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Quarterly Report

Name of the Project: BAL MITRA GRAM

Project Period: 1st August, 2017-31st March 2020
Reporting Period: 1st July 2018- 30th September 2018
Submission Date: 5 October 2018
Geographical Area: Agra
Implementing Partner: Shri Niroti Lal Budhha Sansthan
1. Program Introduction/Description
BMG is designed to empower the child, put collective efforts in a participatory for developing child centric
decision in the process of making people aware about child rights by creating a conscious environment.
The main components can be understood in detail like this:
• Empowering every single child
• Collective Development
• Participatory Democracy
• Child-Centric Decision-Making
• Awareness of Children’s Rights
• Environmental conscious
Objectives of BMG
• Elimination of all forms of exploitation of children in villages.
• Ensuring every child in the village is in School
• Formation and strengthening of child protection mechanism
• Strengthening education systems that ensure quality of education in Village schools
• Formation of Bal Panchayats in villages and their institutionalization through active participation in
Gram Panchayat.
• Establish better linkages with Public Health Programs of government for access to health services to
communities, particularly children.
• Mobilisation & organisation of communities for demanding their rights and entitlements.
Important milestones for establishing a BMG
• All children aged 6 to 18 are enrolled in school and in age appropriate class and completing their
elementary education
• All child labourers up to age 18 are withdrawn from work
• Children form a Bal Panchayat (an elected children’s village council)
• The Bal Panchayat receives official recognition by the Gram Panchayat
• A youth group (Yuva Mandal; aged 18 to 35 yrs.) and a women group (Mahila
Mandal) are also establishment and recognized and self-sustained A child
Welfare Committee /Child Protection committee (CWC/CPC) is formed and activated
• Better health management and facilities for children living in BMG

2. Brief summary of work done till date[D1]

During the second quarter of the second year of the project, this BMG project implemented in
two phase. In second quarter in both of the PHASE, we organized rally on School Chalo Abhiyan to make
the community member capable & aware about the power of Education because Education is the only
medium who able to minimize the differences and Deworming rally on National De-worming Day is to
de-worm all children between the age of 1-19 years old to make the HEALTHY INDIA...YOUNG
INDIA...ACTIVE INDIA and Health Awareness Rally to aware the community members about healthy
habits and the information about the keep the environment healthy also and TOY BANK distribution in
all 9 BMGs to increase the engagement or present of kids in Anganwadi to made them habitual of
classes and learning the new things instead of anything useless or uncultured and SUPOSHAN
SWASTHY MELA in all 9 BMGs to minimize the death rate and malnutrition in the new born baby or
pregnant women and examined them with the distribution of multi vitamins.

The activity in the PHASE 1 only are GOOD TOUCH BAD TOUCH CLASSES for making aware
about the miss happening with them or to teach them about the self-defense to all the children and
PARTICIPATE in the OPEN MEETING of BMGs with the BMG group of Mahila Mandal, Yuva Mandal or
Bal panchayat for the community problems or community members raised their problems against the
VDO of their villages and Sport Kit Distribution for developing positive attitude and healthier lifestyles,
sense of self-esteem, fair competition, leadership and responsible citizenship qualities or also help in
developing healthy, friendly and harmonious environment between all the children, youth and
community members and participation in SMC MEETING for the knowledge of the working of
committee and the uses of funds on school facilities in previous quarter or in next.

The activity in the PHASE 2 only are PRA & I.I. activity to build up a friendly relation with
community members or find out the problems & put them in the order of prime concern and MADICAL
CAMP to provide the free medical facility for all the weaker section of community at door step or free
distribution of medicine or multi-vitamins also.

In the second quarter of the second year of project, in this quarter our CSW worked on the list
of child labour and dropouts & irregular children of previous quarter in all BMG and enrolled the
children’s in school. Finally future plan also included in the report of this quarter.

3. Summary of Results to Present

Deliverables Annual Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 On Target?

