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So much sentimentality is attached to the rose in popular culture that it is difficult to separate
the original mythological and folkloric beliefs from the emotional excess that surrounds the
2. Makers of Craftsman furniture sought inspiration in human necessity, basing their furniture on a
respect for the sturdy and primitive forms that were meant for usefulness alone
3. Gustav Stickley, pioneer of the Craftsman movement, believed that average working people
wanted furniture that was comfortable to live with and would also be a good investment of
4. Her ear for the rhythms of speech and her daring in seeking initiation into many voodoo cults
resulted in ethnographic studies such as Mules and Men, which conveyed the vitality,
movement, and color of rural black culture.
5. Hurston gives us a heroic female character, Jamie Crawford, who portrays freedom, autonomy,
and self-realization, while also being a romantic figure attached to a man.
6. The original universe underwent a physical transition that gradually differentiated it into
galaxies, stars, and planets.
7. The automobile was every American’s idea of freedom, and the construction of hard surface
roads was one of the largest items of government expenditure, often at great cost to everything
8. Even before the interstate highway system was built, the American bias was clear, which is why
the United States has the world’s best road system and nearly its worst public transit system.
9. Some species are restricted to a single song learned by all individuals, while other species have a
range of songs and dialects, depending on environmental stimulation.
10. The most important auditory stimuli for birds are the sounds of other birds, including family or
flock members and territorial rivals.
11. For all bird species, there is a prescribed path to development of the final song, beginning with
the subsong, passing through plastic song, until ther bird achieves the species song or songs.
12. Underlying all avian vocal activity is the syrinx, an organ unique to birds that is located at the first
major branching of the windpipe and is linked to brain.
13. Both produce sound when air is forced through the windpipe, causing thin membranes to
14. However, compared to the human larynx, which uses only about two percent of exhaled air, the
syrinx is a far more efficient sound-producing mechanism that can create sound from nearly all
the air passing through it
15. The name was, in fact, a historical accident, originating with fashionable architects in Victorian
England who coined it with apparently no reason other than its pleasing sound.
16. A distinctive characteristic found in most Queen Anne houses in the unusual roof shape- a
steeply pitched, hipped central portion with protruding lower front and side extensions that end
in gables.
17. The structure of the commentary is cyclical, reflecting the way most games consist of recurring
sequences of short activities-as in tennis and baseball-or a limited number of activity options-as
in the various kinds of football.
18. Inside the tree’s protective outer bark is the circulatory system, consisting of two cellular
pipelines that transport water, mineral nutrients, and other organic substances to all living
tissues of the tree.
19. One pipeline, called the xylem-or sapwood-transports water and nutrients up from the roots to
the leaves.
20. Xylem cells in the roots draw water molecules into the tree, taking in hydrogen and oxygen and
also carrying chemical nutrients from the soil.