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As a college student (or a fresh-out-of-college grad), there are a multitude of things Commented [NL1]: This blog post is a wonderful

ul way to
you can do with your summer. You can travel, you can work, you can get an give readers a look into intern work at Compassion. It is a
little long, however, so I have worked to remove
internship in practically anything… the list goes on and on. unnecessary content and to focus is on the message of
Compassion interns doing meaningful professional work.
Yet God hand-pickedhandpicked 23 twenty-three people from all over the country This means that I have removed quite a bit of content on
the spiritual side of the internship. Of course, Compassion
to be right here. Here at the Compassion internship program— – not only to gain is inseparable from its Christ-centeredness, so that still
top-notch experience, but to do work that makes a difference all over the world: comes across strongly.
releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name..

Twenty-three of us, strangers-turned-family, came together in response to God’s tug

on each of our hearts.

So, here we are, our eyes wide and our hearts breaking as we drink in the gravity of
the work we are doing, watching in awe as God aligns our skills and passions with
the important cause of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

We are learning so much, and God is shaping us in incredible ways as we put time
and energy into our various jobs here. Commented [NL2]: This is beautiful, but as you state
just a couple paragraphs down, these personal stories are
meant to give insight into the professional work inside
But what, exactly, do we do? What does a day look like for an intern? Compassion’s departments. To focus this introduction on
that idea, I would take this content out.
Instead of speaking for everybody, I’ll let a few of my fellow interns give you a
glimpse behind the scenes of some different departments at Compassion.

Shelby Logan Formatted: Font: Bold

Northwestern University, IL Formatted: Font: Italic
Human Resources Talent Acquisition Intern

Working at Compassion is about doing high-quality work like you would in any
corporation, but we get the honor of serving children around the world and keeping
Jesus at the center of each and every work day. We have the desire to put every
minute to good use so we are not wasting resources that Compassion sponsored
children need. Working in this environment has inspired me in so many ways. Commented [NL3]: Katie already does a great job of
introducing the Christ-centeredness of the work, and she
stated that the purpose of the individual stories was to
As the Talent Acquisition Intern in Human Resources, I have had the opportunity to give a glimpse into departments at Compassion. Since
spend my time making the internship program better than it already is in this doesn’t fulfill that purpose, I would take it out. The
preparation for the next cohort of students. reader already understands this.

I launched a new intern Instagram, wrote job descriptions for all of our Spring
Internship positions, worked with the creative team on new marketing materials,
planned events to highlight our interns, and much more. I love wearing different
hats and gaining new skills in a variety of areas.

Most importantly, I have grown in the understanding of who I am in Christ and in

trusting God with my future without trepidation or hesitation. This internship
experience has fulfilled my wildest dreams and helped me to challenge myself and
step outside of my comfort zone as I enter my last year of college and look toward
the future.

Andrew Gott Formatted: Font: Bold

Santa Fe University of Art and Design, NM Formatted: Font: Italic
Video Specialist Intern

I am the Video Specialist Intern this summer, and I absolutely love it. Throughout
the summer, I have made a variety of different videos— – everything from interview
style documentaries to promotional videos and animations.

In addition to knowing programs like After Effects and Premiere, I also need to
know how to shoot well and create a videos all the way from concept to final
product. My videos are mostly for internal use, to ensure that all the employees —–
here in the U.S. as well as our field countries— – are on the same page.

It’s really encouraging knowing that even though I’m not literally seeing lives
change ion the field, the work I am doing here is making it all possible out there in
other countries!

I am also continually encouraged by the work environment here. I’m expected to do

my work, and do it well, but at the same time, my group loves to collaborate and
spend time with one another. I know that my co-workers genuinely care about me.
It has really encouraged me to do good work here at a company that cares so much
about me as a person.

Jake Dahlberg Formatted: Font: Bold

Georgia Southern University, GA Formatted: Font: Italic
IT Service Management Intern

This summer, I needed a professional internship. Not only was this required for my
degree, but I thought it would be incredibly beneficial to my future career.

In addition to needing a professional internship, I also wanted to spend my summer Commented [NL4]: This information is probably the
serving the Lord. After this experience, I’m not sure there’s a better place to do this same for every student seeking an internship, so it’s not
necessary to include. Taking it out would focus the reader
than Compassion. on the actual point of Jake’s story.

