Harbhajan starts raising his bat on 33 runs. Dravid: What happened, its not 50 or 100!

Harbhajan: Yes, but the students understand the importance of scoring 33.

A student grabbed a coin, Flipped it in the air & said, 'Head, I go to sleep.' Tail, I watch a movie. If it stands on the edge I?ll study:p

My nights are going sleepless, my days are going useless. So I asked GOD, is this love?". GOD replied, "no dear, result is near". Human brain is the It functions 24hrs It functions right and stop only when most outstanding object in world. a day, 365days a year. from the time we are born we enter the examination hall.

Maths teacher asked Ali:If you have 12chocolates and you give 5 to SARAH,3 to Ay sha and 4 to Farah what will you get? Ali replied:3 NEW GIRL FRENDZ 600 Pages ki buk ko kitne din main padha ja skta hai.. WRITER-6 months DOCTOR-2months LAWYER-1month STUDENT- pehle ye batao exam kab ha.

To be a "Good professional", always start 2 study late for "Exams". Because it teaches how to manage "Time" and tackle "Emergencies". A father asks peon: How are the studies in this college? Where do I see my son i n future? Peon: The future iz bright, I had also completed my engineering from the same co llege! Burraaah Sara syllabus parh liya ha Bas books or notes parhanay reh gaye hain

har taraf parhai ka saya hy peparoo may number kisnay paya hy hum to you hee aye thay paper denay sab kehtay hy sala pura parh kar aya hy

Exams ke char din pehlay syllabus dekha to yad aya

That Lecturers Try In 1 Semester !! SILENCE Is d best Answer for all questions SMILE Is d best Reaction in all situations Unfortunately BOTH Never Help In any EXAM.. REVIEW & INTERVIEW :P:) .Kuch To Hua Hy Kuch Ho Gya Hy Exams k din paper dekh kar samajh aya Sab Kuch Alag Hy Sab Kuch Naya Hy Ya hu! Exams ke $aari tiyari ho gai raser Pen scale pencil sab taiyar hai AB BUS. parhna baki hay Perh perh ker kyaa kernaa hei Aakhir ek din tou mernaaa hei marnay key baad bee ager dubaara janam howa tou shurooo tou nursery sey hee karna hei Congradulationz! Gud news for Lahore University students Exams hav beeen postponed up to Dec 2 confirm go to site www...org A GENIUS Is A Person Who Can Do For $1 What Any Fool Can Do For $100? -As Such V Complete Syllabus In 1 Day. VIVA.stop dreaming and start studying....

Wo muj se kuchh kahena chahti thi. Aur . 8 ladai(sem) 40 Dushman(paper) 32 tanks(lab) 64 grand(ext & int) 16 goli(mid sem) aur 1 akela janbaaz. Me us se kuchh puchna chahta tha.FAIL ! Student kya jane result ka kya hoga.hum jeete ik bar hain marte ik bar hain pyar v ik bar karte hain shaadi v ik bar karte hain ti fir ye EXAM bar bar Q? jago student jago! 4 saal. Uski nazar mari taraf thi.. be proud 2 be an ENGINEER.. Answer sheet ko karke fold.. I drink tv while watching c0ffee I switch 0ff bed when I lay 0n lights I eat m0bile while talkng 0n apple C0nfused? Inshort I m a studnt & my exams r near:-) 7 things Students do during Exams preparation: . aeroplane banake bol I WILL .. Meri uski taraf thi. Do no uljan me baithe the... Answer sheet ko karke ke fold. Exam khatam Jab paper ho out of cntrol...

Subject Ab thanks bol kr rulaaye ga kia? Anything 4 u dude . 7) Asking Others "Kuch Parha Kya". 4) Watch Movies. Aur . If You Fail in Exam: Mom Says 3 Words Thora Parh Lete Dad Says 3 Words Ye Nahi Sudhrega Lover Says 3 Words How Could You Friend Says 3 Words . 6) Dream Of Touching Books. 1. Mein Bhi FAIL Ye padh lena important hy Exam mein pakka pucha jaye ga . . 3) Sms.Roll no 2.-> Father to Son: Is Baar Exam main Pass huwe ya Fail. 5) Chat with Friendz. . .Exam 3. Fail hue to YAMAHA 100 Doodh Bechne k Liye. 2) Eating.1) Sleeping. Son: Konsi Bike? .Date 4. . . .. . BIKE Zarur Dilaunga. Father: Paas Huwe to HONDA 70. College Jaane k Liye .

Four things boys do in the Examination Hall 1.Thinking of study for at least next exams Four things Girls do in the Examination Hall 1.. And just Write Aata ho ya na ata ho ! Sincere advice: If a paper come very tough in exam.Flirting with lady inviligilator 3.Reading the brand name of their pen 4. Uski Fikar Mein Apny Holidys BaRbadNa Krna. Write 2. Upcoming horor movies: Internal ki pyas Badla bunking ka External bana shaitan . Write 4. How does Sugar taste? Explain in your Own words. Name the cities of Pakistan where Electricity is found. 1. Just close ur eyes 4 a moment. AnsweR Sheet Mein Jo LiKha Hai Uski FrYad Na Krna.Question Paper in year 2050: . . Jo HoGa Wo To Hoga. take a deep breath & say loudly: BHEN CH0D Love VS Exam Love: The hardest thing cuz u have thoughts that u cant express Exam: Still harder cuz u have no thoughts still u have to express !!! Guzry HoaY Exam Ko Yad Na Karna. Write 3. 2.Counting # of Girls 2.

Past is a News Paper & Present is an Answer Sheet.. Learn & Write Carefully Behind every successful student. Read.?? ? ? ? ? ? ? A Beautiful Teacher . Future is a Question Paper. there is one Girlfriend But what about a failed student. lekin saala mood nahi In Life.Wo akhri paper Tadapta engineer Khuni result Life of a student: PC hai net Nahi ATM Hai paise Nahi Cell Hai balance Nahi EXAM hai tension Nahi Padna hai.! So.

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