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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

Job: Earth Moving Equipment JSA Ref. No. JSA : 014 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th week
Facility: EWDP -2 Work Area/Equipment: 066/068/073
Permit No.

Note: If JSA Revised, updated JSA shall be used
Personal protective equipment’s and tools:
Hard Hat, Safety Footwear, Hand Gloves, Safety Goggles, Dozer, Dump truck, Back hole loader, excavator, bobcat,
JCB,Compactor,Loader and Grader.
Pre-work Non-Compliance of KOC-  Obtain necessary PTW and other approvals as required from
HSEMS Procedures, KOC/WP
Poor Maintenance of plant  All the personnel must comply with KOC HSEMS
equipments (Tipper truck, Loader Procedure for Permit to Work Document Number:
etc) KOC.SA.004, Driving Procedure Document Number:
Lack of emergency backup SA.KOC.016 and Mobile Equipment Procedure Document
Number: KOC.SA.013
 Ensure the crew involved in the activity is thoroughly
briefed about the potential hazards and dangers.
 Safe system of work shall be implemented to reduce the
possibilities of incident caused by lack of communication
 Ensure this JSA is communicated with all persons involved
in the task by tool box talk
 Ensure adequate number of KOC approved fire extinguisher
available with equipments.
 First aid kit shall be available with equipments
 Daily inspection check list for all the construction
equipments should be filled by operator prior to start work.
 Full emergency medical and safety coverage shall be on site
during the work.
 In case of any medical assistance supervisor / safety
personnel must call KOC emergency no 160.
 Working inside live plant ,in case of emergency follow
guidelines given by shift controller.

Use of Excavator, JCB, Collision with other equipment  Keep equipment’s at safe distance of 3 meters from the
Compactor, Grader, while reversing struck by/tilts in existing line/ facility.
Bobcat and Dump Truck uneven & loose soil.  Keep equipments at safe distance of 5 meters from
hydrocarbon carrying lines.
Causing damage to
vehicle/asset/facilities.  Banks man shall be available with each equipment to control
the equipment/machinery as well as protect the existing
Poor Visibility while operating line / facility from the earth moving equipments.
equipments due to dust /fog /other
obstructions  Ensure 360 o vision at all times
 Ensure Hazard lights / Head lights to be kept on
Caught in between/ Hit / Crushing
by equipment  Provide adequate warning signs (bilingual) / Barricades
where required.

014- Earth Moving Equipment / Rev. A- 12/06/2018 “Do it Safely or Not at All” Page 1 of 2
 Ensure reverse alarm of the equipment is working &
 Deploy trained banks man with reflecting Vest.
 Banks man to be positioned correctly and visible to
Parking Tipper truck for Collision with loader while  Deploy trained & certified operator (driver).
loading reversing struck by/tilts in uneven
 Trained banks man.
& loose soil.
Causing damage to  Keep safe proper between the truck tipper and the shovel
vehicle/asset/facilities. loader.
 Use the stopper for chocking wheels.
Over loading of shovel loader,
over loading of tipper truck.  No over loading is permitted.
Causing Damage to Equipment,  Keep the materials uniformly.
Fall of material leads to personal
While loading  Distribute the load evenly
injury, Dust generation.
 Warning the others to stay away from the loading area.
 Competent supervision to be provided.
 Use proper PPE specially dust mask.
Driving to designated Road traffic incident.
area Crushing, Collision.  Drivers to possess valid Kuwait driving license.

Causing Damage to the vehicle,  Trained Banks man shall be available to control the flow of
Personal injury. traffic.
 Drivers/Operators shall follow the speed limit of the roads.
Unloading from the Roll over, struck by in loose soil,  Warning the others to stay away from the loading area
tipper men working near by effected
 Competent supervision must be ensured at the area.
while unloading soil.
 Tip the load slowly and carefully.
 Use Dust Mask.
 Ensure the stability of the ground.
 Use trained banks man with visible vest to control the
 Bank man to be positioned safely and visible to operators.
 Additional hazards  Animal/ Reptile bites  Do not feed or befriend with stray animals / wild life and make
 Heat Stress/ Extreme Cold sure the team always stay together.
 Un identified Objects exposure  Ensure Buddy system is implemented.
 Ensure availability of ample quantity of fresh water
 Do not touch any company assets without proper authorization. Do
not touch any unidentified objects.
 In case of strange objects are found, immediately stop the activity,
barricade the area if possible, evacuate all personnel from the work
location and inform Company representative or call KOC safety /
EOD as appropriate at 160
 `Live System
 Ensure all employees undergone awareness training and
understand the existing hazard inside the live plant areas.
 Ensure there is full time supervision and control.
 Ensure workers are informed of live system

 Heat Stress, Sunburn,  Drink plenty of water, and electrolyte drinks as needed.
 Wear light-colored, cotton clothing.
 Slow down work rate and increase breaks in hot weather.
 Use sunscreen.

Work Site Supervisor Permit Applicant Approved PMC

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