Target Y or N

BMG Groups Meetings [ P-1]

Bal Panchayat Meetings [P-1]

BMG Groups Meetings [P-2]

Good Touch Bad Touch Class [P-1]


Open Meeting

Suposhan Swasthaya Mela

PRA & Issue Identification

Sport-Kit Distribution [P-1]

SMC Meeting

Medical Camp

Awareness Rally

4. Activity Implementation Process
 BMG Phase-1
 BMG Groups Meetings[D2]- SNBS provide Monthly Action Plan to our CSW in which they planned
to organize a weekly meeting with their BMG Group that’s Mahila Mandal and Yuwa Mandal.
Here they all are discussed their community issues which affected them in their daily life, and
they all are met their nearest place for the meeting in which they discussed that how they can
reduce these issues from their community. In this quarter weakly meeting are regularly
arranged or 9 – 10 members regularily attaind the meeting and the main out are submersible for
drinking water, ration card, AWC infrastructural development, Roads & drainage and the
banned the gambling in his area.

 Bal Panchayat Meetings[D3]- The formation of BAL PANCHAYAT is to solve the issues &
problems with a specific village where they are living. After the formation of Bal Panchayat Our
CSW told to the Bal Panchayat in their weekly meeting the concept of Bal Panchayat and how is
it work? How the children can develop their village? How can they break the child labour with
the help of Bal Panchayat? Our CSW told to the Bal Panchayat in their weekly meeting that how
the Bal Panchayat will do better work of their community? In this Bal Panchayat meeting they
all are come together in their community’s nearest point to discuss their community’s social
issue and make their strategy with the help of our CSW. Bal Panchayat has formed with the
children’s participation and participation helps to develops new skills in children and it improves
their self-confidence, their strength and understanding. In this quarter weakly meeting are
regularly arranged or 9 – 10 members regularily attaind the meeting.

 BMG Phase-2
 BMG Groups Meeting[D4]- After the BMG group formation of Mahila Mandal, Yuwa Mandal, in
our BMG Phase-2 our CSW started their weekly meeting with the Mahila Mandal, Yuwa Mandal.
In this weekly meeting our CSW make our BMG Groups self-confident, liable, and build-up in
their leadership quality. In this weekly meeting they all are discuss their community’s problem
and here our CSW told them that what is their role in the society and how do they assist by
Mahila Mandal. Mahila Mandal are voluntary service and they will work for BMG and they work
towards the elimination of discrimination, inequality, intolerance and violence within and
outside the home. In this quarter weakly meeting are regularly arranged or 10 – 11 members of
mahila Mandal and yuva Mandal are regularily attaind the meeting with other community

 Good Touch Bad Touch Class- In India, a web – news report stated every 4th girl and 6th boy is
victim of child abuse or the worst. So our SNBS, CSW organized the Good Touch Bad Touch class
in the BMGs in the month of july 2018 with the purpose to make the children’s safe and happy
childhood without any miss behave with them. They also informed by the machinery for the
justice or the facility provided to the Bal Panchayat in case of any mis-happening and mis-
behave. CSW taught them about the self-defense techniques and also told that what is Good
touch and what is Bad touch? Good touch is physical contact that they are comfortable with and
Bad touch is physical contact that makes the child uncomfortable. Further, small children are
naturally trusting of the adults around them and will extend friendship towards strangers
without any qualms & hesitation. These Classes are organized with the help of Headmaster and
the school teacher by CSW Mala Saxcen in Deoraitha and Lakhanpur nearby 200 plus childrens
of class 3th, 4th and 5th.

 Enrollment- During the survey we identified the children and our CSW communicate
with their parents for enrolled their children and finally we got success to enrooled the
child in their nearest school or AWC. Here we given the list of enrollment of identified
children of BMG Phase-1 & BMG Phase-2. Bal Mitra Gram Enrollment

1. Doraitha 55

2. Lakhanpur 11

3. Bilasganj 09

4. Maghtayi 42

5. Amarpura 24

6. Kalwari 27

7. Ladamada 53

8. Jaupura 27

9. Mahal 25

 Open Meeting[D5]- It is a board of trustees or village board. This open meeting is with the VDO,
Community leader, and village members for the purpose of discussing the public issues. Our
CSW participated in the open meeting of villages with the BMG group of Mahila mandal, Yuva
madal or Bal panchayat for the community problems. The community members represent their
problem against the VDO of their village. The main problems of the meeting are Widow Pension,
Old-Age pension, Ration Card, Toilets, Roads & drainage and Drinking water (hand pumps). This
open meeting gave them an confidence to represent the community on his own word and their
problem against the authority. In these open meeting this time Village members raised the
voice for making of toilets and successfully accepted and the survey of village should conducted
and final result need more time.

