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BEGINNINGS IN PARIS c. There were gambling’s, card playing

in the campus during the free time of
(1688 – 1691) students.
d. The factory was a constant
distraction. (The school is within the

factory as the students are also the
e. Fr. Compagnon, the head &
disciplinarian was always absent
(again lack proper supervision).

3. Seeing the dis-order in the school, the
Pastor urged DLS to take over the school.
DLS agreed provided to send more
Reasons for Opening in Paris brothers. The Pastor agreed.
1. There was a highly motivated community
of Brothers around De La Salle Reform & Resentment
a. Acquired sense of identity & purpose
b. Distinctive Habit 4. Once DLS & the Brothers were in-charge,
c. Internal organization as a community the good order was gradually introduced:
d. Expertise in Conducting Schools a. Doors were not opened until the
2. The Schools in Reims & outside Reims are Brothers were in their places.
flourishing b. Students who came late could not get
3. Teacher-Training Program for Lay- in.
Teachers are functioning well. c. Regular attendance was insisted.
4. A Junior Novitiate was functioning well at d. Fixed schedule of classes was
Rue Nueve. instituted.
5. Fr. Barre just died (1686) & DLS wants to e. Daily catechism & regular classroom
continue his work of educating poor boys prayers were instituted (Remember
in Paris since he owed it from him. the aim of catechism and other
6. Archbishop Le Tellier wants to control religious practices are the living out of
the Brothers to be under his jurisdiction, the Gospel).
so DLS wants to move out from his f. To fill in the long period between the
Diocese. end of the morning & afternoon
7. DLS promised the Parish Priest of St. schedule the students were lined up
Sulpice to open school in his Parish. 2x2 for the Mass at the Church.
The best time therefore to do this is now. 5. The effect was phenomenal. Something
new showing example of piety & decorum
The First School in Parish: St. Sulpice in the streets of Paris.
1. DLS arrived in Paris 6. These reforms however provoked
with 2 Brothers on jealousy and resentment to Fr.
the eve of Feb. 24, Compagnon (diocesan priest
1688. incharged of St. Sulpice Schools) &
2. The school were DLS his assistant, a layman incharge of
& 2 Brothers assigned factory - Rafrond.
to work was in chaos. 7. Rafrond resigned thinking that he
a. No fixed class will be rehired again so that the
schedule. School factory can resume. DLS accepted his
hours varied from resignation, trained another brother,
one day to the and in 3 weeks the factory resumes
next. its operation much better than
b. No class prayers before.
to begin & end the school.

8. Fr. Compagnon incourage the children to 11. Trouble with the Pastor: The Habit and
attend the early Mass in the Parish to dis- the Novitiate
credit DLS schedule of Mass. When it did Another issue that caused
not succeed, he try to influence the group pain and controversy was
of charitable ladies in the parish to on the Holy Habit of the
descridet DLS of mismanagement and Brothers. The new Pastor
lack of leadership based on the (Fr. Baudrand) did not
complaints of delinquents students being like the Habit of the
disciplined by the brothers. This tactic Brothers so he try to
changes the outlook and attitude of the change it. DLS and the
parish priest (De La Barmondiere) to DLS Brothers refused, because
that the only way out is to resign. this distinctive habit was
the embodiment of their
After the school year, DLS visited De La special identity as
Barmondiere to say goodbye. He asked consecrated laymen,
DLS that he need more time to decide. It neither cleric nor secular. DLS once again
was only after a thorough investigation of turn to prayer and seek adviced to holy
the whole matter by an outside priest that people. He choose his former spiritual
the source of the trouble became known. director, in the seminary days- Fr.
Within a year, Compagnon was removed Tronson. He advised DLS to stand his
from any responsibility for the schools ground. The result was the Memoir on the
and put in charge of the choir of the Habit, the earliest and most precious of
parish. the autograph writings of DLS that
survived. In it, the Founder had an
Corncerns, Concerns, Concerns opportunity to explain publicly and in
detail the special nature and mission of the
9. From the Masters of the Little Schools young Society, all of which was
The opening to the new school at Rue du symbolized by the distinctive garb they
Bac ignite the complained of the Masters wore.
of the Little Schools questioning its
license to operate without the permission 12. Another Brush with Death
from the school supervisor (chantre) of Toward the end of 1690 DLS fell ill and
the Notre Dame Cathedral. DLS was almost died. Although he was only 39
forced to submit his brief in writing. So years old, it is not surprising that he got
cogent (clear & convincing) were his sick because of stress and crises and
arguments that the decision of the court difficulties he had just endured. Through
was reversed. his new doctor (Dr. Adrien Helvetius)
using modern medicine and the brothers
10. Trouble in the Community and students praying for his recovery,
The trouble in the Community of Brothers DLS survived this untimely illness.
started when one of the 2 additional
brothers from Rheims was appointed by
DLS as the new director of the
community. The 2 old members of the
community complained. One
immediately left the community. This was
a great loss to the small community and
to the school as well: he was tall and
impressive looking, he had many skills,
and was an excellent teacher. The other
remained, but was a constance source of
trouble and dissension, insolent and
disrespectful to DLS.