How to Prepare for the PMP Exam

Completing the application
Print the PMP Certification Handbook, Review the application process Gather all necessary supporting documents Go on-line to complete the application; you will need your PMI membership number and password to log-in. The application does not have to be completed in one sitting. Keep all supporting documentation in the case of an audit. When complete, submit with payment information (normally by credit card) When approved, you will receive a letter from PMI authorizing you to sit for the test along with a control number that you’ll need to provide the testing facility when scheduling the test Following PMI’s instructions received authorizing you to sit for the exam, log on to the testing center’s web site and register to take the exam

Preparing for the Exam
Read the PMBOK twice, preferably three times; you must fully understand the relationship between Inputs and Outputs as they relate to deliverables, i.e., Scope Planning takes place before Scope Definition; developing the Project Charter takes place in the Initiating Process and is an input to the Planning Process, etc. Next, review the practice materials and complete the practice test questions, referring back the whole time to the PMBOK. Use the PMP Exam Prep Resources, at the end of this document, to understand topics better. Take the PMP Exam Prep Course offered several times a year by the PMI Memphis TN Chapter. This course does not teach project management, rather it focuses on what you need to know in order to pass the exam Forming a study group with others who want to take the test is a good way to prepare for the exam. A study group can benefit by testing each other and keeping your study schedule on-track. Schedule to take the exam within a couple of weeks after completing the prep course; you have one year from the time you receive your approval letter from PMI to take the exam Go through the practice exams until you feel comfortable answering “situational” type questions

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