A scientific overview on spirituality

Mainak Chatterjee

The spirit of life

Once Swami Vivekananda asserted “You are responsible for what you are.” It is needless to preach that we are the maker of our own fortunes. We make ourselves suffer, we make good & evil, & it is we, who put our hands before our eyes & say it is dark. Hence, we are driven by our desires, old habits & pattern of thinking (resultant of sanskara) which mislead us to the voyage of illusion; we are unable to see the reservoir of transcendental knowledge to quench our thirst is under our vicinity. The cluster of desire, which we always seek for to satisfy, can bring temporary pleasure. As the earth rotates around the sun, desires spin around us, as such, again comes to get satisfied. If we restrain our desires, it gets accumulated to explode & being a slave to our desires we evoke that explosion to puzzle our mind & its container (body). It only can bring misery & can inflict pain upon our lives. So we need to control our desires to be refrained from such deeds, which can bring evil thoughts in our minds because our body is alike a temple where soul exists like a God, & our mind is the worshipper of that God which should consecrate our soul & unite it (Him) with Supreme Knowledge (Bramhagyana), which renders Eternal Peace & Perpetual Happiness. Otherwise, being a slave to mere desires & its resultant deeds, if our minds unchaste our souls, soul’s container (body) pass away by means of the law of nature with plethora of desires. Desires which our soul carry after the death of body always grope to satisfy it unsatisfied soul takes birth once again with its in-built impressions (Sanskaras). Thus, we are being tossed

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under the wheel of birth & death, which cast an illusionary bondage (Maya) upon our soul. But now, if we want to get rid ourselves of that bondage, we need to cleanse the dirt of our minds associated with mere desires. After having reduced of its vibration of desires, minds become subtle. As soon as our perceptions become subtle, we are able to catch hold of those senses that were no longer awakened before. Getting the perceptions of new senses is called “ Spiritual Attainment ”. What is Spirit? It is our subtlest purified mind. When mind is dormant, full of dirt, it is Evil. When it is awakened & realized, it is God. Subtle Spirit (God) is having least frequency of vibration, as such can take every shape, can move towards every direction & dimension, can see everything, can smell everything & in doing so, can enjoy profound pleasure, which lasts forever. Our soul is having nothing but cluster of electron particles (e-) having least frequency of vibrations. It is called Ectoplasm, having no shape, but can form any shape by enhancing its frequency of vibrations. When our soul is associated with desires, it’s frequency becomes increased & it takes a gross form of body to come into the earth to fulfill its desires. Soul comes with Sanskaras carried over from previous birth. These Sanskaras are nothing but vibrations that enhances soul’s frequency so that it comes into the earth because frequency of the earth is different, mismatched for the Ectoplasm (Soul). The gross texture of the soul (i.e. body) acts & reacts according to its Sanskaras & tries to fulfill its desires to become subtle. But when mere desires are unable to accomplish its ultimate aim (i.e. unification of soul <-> with Supreme Soul <+> which brings equilibrium state to the soul), our soul falls into misery, over a period of time it leaves the body, wonders into the 3rd dimension of the world (because it has got least frequency as compared to other dimensions), sleeps for the time being, dreams, then awakens, gropes the earth to satisfy its desires & at last comes from the3rd dimension of the world (Astral Plain) & goes into the womb according to it’s actions deeds of his last birth (karmaphala) from where he is likely to acquire all the ingredients to fulfill its desires.

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It is, indeed delightful and charming to know that all we gather here in the platform of the world to reach our ultimate satisfaction (Eternal Happiness & Peace) & it is only possible when we can put off all our mere desires, cleanse our minds by discharging unnecessary vibrations (ego, jealousy, anger, hatred, sensuality, malice, excitement, pain etc.) & unite ourselves with Nirakara bramha. All we are waiting for the train of our consciousness, which only can lead us to that ultimation. But if the train comes, some of us are under reservation against cancellation i.e. we are victim of external environment, & our in-built impression which constrains our consciousness. So we need to keep ourselves apart from external environment only which parameter is enough to be a constraints of our consciousness. Chanting mantras, going temples are those medicines, which can keep us, away from victimized of the external environment. Chanting mantras merely produces nice solemn environment, but when we chant from the core of our heart, we can achieve proper concentration of mind. Over a certain period of time, any kind of meditation (puja, chanting, singing) slowly brings about change in our mind. It is called Yoga which at last break the bondage of Trikonmandal; Kulakundalini becomes awakened by uniting seven Charkas & purifies and subtle our mind. This subtle mind is supreme Bramha, the ultimate truth of Krishna consciousness. So then let us pray to those Conscious Bramhas who can bring about a change in our mind, who can set ourselves apart from mere desires, which are unable to satisfy our ultimate hunger, & unable to quench our supreme thrust. Let us pray to those Supreme Souls who can keep us away from evil thoughts & evil deeds. Let us pray to those Chaitanyamoy Soul who can keep us away from external forces not to be victim of that. Let us pray to those Krishna Conscious who can purify the dirt of our mind so that we are able to unite ourselves to become alike them, Supreme, having pleasure, peace, & happiness forever, forever………

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