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Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

1. I'm very hungry. I_________ all day.

a) haven't ate

b) haven’t eaten

c) have been eating

2. Our kitchen’s a mess. We____________ any cleaning for weeks.

a) haven't been doing

b) have done

c) haven't done

3. Gladstone __________ the Prime Minister of Great Britain 5 times during the reign of Queen Victoria.

a) was

b) has been

c) had been

4. I think they are dating. They____________ a lot of each other recently.

a) haven't been seeing

b) have been seeing

c) have seen

5. My grandmother, who died five years ago, _______abroad.

a) never went

b) has never been

c) was never going

6. We've discovered this great café and we_____________ there a lot.

a) have been going

b) have gone

c) have went

7. How's your Mum? I _____________ her for ages.

a) haven't seen

b) haven't been seeing

c) didn't see

8. Many of Dickens's novels __________ in monthly magazines.

a) were first published

b) have been first published

c) had been first publishing

9. I have to write an essay. I__________ about half of it so far.

a) have written

b) have been writing

c) wrote

10. A: I lived in Milan when I was younger. B: Really? How long ........................ there?

a) have you lived

b) did you live

c) lived you

Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the Simple Past, Simple Perfect and Perfect Continuous tense.

1. He ____________ (not sleep) for three nights, even though he__________ (GO) to bed early
yesterday evening.
2. This traffic is terrible. We __________ (DRIVE) all day, but we_______ (ONLY DO) 50 miles up
to now.

3. We___________ (BE) in John’s room when the storm_________ (BEGIN).

4. Tom and Mary___________ (GO) out with each other for two years now, but they still (NOT
DECIDE)____________________ on marrying.

5. I know Manchester well. I _________________ (LIVE) there for three years when I was a

6. Cecilia ___________ (CRY) all day because she ___________ (FAIL) her exams.

7. They _____________ (DECIDE) this at a meeting a few days ago.

8. I____________ (SUNBATHE) all morning and now I've got a sunburn.

9. Harry___________________ (LEARN) to drive since the end of March.

10. Billy is a great journalist. His newspaper____________ (JUST OFFER) him an editing job.

11. Sam (ARRIVE) ___________ in San Diego a week ago.

12. Kay and Bruno_____________ (LIVE) in London for the past 5 years. Recently they

___________ (TRY) to buy a house in the country, but they (NOT MANAGE) to sell their flat

13. Listen Donna, I don't care if you_________ (MISS) the bus this morning.

You (BE)______ late to work too many times. You are fired!

14. Jill and Andy__________ (ARGUE) a lot recently because Jill is always going out with her

15. The young man is only 23, but he ___________ (ALREADY CLIMB) eight peaks in the Himalayas.

16. I (VISIT, NEVER)___________ Africa, but I (TRAVEL) ___________ to South America several
times. The last time I (GO)__________ to South America, I (VISIT)____________ Brazil and
Peru. I (spend) ____________ two weeks in the Amazon, (HIKE)__________ for a week near
Machu Picchu, and (FLY) ___________ over the Nazca Lines.
Transform the following sentences using Present Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect and Past Simple.

1. Tom started learning to play the guitar a month ago.

Tom has ____________________to play the guitar for a month.

2. When she heard the results, Mary began to feel more self-confident.

Since hearing the results Mary __________ more self-confident.

3. The last time Nancy came here was in 2005.

Nancy hasn't ___________here since 2005.

4. I haven't been to a Chinese restaurant for ages.

It's ages since I went to a Chinese restaurant

5. This is my first visit to London.

This is the first time I __________ to London.

6. Jack bought those trousers last month, and has been wearing them ever since.

Jack has ______________ those trousers ever since he bought them last month.

7. It's a long time since our last conversation.

We haven’t ____________ a conversation for a long time.

8. How long have Helen and Robert been married?

When ___________________ married?

9. This is my first game of golf.

I haven’t __________ golf before.

10. This is my second visit to Hungary.

This is the ______________________________ Hungary.

IV. Change
Change the verb into the correct form of past simple, present perfect simple or present perfect

I (1)__________(move) to London three weeks ago to take up a new post at my

company’s London office. Ever since then, I (2)__________(wonder) if I

(3)__________(make) the right decision. I (4)__________(see) a lot of negative things

about living in the capital, and I can’t say London (5)__________(make) a very

favourable impression on me. It’s so polluted and expensive, and the people are so

distant. You see, I (6)__________(grow up) in a fairly small town called Devizes. I

(7)__________(always / want) to live in a big city and so when my company

(8)__________(offer) me a job in London, I (9)__________(jump) at the chance.

I think I’m not alone in my aversion to the big city. According to a programme

(10)__________(just / hear) on the radio, more and more people

(11)__________(stop) working in London recently, and a lot of large companies

(12)__________(choose) to move away from the centre. Oh well, it’s too late to
change my mind now, because the job is up and running, and I

(13)__________(already / sell) my house in Devizes. But I must admit, over the past

few days, I (15) ___________(secretly/hope) that the company would relocate me

back to my old town.