 Suposhan Swasthaya Mela- celebrate the Suposhan Swasthy Mela on 25th of august in our
BMGs and the district hospital LADY LAYALL Agra. The main motive of this SUPOSHAN
SWASTHAYA MELA is to minimize the death rate and malnutrition in the new born baby or
pregnant women. In this SUPOSHAN SWASTHAYA MELA the new born baby and pregnant
women are examined. In this Suposhan Swasthy Mela, the SNBS team provide the Multi –
vitamins to the pregnant women or the malnutrition females and provided the information
about diet chart to recover the self or their babies from the malnutrition or the disease caused
by them. In this SUPOSHAN SWASTHAYA MELA overall total beneficiary are nearby 200
pragenants with the help of 500 Anganwadi Workers.

 PRA & Issue Identification- This PRA & Issue Identification activity planned for understanding
the Community and build up a friendly relation with them and also make them aware about the
importance of P.R.A. & Issue Identification or it’s benefit (this included the identification of area
with landmarks – school, religious building, govt. institution or the medical institution,
Panchayat, Public place and the Water facilities or etc.) This activity is to build up a friendly
relation with the community members, Yuva Mandal or Mahila Mandal and also make them
aware about the importance of Participatory Rural Appraisal & Issue Identification and find out
the problems & put them in the order of prime concern, this activity also exploring the qualities
of community member.

 Toy bank – Our SNBS Team members distributed Toys for children of Anganwadi
workers under the set up of Toy BANK this distribution is for the purpose to increase the
attendance strength of children in the Anganwadi centre this distribution help the
children to learn new things with the toys. On the Anganwadi center children are getting
food to overcome from mal nutrition. By this distribution toy Bank help to developing healthy,
friendly and harmonious environment between all the children and on the other side this will
also help in increase the excitement and the exploratory attitude or learning capacity. In this Toy
Bank 6 BMG are facilitated up to this quarter.

 Sport Kit Distribution [P-1] – After the formation of Bal Panchayat the SNBS team told them
their Rights, their Responsibilities, What Bal Panchayat DO’s or What bal Panchayat DON’T,
these all things told them in their Bal Panchayat training, and our 4 Bal Panchayat easily
understood these things and doing work very well, and it was the time to promote & appreciate
them for their work so we planned to the organized Sport Kit Distribution activity in BMGs Phase
1. This sport kit distribution organized to encourage the Bal Panchayat Members for developing
positive attitude and healthier lifestyles, sense of self-esteem, fair competition, leadership and
responsible citizenship qualities and to encourage the Bal Panchayat for active participation in
all the activity of their interest and capability. This Sports kit distribution will help to developing
healthy, friendly and harmonious environment between all the children, youth and community
members also. In this Sport kit distribution 50 members including VDO, AWW or Helper and

 SMC Meeting- This School Management committee build a bridge between the community
and the school, now this time the SMC meeting playing the additional role of providing oversight
in school and it’s for ensure all basic requirements of the school which are being met as per the
Right to education 2009. It is strengthening the relationship between schools and parents in
communities for creating broader awareness on children’s needs and supporting teachers,
assisting principals with the implementation of the School Learning Plan. Our CSW participating
in the School management committee with the principle and head of the committee. The head
of the committee elaborated the working of committee and the uses of funds on the various
items of school facilities and the tender proposed for the biding or etc. In the SMC progress
attain by the CSW Mala Saxcena in Doretha and Maghatai to know the schooling condition of
children’s in community.

 Awareness Rally- There are some community issue which need a special concern to remove
them. These problem are well known and their solution too but no one want to take the
initiative so the rally is the only way to encourage them. In period of July to September these are
few problems.
 School Chalo Abhiyan Awareness Rally July-This School Chalo Abhiyan Awareness Rally
organized to make the community member capable & aware about the power of Education
because Education is the only medium who able to minimize the differences. In this Rally CSW
focused on those children who aren’t interested in study and conducted door-to-door

campaigns with the Mahila Mandal, Yuwa Mandal, to reach out to maximum number of parents
targeting families of drop-out and out of school children.

