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To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Tuul Tserenpurev for admission to master of Business Administration at

your university in China. I have known Tuul for 9 years and was student in my classes during four years
at Mongolia International University.

She was one of the best students during her study in my classes and Tuul grow into an outstanding
individual who excels in both her academic and personal pursuits. Also, during her study at MIU, she had
participated in student union activities. She was working teaching assistant at international affairs of MIU
and member of student union who was handling newspaper which were good experiences showing her
ability to work in team and improved her social responsibilities.

In my opinion that Tuul would be an excellent candidate for the Master program. I strongly recommend
her and I have no doubt that she will be a one of the best students for her master degree study.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.