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[Marco Island Police Department Follow-Up Report Marco iland Police Department Case No. MIPD160432 macs Ree Report No. MIPD160432.1 Report Date: 5/26/2016 Information 1049 San Marco Rd 05 26 2016 A= Approved Dateenes 5126/2016 1:12:33 PM ape Oe Ene 73 -Mack, Joe 73-Mack, Joe 211512018 3:00:00 PM Dateveries 6/13/2016 6:21:00 AM ertacey 83. Kreie, Kyle eserves 6/13/2016 11:41:12 AM 1049 San Marco Rd souowsc8y QD = Haueter, Mark one 30- Zone 30 Dsoosion Not a CrimefOther Service Collier County Deputy Ceraoe Rear Reponn9 ae Mareo Island Police Department Dusen Police n 5/16/2016 | received a packet from the State Attorney's Office they received from a Gigi Davis, the packet contained ‘Photos, documentation, and a thumb drive containing several home videos. Davis also sent a natrtive detailing how the packet contains evidence of her murder. An identical packet was sent to the Collier County Sherifts Office who in turn forwarded that packet to this agency. Davis also sent letters to FOLE, the State Attorney's Office, and the office of Florida Senator Bill Nelson asking for help In arresting Todd Davie for attempted murder. | viewed the thumb drive which contains approximately 30 minutes of video showing Gigi Davis on a couch and appears to bo under the influence of @ substance, a man's voice which she identifies as Todd Davis tries to convince her to go to the hospital, she reluses. The video is dark and for most of tthe viewer can only soe darkness. Davis also put this video on Youtube and named it “Marco Murder Intro”, "Marco Murder 1", and "Marca Murder 2°. Tne video contains no evidence of ‘Todd Davis attemtping to harm or murder Gigl Davis (Oavis etated in the video thet the video was made on February 18, 2018). Also in the packet were numerous Marco Island Code Dept. violation warnings, photos (one ofa rotted cabbage patch dolls placed on a couch, 2 ‘on an arm, and a bleached out photo of what appears to be a knee). vhere was also @ 20-page typed letter by Gigi Davis that contains bizarre ramblings about Todd Davis extorting money from her, physical beatings, Todd cheating on her and trying to murder her by poisoning her with unknown medication, she also included @ heart scan which she said showed @ that was “unexplained” by doctors. She also wrate that sho sa crime novel writer and that whoever reads the letter is a witness te her murder. She also accused the Marco Island Police Department of assisting Todd Davis to escape to Pennsylvania to flee attempted murder charges, | researched Gigi Davis in NetRMS and found several DCF Referral reports where she was accused of not taking care of her ‘grandchildren who she had custody of and has since boen stripped of custody. There were no reports of any domestic abuse or accusations of extortation or battery. Iran a TLO cheek of Todd Davis which revealed he was currently residing in Lebanon, PA. made contect with Todd Davis on 5/25/2016, he sald that he moved out of Florida in March of 20% and has ‘not been back since. He sald that Gigi Davis Is “nuts” and he wants nothing to do with her, he does not know what her ‘motivation is but said he tried numerous times to get her help with hor issues and she refused. He sald that if needed any additional information | shoul speak with his attorney, Donald Day. | then contacted Donald Day and he echoed what Todd Davis state, that Gigi Davis has problems and Todd hhas not had any contact with her since 2015 (he has a protection order against him since 2015 grand to Gig Davis by the Collier County Couns) Day told me that Gigi Davis edvised the Collier Courts late last year that Tadd had been at her house and itwas proven that Toda was working in Texas at the time and that Gigi has eredibilty issues, After numerous attempts I was able to make contact by phone with Gigl Davis on 512612015, Davis immediately wanted to know why the Marco Island Police Dopartment was involved because she had not sent this agency a packet, she said she hhas no trust in the police department because the police are fiends of Todd and helped him escape charges. explained ‘there were no pending charges against Tedd and she said he was going to be charged with attempted murder. I ted to ‘explain that there was no open criminal investigation against Todd and the “evidence” provided by her did not show any rime. Gigh Davis became very loud and angry and said due tothe fact that her ‘could not be explained, the doctors told her it had to have come from an outside entity, she feels Todd Davis poisoned her which caused the (then added she has had three }. When I explained there Is no evidence to show Todd gave her a She said "people have been charged with attempted murder with less evidence” and insisted Todd be charged. When | disagreed with her she said that was why she did not want Marco island Police involved with this case Because they are Report Case No. MIPD160432 Report No. MIPD160432.1 Report Date: 5/26/2016 Marco Island Police Department Follow-Up 239 388-5080, 51 Sse Eagle OF Cemeeeaat ees | ome | {rooked, then said she was notifying the U.S. Department of Justice $0 they can conduct the investigation, then she hung up No further police involvement at this time, Offense Detail: 099 - Information Only fers Beeston 099 Information Only SSroose 962 All Other Offenses \outon 20 -Residenceitiome rome B Oren Yes Ne ro cr hain TSicds 86 - None (No Bias) tenis ra oumesevowns No Tymsensty creas Tons se Other Entity: 01 ~- Davis, Gigi uy case 01 0 Tee Other - Other Person Neos Davi, Gigi 08 Pret0% inols a oe 58 cm eo Sc. F Female ON p120.200-58-2780 ee W-White ounse FL Flora ‘wor 1088 San Marco RD some Not oF Hi Went USA- United States of America 82 Marco sand, FL 24148 mga cxaipnioee vn Croce one Pine 200.4683 cae es cosy Collier ‘wou merce! @RO- Brown Cov feat esd Stn R= Local se corveion LGT- Light Other Entity: 02 ~- Davis, Todd Matthew fomyca 92 Exes Other - Other Person “ere Davis, Todd Matthew 03 Pacoet8em North Dakota ‘i aoe 40 oH ser) SoM Male ou oc W White uisuse soe 308 Homestead DR ‘©metyM-Not of Hispanic Origin Bn couny 82 Lebanon, PA 17082 Sat cxapeentrat we rns, one om 747 675-0069 econ es cary Lebanon “nox arcs RED + Red or Auburn foe Cosy fecaiee 0§-Goatec and Mustache Rewari Saus_ 0. Outof State sare compen LG Light