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Department of Justice <> Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 10:36 PM


This email confirms receipt of your submission to the United States

Attorney's Office, DIstrict of Massachusetts Duty Complaint Form

Submitted on Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 10:36pm EST

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      I just got threatened via email from an Attorney McDonough that
      if I don't show up in court tomorrow, on a case with no
      paperwork, a default warrant will issue for my arrest.

      I am a pro se defendant in Docket 1601CR6216. The Suffolk County

      DAs Office refuses to communicate with me. They refuse to provide
      me with a copy of the file.

      I was allegedly charged with wiretapping a federal agent, even

      though federal laws say I could, he just pretended to be a
      federal agent using a fake email address

      Steven Rand threatened to put a bullet in my head while

      impersonating various law enforcement, including the security for
      federal buildings.

      Your office initiated a complaint against Steven Rand for

      impersonating various law enforcement, and that's in a letter to
      your office. Yet, he's allowed to continue to terrorize me,
      threaten me and set me up.

      I have repeatedly requested all paperwork on this docket. There's

      none. Because I'm being prosecuted for being a Material Witness.
      This Steven Rand remains unidentified. Even had an Attorney Meg
      Stanley mail me various fraudulent documents showing Steven Rand
      as various different law enforcement. Even law enforcement he
      said he wasn't.

      Steven Rand has been attacking me for over 2 years.

      Now the Suffolk County DAs Office refuses to communicate with me,
      they refuse to provide me with any of the court's paperwork and
      that's causing me to suffer because I was just threatened, not by
      the Suffolk County DAs Office....I was threatened by a Jillise
      McDonough who isn't even part of my case and she's not
      representing me....a default warrant will issue for my arrest if
      I don't appear in court tomorrow, even though there shouldn't
      even be anything scheduled for tomorrow, because I withdrew my
      motion to dismiss. I withdrew my motion. I communicated to the
      Suffolk County DAs Office. They just refuse to communicate with

      I have 4 Attorneys well documented with setting me up. While the

      Suffolk County DAs Office refuses to communicate with me, they're
      allowing me to be prosecuted by public defenders. Bill Walsh,
      Richard Noone, Meg Stanley, and Bob Solomon.
      This is a continuance of the RICO I reported back in 2014 and
      continued to provide your office and the FBI with evidence I'm
      being retaliated against.

      The reason I'm being retaliated against is due to the FBI

      refusing to do anything.

      I'm disabled. I have seizures. I have vision problems.

      I can't even believe this is allowed to happen. This is organized


      It is never ending. I have no quality of life. Because I'm

      constantly being terrorized. I keep waiting for the FBI to arrest
      any one of these criminals.

      I need the FBI and DOJ to help me. I'm scared. Going to the Feds
      shouldn't result in being attacked by the same criminals I've
      been reporting.

      I was unlawfully arrested twice already. Now I'm being threatened

      with being arrested because I withdrew my motion to dismiss? Only
      reason I withdrew it is due wasn't going to be granted.
      They were just going to issue a fake court order trying to claim
      rule 6 of the rules of criminal procedure surrounding the
      issuance of a NO summons, no default warrant, and no charges.

      Branding me on Mass Most Wanted as a Material Witness isn't the

      Commonwealth's charges, it's not a summons to appear before a
      court and it's not a default warrant. It's evidence I'm being set

      For what? I'm already dying