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Alcatel-Lucent 7342 ISAM FTTU


Optical access at its best — a GPON system with a 2.5 Gb/s line rate and up to 40-km reach on an IP platform
that enables service providers to deliver triple play services.

The Alcatel-Lucent 7342 ISAM FTTU is Alcatel-Lucent 5520 Access Manage-

a gigabit passive optical network (GPON) ment System (AMS) — the manage-
solution with a 2.5 Gb/s downstream and ment platform for all Alcatel-Lucent
1.2 Gb/s upstream line rate. This system access products. The system applies
is ideal for cost-effectively delivering Alcatel-Lucent ISAM technology for
high-bandwidth, IP-converged triple intelligent IP-based access. This
play services (voice, video, and data) technology has been rapidly adopted
to residential and business customers. worldwide because it is designed for
In addition to the product’s unmatched wire-speed performance with cost-
density and high performance, the effective Ethernet switching and
Alcatel-Lucent 7342 ISAM FTTU is enhanced Layer 2/Layer 3 functions.
standards-compliant and part of a
comprehensive end-to-end triple Features
play solution.
• Developed and tested as part of
The system consists of an Optical an end-to-end triple play solution,
Line Terminal (OLT) in the Central including routers, servers, gateways,
Office (CO) or in a remote cabinet, and OAM&P
and various Optical Network Terminals • Largest portfolio of ONTs for all
(ONTs) located at the subscriber premises. possible network applications, such
As a comprehensive integrated solution, as single family homes, multi-dwelling
the Alcatel-Lucent 7342 ISAM FTTU has homes, businesses, outdoor and
the flexibility to deliver RF video, IPTV, indoor installation
data, legacy and next-generation voice,
• Extensive security, fault isolation
all on a single platform. It offers the
and performance management tools
added flexibility to deliver RF video
using a separate wavelength over • Managed with the Alcatel-Lucent
the same fiber. The Alcatel-Lucent 5520 AMS
7342 ISAM FTTU is managed by the
Benefits network termination cards, and one sharing, enabling 500 Gb/s switching
slot for an alarm card. Services are capacity using the 250 Gb/s NT or up
• Proven performance eliminates the delivered via GPON interfaces using to 96 Gb/s when using the 48 Gb/s NT.
guesswork regarding network design a single fiber with two wavelengths The 250 Gb/s switch fabric allows
and integration capabilities (receive and transmit) multiplexed non-blocking capability between the
• Enables service providers to serve a together. An optional third wavelength NT card and the line termination cards.
variety of subscribers and applications can be multiplexed for downstream
using a single GPON platform RF video over the same fiber. GPON Optical Network Terminals (ONTs)
• Reduces operational expenses line termination cards are available The Alcatel-Lucent 7342 OLT is
and expedites service delivery with four ports each, providing a complemented with a wide range of
to subscribers maximum of 56 PON interfaces per ONTs in numerous form factors and
shelf. The Alcatel-Lucent 7342 OLT configurations to meet a variety of
• Extending the reach and increasing
can terminate up to 3584 subscribers subscriber applications. All ONTs are
the split ratio, service providers can
using a 1:64 split when the system is designed to deliver triple play services
address even more users from the
equipped with 56 GPON terminations. and can be used concurrently on a
central office and in this way
The GPON interfaces comply with GPON network. In addition, the business
decrease the CAPEX and OPEX
Full Service Access Network (FSAN) ONTs include E1 emulation interfaces
• Reduces operational expenses with recommendations and International for applications such as TDM private
one management system for fiber Telecommunications Union Telecom lines, 2G/3G wireless backhaul,etc.
and copper solutions (ITU-T) sector standards for optics, Service providers can mix ONT models
line rates, data transfer protocol on a single PON to meet the service
Key elements and management interface. demands of both residential and
business subscribers. For information
Subscriber traffic aggregation and uplink on ONT mountings and applications,
Optical Line Terminal (OLT) is done using the network termination refer to Table 1. For more detailed
The Alcatel-Lucent 7342 Optical (NT) cards. There are two NT cards with information on ONTs, please refer to
Line Terminal (OLT) performs optical different switch fabrics: a 250 Gb/s the Alcatel-Lucent 7342 ONT family
aggregation and provides cost-effective Ethernet switch fabric with two Gigabit datasheet.
interfaces to edge IP network switches/ Ethernet (1GigE) and two 10GigE uplinks
routers. It is a chassis-based system with or a 48 Gb/s Ethernet switch fabric with See Figure 1 for diagram of an FTTU
a highly scalable backplane architecture. four Gigabit Ethernet (1GigE) and a single access network.
The OLT has 14 interface slots for GPON 10GigE uplink. Two NT cards can be
line termination cards, two slots for equipped for redundancy and load

Table 1. ONT mountings and applications

ONT type Mounting Intended application

I-Series Inside home: wall-mounted or free-standing on desk Single family home or SOHO
O-Series Outside home: wall-mounted Single family home or SOHO
B-Series Outside business site: wall-mounted Small office or home office
MDU-ONT Inside MDU/MTU building: rack-mounted Apartments or multi-tenant buildings, small outside:
in cabinets business cluster

2 Alcatel-Lucent 7342 ISAM FTTU | Data Sheet

Figure 1. An FTTU access network

Central Office or Outside Plant
Remote Terminal Typically 20 km (up to 30 km)

