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TCOM 2010 Assignment 1: Syllabus, Chapter 1, and Student


Type your name here: Zikora Agbapu

After the question mark at the end of each of the following 10 questions about the TCOM 2010
syllabus and about Chapter 1, type your response:

1. Which word processing file type do I not allow? Anything not a Word file
2. In your response to Assignment 1, how many points will you earn if your responses to the
demographic questions are complete? 10 Points
3. If you score 47 on Assignment 1, do not submit Assignment 9 (and therefore receive a 0 for it), and
100 on each of the other assignments, what will be your grade (in percentage points) in TCOM
2010? What will be your letter grade? 96.4% for an A
4. Approximately how many hours per week, including reading and completing all assignments, will a
typical student need to devote to TCOM 2010 to earn an A? 10-14 hours
5. Which assignment in the course is worth the most in determining your final grade, and what
percentage of your final grade is it worth? Assignment 14 worth 20%
6. According to the 2012 survey conducted by the Millenial Branding Research and Management
Consulting Firm, what percent of companies named communication skills as extremely important
for new employees? 98%
7. What is one reason that technical communication must be clear? So that the reader can understand
8. Chapter 1 uses what word to refer to a reader’s ability to find a particular section of a document,
stating that, “readers should not be forced to flip through pages or click links unnecessarily to find
the appropriate section?” Accessibility
9. If your document is excellent in every way except that it contains many grammar mistakes, which
measure of excellence does it violate? Correctness
10. According to your text, is it true or false that fifty-one percent of all companies in all industries
consider an employee’s writing skills when making promotion decisions? False (50%)

These five questions will help me form collaborative groups. Please respond to the following
prompts by typing information (such as your name) or by placing an X after the appropriate
multiple-choice response.
Name: Zikora Agbapu

1. Age 18-24 X 25-34 35+

2. Female Male X

3. Number of years of professional-level work experience (at least 20 hours per week) in any
field: 0

4. Major: Mechanical Engineering

5. Class standing (sophomore, junior, etc.): Junior

After each of the following five statements, type a number between 1 and 6, where 1 = strongly
disagree and 6 = strongly agree.

6. I have had a lot of experience working in collaborative groups in school or on the job: 4

7. I have had a lot of experience using e-mail: 6

8. I have had a lot of experience using the Web: 6

9. I have had a lot of experience designing and formatting documents using a word processing
program such as WordPerfect or Word: 5
10. I think I am an excellent writer: 4