We kicked off our internship with a week in the Dominican Republic— – one of the
most meaningful weeks of my life. It was truly incredible to see how Compassion
comes alongside the local church to engage and empower children.

As the IT Service Management Intern, I get to see the other side of this work. My job
has been focused on keeping records in information technology databases accurate
and up -to -date. I collaborate with all the teams in IT, audit our current information
and compare it to what’s in production, and make changes in our records. This
behind-the-scenes management ensures that the rest of the staff can focus on their
role in releasing children from poverty rather than worry about the technology that
supports it.

Being in the Dominican Republic and being in the office are completely different, but
I learned how every aspect of Compassion works toward the same goal: releasing
children from poverty in Jesus’ name. To be able to work a summer with such a goal
and to think I that I had a part in even one child being released from poverty is
something I’m incredibly thankful for. Commented [NL5]: Again, this paragraph is a
wonderful statement of the spiritual side of the
internship, but that is probably better expressed
Blake Hunter elsewhere. I would recommend taking this out to keep
Azusa Pacific Univeristy, CA this post focused on its purpose.
Church Engagement Intern Formatted: Font: Bold
Formatted: Font: Italic
Coming into the internship at Compassion, I was curious how the transition from a
scattered college schedule to an office job would look and feel. I had my reservations
about sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week.

But as the weeks progressed, I began to realize more and more that this desk I am
sitting in is actually a springboard for opportunity in and out of the office.

The opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic with the other interns provided
context and greater understanding of what a significant role Compassion and the
local church have in ending poverty.

Now, being in the office, I feel like I am making a difference in the world, even (and
especially) when I am sitting at my desk. Commented [NL6]: Although this is great content, it
doesn’t fit the purpose of this post. It doesn’t give a
glimpse into her professional work, so I would suggest
As the Church Engagement Intern, I work with church partners and trips. taking it out.
Compassion often brings church leaders to visit Child Development Centers in order
for them to see firsthand the program and its effectiveness with the local church
partners. My job is to make these trips even better. I do this by collaborating and
communicating with field country staff, church marketing staff, and church partners
from all over the world so that every field office is prepared to facilitate a great
church group trip.

I am blown away by the caliber of employees at this organization. Each individual I

encounter offers words of wisdom, encouragement, and excitement. The experience
I have gained, people I have met, hundreds of acronyms I have learned, and passion I Commented [NL7]: Are you saying that you have fueled
have fueled has made this one of the best summers of my life. others’ passion? Or that being at Compassion has fueled
your passion?

Emily Tichenor Formatted: Font: Bold

Washington and Lee University School of Law, VA Formatted: Font: Italic
Legal Intern

People often think of interns as “paper pushers”—only in the office to make copies
and coffee. At Compassion, however, this image is far from the truth.
HereAt Compassion, interns engage in real, substantive work that empowers the
ministry to release children from poverty. Right from the start, my supervisor
tasked me with legal research and projects that allowed me to apply the skills I have
developed in law school to address key issues facing the organization.

Although it may not always seem like reviewing contracts or drafting policy has an
impact on sponsored children, I’ve learned how this behind-the-scenes work is
critical to the mission of Compassion. I have had the privilege of working to protect,
advise, and support Compassion in collaboration with the legal team and other
departments, including Human Resources and Risk Management.

The staff made me feel like an integral part of the organization. I participated in
department meetings, attended a legal conference for non-profit attorneys, and took
the lead on projects.

People often think of interns as “paper pushers”—only in the office to make copies
and coffee. At Compassion, however, this image is far from the truth. Compassion Commented [NL8]: This is a really effective statement,
trusts interns to do meaningful work with a real impact on the organization, which I and I think having it at the end makes it stronger: it will
stick with the reader longer if it’s one of the last things
see as a reflection of the way God trusts and empowers us to do Kingdom work. If they read.
you’re interested in meaningful professional work that also includes Kingdom work,
you just might want to apply at Compassion. Commented [NL9]: Adding something like this at the
end brings the message to a close and gives them a call to