O-series or I-Series ONTs


Optional RF 1550 nm Splitters MDU-ONTs

video overlay

1310 nm 1.2 Gb/s

IP Network
7342 ISAM 1490 nm Optional Voice, Data 2.5 Gb/s
GPON Packet WDM and Video
Optical Line
Terminal MDU-ONTs

5520 AMS Business

B-Series ONTs

Technical summary • DHCP Option 82 relay agent RF video overlay • 4 GPON terminations per line
• PPPoE relay agent for • Operating wavelength range: termination card
authentication 1550 nm to 1560 nm • 56 GPON line terminations per
Services • Operating RF bandwidth: OLTS-M chassis
IP/Ethernet service aggregation Voice – Class 5 based 47 MHz to 870 MHz
• Voice loop emulation over GPON Hardware
• Supports flexible Layer 2
forwarding models – VLAN per with ITU-T H.248/Megaco signaling IPTV Shelf
service, VLAN per subscriber, • Dedicated GPON GEM-ports and • IP multicast via Internet group • Central Office rack-mounted
VLAN cross-connects along with allocation-ID for voice traffic management protocol (IGMPv3 chassis with plug-in modules
VLID and P-bit translation prioritization or v2) proxy/snooping • High capacity passive backplane
• Supports flexible Layer 2 tagging, • Class-5 interface (i.e., GR-303/ • Up to 4096 multicast streams with up to 20 Gb/s capacity to
enabling metro Ethernet business TR-008) via PSTN gateway configurable and up to 1024 active each slot
services (Genband G6) streams per OLT • Two cards for redundancy/
• MEF-8 packetization for TDM (E1) • Multicast bandwidth allocation load sharing
transport over GPON Voice – Next-generation per PON • 250 Gb/s network termination
• Up to eight classes of service for network based • Video traffic prioritization based card equipped with two GigE
traffic prioritization via 802.1p • IETF standards-based SIP on 802.1p uplinks, two 10GigE uplink
or DSCP marking client support for POTS to • 48 Gb/s network termination card
• Bandwidth guarantees based on VoIP interworking Capacity equipped with four GigE uplinks,
Committed Information Rate (CIR) • Softswitch interface (with one 10GigE uplink
and Peak Information Rate (PIR) • 250 Gb/s or 48 Gb/s switching
SIP signaling) via attached capacity per network termination • GigE interfaces
• Connection Admission routed network card ¬ SFP optics
Control (CAC) • Compatible with Nortel CS2K, • 500 Gb/s or 96 Gb/s load-shared ¬ 850 nm MMF 550 m
• Rate limiting per ONT or Broadsoft, Metaswitch, FS5K, capacity between network
per service Nextone, iConfig, Xener, Netcentrix termination cards in OLT ¬ 1310 nm SMF 10 km, 40 km
and Sonus, Nextone softswitches or 80 km
• IEEE 802.1x port-based

Alcatel-Lucent 7342 ISAM FTTU | Data Sheet 3

• 10GigE interfaces • GLT-4 line termination card ¬ G.984.3-compliant packet Dimensions
¬ XFP optics measures received signal strength fragmentation for bandwidth • Height: 62.1 cm with fan
indication (RSSI), laser bias, efficiency (fan module height 8.8 cm)
¬ 850 nm MMF 300 m voltage and temperature ¬ G.984.3- and G.983.2-compliant • Width: 43.8 cm
¬ 1310 nm SMF 10 km or 40 km • PON feeder redundancy dynamic bandwidth allocation
• TIA/EIA-232 serial craft port and • Depth: 28.2 cm
• Standards-compliant Advanced
10/100Base-T Ethernet for local Management Encryption System (AES) for • Weight: 14.9 kg
maintenance downstream and upstream
• FSAN (984.4) compliant OMCI
• Redundant BITS interface for interface for ONT management data security Environment
network timing supply using TL1, Alcatel-Lucent 5520 AMS • Standards-compliant Forward • Operating temperature:
• Supports IEEE1588-based • In-band VLAN and out-of-band Error Correction (FEC) for higher -40°C to +65°C
synchronization Ethernet interfaces are supported performance and longer reach • Maximum operating altitude:
for network connection • Standards-compliant multicast 3048 m
Line termination card using a single GEM Port-ID for • Maximum non-operating altitude:
• Diplexer (Tx: 1490 nm, Rx: 1310 nm) Standards all video traffic 12,192 m
based single mode fiber interface • FSAN • CE certified • Relative humidity (non-condensing)
(SC/UPC connector) range: 20% to 55%
¬ G.984.2-compliant with
• External video coupler (WDM) 2.5 Gb/s downstream and Power
modules for RF video overlay 1.2 Gb/s upstream • Local powering (-48 V) via
• Class C+ optics with 32 dB link loss ¬ G.984.3-compliant GPON redundant power feed
budget for up to 40 km reach, or Encapsulation Method (GEM) • Power distribution to plug-in
B+ optics with 28 dB link loss protocol for efficient IP/Ethernet modules via backplane
budget for up to a 30-km distance service traffic transport
• Support for up to 1:64 splits
per PON Alcatel, Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent and the Alcatel-Lucent logo

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