Method One: Boot to safe RS4
10 RS4 (1803 April 2018) computers mode to uninstall KB4103721
2. Method Two: Boot to WinRE
for System Restore or Delete
update (Reset/refresh)
3. Method Three: Uninstalling the
following third-party
applications together with
• IObit Advanced SystemCare 11
• Spybot - Search & Destroy
• Acronis True Image
43 Voice Recorder may display an error ThinkCentre All-in-One 1. Click OK HT506601 Windows 10 5/11/2018
message when attempting to record IdeaCentre All-in-One 2. Close the app RS3
after waking from sleep 3. Re-open the app
42 Office Activation FAQ All Refer to the detailed tips. HT506608 Windows 10 5/15/2018

41 Windows tiles missing from Start ThinkPad Update to Windows 10 RS4 HT506434 Windows 10 5/16/2018
Menu after USB recovery IdeaPad 17134 (1803 March 18). RS3
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
40 Excessive fan noise on AC power ThinkPad (Intel Solution: HT506625 Windows 10 5/16/2018
8th-generation core 1. Right-click on the Windows icon
processor) (Start button)
2. Choose "Windows PowerShell
(Admin)" from the menu that
appears. If prompted, answer
"Yes" at the User Account Control
dialog that appears.
3. Copy and Paste the following
commands, one at a time, into the
PowerShell window. Press Enter
after entering each command.
• ​powercfg.exe /setACvalueindex
• powercfg.exe /setACvalueindex
• powercfg.exe /setactive
39 Skype Test Video not working ThinkPad Solution: HT506521 Windows 10 4/23/2018
properly - shows "Your webcam is IdeaPad 1. Signout & sign in back to Skype
being used by another application" 2. Signout from Windows
3. Restart system
Make sure no other app is using
Camera device before opening
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
38 Unable to create Office document by ThinkPad Solution: HT506113 Windows 10 Fall 2/26/2018
right clicking on Desktop and ThinkStation 1. Perform Windows update to install Creators Update
choosing Office shortcut under New ThinkCentre KB4054517. (Version 1709)
IdeaPad 2. Perform Office update to fix the
IdeaCentre Office shortcuts.
37 External monitor goes to sleep ThinkPad P70 Workaround: Only for Windows 10 HT500149 N/A 1/26/2018
mode when computer lid is closed 1. Right-click anywhere on the
2. Click Display settings
3. Scroll down to Multiple Displays
4. Click the drop-down menu for
Multiple displays, select "Show
only on 2", then click Apply
Solution: Users need to change the
power plan
1. Go to Control Panel -> Power
2. Click on the Choose when to turn
off the display in the left pane
3. Click Change advanced power
4. Go to Power buttons and lid and
expand Lid close action
5. Change “Plugged in” to Do
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
36 System hangs in POST after All ThinkCentre To reset the system BIOS, follow the HT103146 Microsoft 2/1/2018
flashing the BIOS E63z (types 10D4, instructions below: Windows 7
10D5, 10D6, 10D7, 1. Enter the BIOS Setup during Microsoft
10EJ, 10EK) POST by pressing F1. Windows
2. Load the defaults by pressing F9. Embedded
3. Save your settings and reboot by Standard 7
pressing F10.
35 Updating BIOS in a 64-bit WinPE ThinkCentre Instead of using wflash2.exe, please HT506064 Windows PE 64 1/19/2018
environment may cause an error M83/M93/M93p use the following commands: bit
ThinkStation AFUWIN.EXE imagefb.rom /p /r
E32/P300 AFUWIN.EXE imagefb.rom /defans
/capsule:0 /b /n /r /sp
34 Battery is unable to charge when ThinkPad T470p Disable airplane mode in OS power HT506058 Windows 10 1/19/2018
airplane mode is enabled setting.
33 Running the Panel Replacement ThinkPad P50/P70 Download and Install the updated HT506037 Windows 7 1/19/2018
Utility Produces Error Panel Replacement Utility. Please Windows 10
refer to Link.
