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Indian Filmmakers Seeking to Unite the Fight Against Poaching & Illegal

Wildlife Trade Take Their Fight to the Streets of Mumbai

Power Couple Amit Sarin and Vineesha Arora-Sarin Utilize Their International Influence to
Promote Be Free Street Art; Raising Awareness to Numerous Social Causes Including Poaching &
Illegal Wildlife Trade

Los Angeles, CA, November 06, 2018 --( The Majestic Bengal Tiger is part of a widespread
international epidemic and a $19 Billion a year business of illegal wildlife trade; it is the same trade that's
wiping out elephants, rhinos and dozens of other endangered species. The black market business is run by
sophisticated international crime syndicates and organized gangs preying on the exotic, such as the

Before the international ban on tiger trade in 1993, tiger populations were being decimated by poachers.
Despite the ban in the past few decades, the illegal demand for tigers as wall fixtures and status symbols
has increased dramatically, leading to a new poaching crisis. According to National Geographic, poaching
driven by the international illegal wildlife trade is the largest immediate threat to the remaining tiger
population. Since 2010 hundreds of “known” poaching cases are rapidly killing off the endangered
animal, whose estimated population sits at around 2500 cats.

Indian filmmakers, social activists and power couple Amit Sarin and Vineesha Arora-Sarin are fighting
back, and raising international awareness for the Bengal Tiger, as well as the numerous other species
being killed off as part of the illegal wildlife trade.

All along Back Road, Lokhandwala, Andheri West the duo, with the assistance of Vinesha's children's art
school @WingsArtAcademy, they have made a powerful statement with their Be Free Street Art
campaign, both sponsored and conceived by Vineesha. Conceptualized in April of 2018, Be Free Street
Art is dedicated to ongoing social injustices that that we as a society continue to combat.

Dozens of colorful murals raising awareness of various causes have popped up in recent weeks as part of
the Be Free campaign, murals with emphasis on #StopTigerPoaching, #SavetheBengal, #MeToo,
#TimesUp and #StopChildAbuse, where according to a report by Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh,
India unfortunately ranks at the top as the largest number of sexually abused children in the world. The
Sarins have decided to use their influence to energize an environment of social change and healing in
regards to these many atrocitities.

While the couple routinely speak out on behalf humanitarian injustices, they have become extremely
involved in the fight against poaching and illegal wildlife trade. Their passions vividly shine through in
their recent addition to Be Free. A team of teachers and students worked with the Sarins to create a
powerful and artistic addition to the murals along Back Road titled Stop Poaching Save The Tiger.

As an observer you feel as though you are looking into the tiger's soul, feeling its pain, and understanding
of the cruel realities it has been subjected. The mural is a modern masterpiece, a commanding/up-close

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look into the green eyes of a Bengal tiger, homage to their feature film Eyes of the Bengal; a fully funded
theatrical production set to begin filming at the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, India in February of 2019.

In alignment with their Be Free Street Art campaign and other global advocacy initiatives, Eyes of the
Bengal is a globally relevant story that raises awareness to the impact of the poaching, an epidemic
universally far reaching. At the foothills of the Himalayas where the hunter becomes the hunted, the
majestic Bengal Tiger is poached to near extinction. An Indian/American team must join forces behind
one resolute man to eradicate a smuggling cartel and save the lives of the endangered.

To bring the project to life, the Sarin's Roaming Rickshaw Films,, has
partnered with Lotus Entertainment Group, a firm who specializes in
international crossover projects that bring forward key creative, production and financial elements from
Hollywood and Bollywood, the two most influential film industries in the world. Lotus Entertainment
Group was founded by veteran filmmakers Peter Ziebert and Scott JT Frank.

Roaming Rickshaw Films is currently producing a mixed slate of projects for OTT platforms.

@WingsArtAcademy teaches children the art of loving oneself through the help of creative devices such
as music, art, dance and drama. The academy has centers in Andheri West & Juhu. Vineesha's mission is
to provide a free-thinking creative space for children where they can come and discover themselves
through the Arts, and to integrate Arts with academics one day to relieve children from the sickening
pressure of hard core, tuition driven school systems of India. Wings Art Academy Cares is a non-profit
leg of the academy that seeks to provide awareness on social injustices, especially those pertaining to
children, but not restricted to India.

To find out more, please visit

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