SR.No. Bal Mitra Female Males Girls Boys Total

1. Doraitha 5 4 68 79 156

2. Bilasganj 5 3 61 70 139

3 Kalwari 9 2 76 84 171

4. Ladamada 8 3 65 66 142

5. Maghtayi 11 2 66 74 157

6. Jaupura 6 2 75 83 166

7. Amarpura 7 5 73 85 170

8 Lakhanpur 7 4 68 84 163

9. Mahal 11 2 81 63 149

Total 644 24 633 688 1413

 Deworming Awareness Rally August- Our SNBS CSW organized Deworming rally In all the
BMGs. The main objectives of The National De-worming Day is to de-worm all children between
the age of 1-19 years old to make the HEALTHY INDIA...YOUNG INDIA...ACTIVE INDIA. This DE-
WORMING AWARENESS RALLY is focused on deworming of the children of age group 1 to 19.
This De-Worming Awareness rally focused on children’s growth because the affected child face
the problem of malnutrition like – Rickets, Marasmus, Kwashiorkor and protein calorie
malnutrition (PCM) and their growth affected also. This De-worming Awareness Rally. This
deworming camp also help in minimizing the unnecessary expenses occurred due to worm
SR.No. Bal Mitra Female Males Girls Boys Total
1. Doraitha 8 4 71 62 145

2. Bilasganj 5 3 70 65 143

3 Kalwari 8 2 72 64 146

4. Ladamada 7 3 60 72 142

5. Maghtayi 6 2 74 62 144

6. Jaupura 5 3 72 67 147

7. Amarpura 7 2 60 73 142

8 Lakhanpur 4 2 72 66 144

9. Mahal 4 3 70 69 146

Total 54 24 621 600 1299

Health Awareness Rally September- The Health Awareness Rally is to aware the BMG
community members to keep village healthy and hygienic. Problem of Drainage or open
dumping of garbage and to be free from the disease like Haiza diarrhea malaria, dengue, T.B.
this can cause the infection or death in a wide area. These community members are participate
at large or get the knowledge about the good habits like clean your hands before eating or
touch any new born baby regular cleaning of kitchen/bathroom or rest of the house or check
the expiry date while consuming packed food or drugs and don’t eat too much oily & spicy food
or over eating also.
SR.No. Bal Mitra Male Female Girls Boys Total

1. Bilasganj 4 6 72 64 146

2. Doraitha 3 5 76 59 143

3 Maghtayi 2 5 70 66 143

4. Lakhanpur 2 7 77 62 148

5. Kalwari 4 8 68 70 150

6. Amarpura 2 6 70 68 146

7. Ladamada 3 4 69 71 147

8 Jaupura 4 8 73 67 152

9. Mahal 4 8 68 63 143

Total 26 57 643 590 1319

 Medical Camp- Our SNBS team organized the Medical Camp in all the BMGs in the month of
August. The main objectives of medical camp is to provide the free medical facility for all the
weaker section of community. In these MEDICAL Camps vaccination, Multi vitamin, free
medicine distribution and prescription for general disease. Female doctors examined the
pregnant and newly mothers and their babies also.

Sr.No. Bal Mitra Gram Date Ragistration Vitamin-A Multi-Vitamin

1. Maghtayi 8-09-2018 336 276 55

2. Jaupura 12-09-2018 394 390 56

3. Kalwari 15-09-2018 482 576 57

4. Ladamada 19-09-2018 135 148 54

5. Amarpura 22-09-2018 377 517 60

6. Mahal 29-09-2018 313 447 53

6. Main challenges to implementation

 Mentality of Community members -On the field we face the problem of traditional thinking of
community member and they think the girls are needed inside the house or in the Pre School
instead to evolve them in the useless works like social welfare.
 Lack of Trust-On the field when SNBS team introduce our self they are not believe us because
many of them are victim of forgery by commission agent to solve their problem and forgery
scheme like Network marketing company or also think these people are from government
department for checking about electricity, child labour and loan recovery agents.
 Non Supporting behavior of Stakeholders- In the field Our CSW faced non-cooperation of
community or government stakeholders like Pradhan, School headmaster, VDO or Block level.
Our CSW convinced them or informed about the project and they are ready to cooperate with
 Poverty- Poverty is one of the obstacle spread over the community and the family members are
question of child education specially.

7.Plan for the next quarter

1. Legal Camp to aware the community members for their right and basic legal work for
the government facilities.
2. Medical Camp to free medical facility at door step of poor community members.
3. BMG election for making new Bal Panchayat to tackle with the community members.