32 Windows activation failure ThinkPad 10 (20E3, Download “DPK” tool and run HT505844 Windows 8 Pro 1/19/2018
20E4) FlashDPK.bat
31 Fail to restore the system by restore Lenovo Desktops Solution1: Issue is caused by HT505983 Windows 10 12/26/2017
point. All-in-Ones Windows dism tool. It will be fixed in RS3
ThinkCentre Windows RS4. Solution2: Close
firewall, then delete Bootstat.dat file
under WinPE or WinRE environment.
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
30 Photos application will flash black if Lenovo Desktops and Update Photos application to HT505852 Windows 10 RS3 12/26/2017
play video after connect network All-in-Ones latest version via Microsoft Store.
29 Screen may flash during OOBE (out Lenovo Desktops This issue will be fixed in HT505840 Windows 10 RS3 12/26/2017
of box experience) All-in-Ones Windows 10 RS4. (Redstone3)
28 Movies &TV may show error and ThinkCentre Microsoft will fix this issue in HT505854 Windows 10 RS3 12/15/2017
hang up when playing 1080P video M910t/s/x/M610 Windows 10 RS4.
(codec is wmv3) ideacentre
Y720/Y920/Y720 cube
27 PBR (push-button-reset)-USB Lenovo Desktops and Workaround: Please ignore this HT505848 Windows 10 RS3 12/4/2017
recovery fails issue All-in-ones issue and click Cancel, continue (Redstone3)
ThinkCentre to reinstall the operating system
using the USB key.
Solution: Please run Windows
Update to fix this issue.
26 "CDP Proximal Transport" appears Lenovo Desktops and This issue does not affect HT505853 Windows 10 RS3 12/4/2017
in Device Manager All-in-ones system normal use. Please (Redstone3)
ThinkCentre ignore it and Microsoft will
update in Windows 10 RS4.
25 App icons still remains after Lenovo Desktops and Microsoft will fix this issue on HT505846 Windows 10 RS3 12/4/2017
uninstalling Universal Windows All-in-ones Windows 10 RS4 (Redstone4) (Redstone3)
Platform app ThinkCentre Before Windows 10 RS4 release,
please manually remove or unpin
those icons from Start menu.
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
24 Windows 10 RS3 (Redstone3) Lenovo Desktops and These issues are due to HT505845 Windows 10 RS3 12/1/2017
screensaver issues All-in-ones operating system limitation. (Redstone3)
ThinkCentre Microsoft will not provide fix.
23 Yellow Bang error displayed in ThinkPad X1 Carbon This is a known Microsoft HT504163 Windows 7 11/16/2017
Device Manager when ThinkPad 5th Gen (Type 20HR, Windows 7 limitation since
USB-C Dock connected to a 20HQ,20K4,20K3) Microsoft does not supply a
Microsoft Windows 7 system T470\p\s “Billboard Device” driver included
T570\p to support a USB-C interface.
13 (Type 20GJ, 20GK)
13 Gen 2 (Type 20J1,
22 Windows 10 RS1 and RS2 may All Microsoft has addressed this HT505475 Windows 10 11/2/2017
show a memory leak in the issue in the Windows 10 RS1/RS2
Audiodg.exe program Redstone 3 (RS3) update.
21 Cannot find any Bluetooth device in idea/Lenovo laptops Refer to the detailed HT500404 Windows 10 9/6/2017
Windows 10 troubleshooting steps.
20 White screen appears during system 520S-14IKB Microsoft will fix this issue on HT505021 Windows 10 RS2 9/4/2017
restart with Windows 10 RS2 320S-14IKB RS3 release.
preload 320S-15IKB
YOGA 520-14IKB
(Type 81C8)
FLEX 5-1470
FLEX 5-1570
19 Intermittent failure to enter the All Re-initiate recovery and perform HT505100 Microsoft 8/17/2017
operating system after performing it again. Windows 10
Recovery version 1703
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
18 Cannot load Trusted Platform All Workaround: Make sure that the TPM HT505087 Windows 10 RS2 8/16/2017
Module (TPM) Management Console is set to “Active” before looking at
NOTE: Microsoft recommends using
the TPM 2.0 security device.
