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1- Precarıous present eageless labor and disrupted life in Rio de janeiro,Brazil by

Kathleen M.Millar is wokers deeply painful and insecure work but it help them how to fight
other insecurty conditions in their lives.They do not want to work formal jobs because of
time,boss and solery.The article tells the life of the catadores.These people are working
on garbage.When they work white color jobs.They feel restricted.Because working hours
are flexible.

2- These article has 3 supports.-the dumo as refuge. -the worker in Brazil's moral order. -
I can no longer adopt.Catadores always work without discriminating rain,suny.Time zone is
not clear.They can always work.They exposed to methane gas produced by residues for
working in garbage dump.The reason why the laborers,the poor şaborers,decide to work in
irregular jobs;resistance to the humiliation and diligence of the wage labor. The catadores
are working in the garbage to not respect them.And the type of labor that is seen as a
scavenger in social worlds for catodores are avare of this in short.They want to decide
when and how much they will work.

3-I think, ı contact ford an postford.Because, In Ford, workers work assembly line.In this
assembly line everyone works for the different parts.workers does not know what the
other person doing a piece does.And at the end of the product they do not have the
product.On the other hand, in postford, they produce a product and become
individualized.Like Catodors also form their own work and life styles.

4-We can see similar things in blue China.For instance, the facilities offered to workers
working in jeans factory are very bad.The beds,the foods in the environment they work
and the values they see are bad.Working hours are free.Then even work during sleeping
hours.They are constantly working. Workers working in the jans factory do not know where
these codes go. On the other hand. Under these conditions The employers spend fun
between themselves too. They continue to work despite the bad conditions like Catadores.

5-This article is important to me. I learned many things related to catadores. Catadores
are free to work when they want. That's why they dont work in white collor jobs.They
prefer to work in garbage because they work when they want it. Although they have bad
conditions in garbage dump, they prefer to live in there. When I read article this was
shocked me. This isn't normal in our country but this is normal for catodres.At the same
time other employers in their own country seem like beggar or vagoband. I saw these
differences in this article.

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