4. Book Bank to make the children’s creative and there interest in the book or their
reading habits also.
5. Rally to aware and warn the community members against the social evils.
6. SMC visit to know the where the funds are used and suggest the uses of fund in the
betterment of school facilities.
7. Oath taking of BAL Panchayat sadasy and make them aware about the working of BAL
8. Community members are taking action on Issue Identified in the guidance of SNBS CSW
to cope up with the community problems
9. Children’s Fare in all the BMG for giving them knowledge about their rights, aware them
about good touch and bad touch and many other things.
10. Survey for toilets and Toilets Construction in the community to keep the environment
healthy and hygienic.
11. Bank Accounts the free scholarship or the bank account for the community to improve
the saving habit and also aware them about the banking frauds.
12. Specially Days Celebration in the BMGs for the aware the community members
13. Ensuring the Safe Drinking Water for the each and every community members.

8. Human Interest Story

During the second quarter of the year 2018-19 there are not so many success story to describe
but there are two story which are Need a special concern or the description also.

In our first story of BMG Doraitha, there are two extra – ordinary girls name PRIYANKA and
MONIKA of age 15 or 16 respectively ; studied in 11th class of school RAJKIYA KANYA INTER
COLLEGE AGRA passed in the High school with 76 &78 % respectively and members of BAL
PANCHAYAT group. In present, these girls are convincing the family of child labours and
dropout and 45 child got admission on his own efforts. The story starts in previous quarter
when we conducted the School Chalo Abhiyan Awareness Rally for the child labours and drop
outs in the month of July. They were presented in the rally and understand the power and
effect of education to demolish the social evil. Finally they are stand up for the child labours
and drop outs to provide the education at any cost. They started to visit all house hold or
community members to convince them after their school and tuition and there are some
interested community members who are willing to enroll their child in school but there are
some obstacle. In the first fifteen days no result achieved and some members comments on
useless comments and started the PRAGATI SNBS FREE EDUCATION CENTER with the members
of BAL PANCHAYAT and their family children’s. Efforts of the PRIYANKA and MONIKA come in
focus when their students are passed with good marks in the school and community members
started to appreciate them. After this achievement they found a little crowd on the center and
faced the problem of small space. They met with the principal for the purpose of space for
PRAGATI SNBS FREE EDUCATION CENTER in School. The principal refuse to give the permission
for PRAGATI SNBS FREE EDUCATION CENTER in the premises with a comment BACHCHE SHAM
KO AKAR GANDAGI FAILAYENGE. They are not worried about this failure and they talked us to
provide such space and write the application to SNBS for the subject. In which application they
guaranteed to clean the space after the classes.
On behalf of the application Our Director talked to the principle to provide such facility
in the school for welfare of society. The principle are convinced and permitted to give the space
for the educational purpose in the school premises. Finally they got her space for the PRAGATI
SNBS FREE EDUCATION CENTER. In present, they successfully manage the classes and the
strength in the classes is above fifty within one and half month.

In Our second story of Lakhanpur this story belongs to an intelligent child involve in the child
labour (embroidery) and whose name is SATYAM. Satyam is belongs to the parental village
Govardhan Mathura. His family consists of two brothers and one sister. His sister married in the
young age of 16 by Community marriage function. His mother comes with him to her parental
house and settled here in Lakhanpur Agra. When his mother takes him to Lakhanpur he is only
6month old. His father is dead in his 7th year and mother died 6 month later in the depression
of husband’s death and the responsibility of their children’s. His responsibility comes on his
Aunt and they nurture him up to six month. Later his Grandparents (NANA) take him to
Lakhanpur where he has 6 uncles and 6 aunties who engaged in the construction work and auto
driver. In the survey this child are identified and no single member of his family want he involve
in the studied except his grandparents (nana). Our CSW MALA SAXENA convinced them and
told them about the legal provision of Studied and the punishment on engaging and forced to
engage in child labour. After 4 to 5 visit of CSW result comes very positively but there is new
problem in admission for the name of parents. Again our CSW convinced the Principal of
primary school and successfully SATYAM enrolled in the School. His studied is in the guidance of
Yuva Mandal member RAVINA & POOJA. Now he has the bigger dream of being a POLICE
OFFICER and our best wishes with him.



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