17 Bitlocker key (recovery key) is Yoga Book Find the latest bitlocker key, input to HT504299 Windows 10 64bit 6/21/2017
required - Yoga Book (Windows) resume the system recovery.
16 Powershell interface becomes Lenovo desktops This issue will be fixed via Windows HT503921 Windows 10 RS2 5/17/2017
garbled on Windows in Hebrew Update. (Redstone2) in
15 Summary of Event error ID on Lenovo desktops Please refer to Link. HT503919 Windows 10 RS2 5/17/2017
Lenovo desktops running Windows (Redstone2)
10 RS2
14 Unusual appearance shows up Lenovo desktops The issue will be fixed in Windows 10 HT503920 Windows 10 RS2 5/17/2017
during OOBE (Out of box RS3. You can get the update via (Redstone2)
experience) Windows Update.
13 Companion Lenovo Apps box in ALL Update Lenovo Companion App to the HT503980 Software 5/11/2017
Discover page is partially hidden latest version.
12 Microsoft OneDrive still exists after Lenovo Desktops This issue will be fixed in RS3 HT503922 Windows 10 RS2 5/9/2017
running Reset this PC on All and All-in-ones (Redstone3). You can gain this update (Redstone2)
desktops bundled with Windows 10 via Windows Update.
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Document ID Category Creation Date
11 Windows Media Player video Lenovo Desktops Please replay the same file using HT503923 Windows 10 5/9/2017
play issue - All desktops and All-in-ones Movie & TV. RS2(Redston
bundled with Windows 10 RS2 e2)
10 Microsoft Windows 7 Backup ThinkCentre M700 Option 1: Restore USB Function HT503725 Windows 7 5/2/2017
and Restore may cause loss ThinkCentre M800 Option 2: Fix Recovery WIM
of USB functionality
9 Microsoft Windows 7 may M910z (10NR, 10NS, Restart the system to recover the HT503756 Windows 7 4/28/2017
bluescreen due to Microsoft 10NT, 10NU) failure.
Windows driver ACPI.sys M710q
8 Low Disk Space Errors on All 1. Empty the Recycle Bin. HT503601 Windows 8 4/17/2017
Windows 8/8.1 2. Delete temporary files and Windows 8.1
3. Remove unwanted programs.
4. Adjust System Restore settings.
7 Microsoft Windows 10 ThinkCentre M810z This issue has been resolved with HT503758 Windows 10 4/7/2017
(Redstone 1) may need ThinkCentre M910z Microsoft Windows 10 Redstone 2.
several minutes to enter or
wake up from S3/S4
(Hibernation) Power State
Issue Summary List - OS
Item Title or Symptom Affected Models Solution Link Category Creation Date
6 Microsoft Office 2016 ALL Delete the Office shortcuts manually. This HT503746 All 4/6/2017
shortcuts remain after Office is Microsoft known issue.
5 Installing Microsoft Windows ThinkPad Option 1: Use Microsoft Windows 10 ADK HT503599 All 3/20/2017
10, using Microsoft Windows 1511 or ADK 1703.
PE ADK 1607, lowers Option 2: Refer to the link for details.
default screen resolution
4 Systems unable to detect All 1. Update BIOS HT503522 Windows 10 3/6/2017
android device after 2. Reinstall Wpdmtp.inf
Windows 10 Anniversary
3 USB 3.0 external hard drive All Disable USB selective suspend setting. HT503507 Windows 8.1 2/23/2017
not detected in Windows Windows 10
2 Windows update takes idea Laptops 1. Enable “Never check for updates” HT503437 Windows 2/14/2017
unusual long time to check Desktops 2. Manually download and install
and install updates KB3020369 and KB3172605.
3. Change to select “Check for updates”.
1 WiFi not detected or Idea Laptops In Command Prompt, type below HT503078 Windows 10 1/3/2017
frequently disconnected Desktops command:
after upgrading to Windows "netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled"
10 "netsh int tcp set global
"netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled"